Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers


Marshall Vian Summers has spent decades faithfully receiving, transcribing, sharing and teaching a great body of work which has revealed itself to be nothing less than a New Message from God. More than a simple guru, he is the Messenger.

Over 9,000 pages of rich spiritual material has been received thus far, including entire books and a daily spiritual practice program. All of it is freely available online.

Big deal? Yeah, it is!

More than just a Guru

Marshall Vian Summers, guru and Messenger

More than just a guru, Marshall Vian Summers is the Messenger for this era in human history.

The intent of the New Message is to alter the course of human history. Marshall is the Messenger for this era.

Imagine if you were alive at the time of the other Messengers: Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Close your eyes and picture it.

Would you have the courage and wisdom to see them for who they really are — for what they represent? Discerning a guru is difficult, but so important.

It can be challenging to follow your heart, take a stance, and correctly discern an event that happens perhaps once in a millennia. To humanity’s credit, however, there have always been people ready to do so. These are the first responders. Without them, the great Messengers would not have been able to reshape the world.

A great spiritual need

According to Marshall, there are 4 main reasons why a New Message from God is needed right now:

  1. The first is the great environmental, political and economic upheaval that over the coming decades will change world civilization as we know it.
  2. The second is contact with other intelligent life in the universe, which is happening now.
  3. The third is the crisis of religious violence and disintegration which together are serving to destroy humanity’s fabric.
  4. The fourth is the spiritual poverty in the world and the desperation and hopelessness that is growing each passing day.

New Message from God booksSome of the wisdom found the New Message is available nowhere else, such as the reality of the Spiritual Family.

The New Message is designed to be of the greatest assistance to the modern spiritual seeker. It builds and expands upon humanity’s great spiritual and religious traditions.

You owe it to yourself to deeply consider Marshall and the New Message from God. Leave your assumptions at the door, take stock of the world, and carefully consider this revolutionary teaching.

We also recommend listening to the voice of the Angelic Assembly, recorded and revealed to humanity for the first time. He is the only “guru” in the world today with this holy connection.

This is the voice that privately guided Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. It’s the same voice that commanded Marshall to “receive”. Just hit the “play” button on the linked page above or watch the video below to hear the Voice of the Assembly, speaking as One.

Will Marshall and the New Message from God alter the course of human history? It depends on you and others like you. Are you one of the first responders? According to the Angelic Assembly, the New Message must reach 4% of humanity to save human civilization.

“We are here for the world, not for our comfort only.” – Marshall Vian Summers



  1. Has anyone met Marshall? It seems he has an annual gathering in Colorado. Interesting how so many gurus live in the mountains…

    • I have. When I first met him in person I was taken back by how humble he was. It made me realized that I had never met a truly humble person before. Although very intelligent, articulate and personable he was not trying to impress who he was. He was fully authentic from a life deeply lead. We crossed paths and paused to greet each other. He saw right into “me” and I saw “him,” there was no pretense, no story, just a soul recognition that warranted a hug and a nod. I felt equal to him in that moment, because he truly did not feel that he was above me. When I listen to the Revelations he receives I am blown away with undeniable truth that rings through. Messages that can only come from our Source. All I can say is that my inner knowing has been awakened and is growing. I am truly honored that I have met this Messenger in his life time, and know that these Revelations must be passed on for our future.

  2. MVS is the Messenger of God for our time…like the Mohamad, the Jesus and the Buddha of ancient times. There are no masters in the world, only advanced students of Knowledge (inner knowing given by God to us to discover and reclaim). Read the facts of MVS at
    Yes, I have met MVS in July 2012; he is a humble servant of God chosen to channel the New Message From God in a time of great waves of change and visitation from the Greater Community of Life in the Universe. Nasi Novare Coram -J

  3. I have also met MVS. I will admit, I wasn’t sure to expect given that he is the Messenger of our time. He is the real deal. It was definitely an experience and experience is much deeper than any fact. If you look at the revelations that Marshall has received, you can immediately tell that this is a message intended for today’s people and our current world. MVS is definitely humble and isn’t here to perform miracles or take money. He is simply fulfilling his mission in the world; to receive and share God’s Message for us, right now.

  4. I came across Marshall just over a year ago, and was quite skeptical at first, but my heart insisted I learn more about this man and his Message. As I explored and investigated The Message itself, it became clear Marshall is genuine. I’ve been blessed to meet him and experience the depth of love that flows from his heart. The Message he brings is the great hope for the future of humanity, if it can reach enough people.

  5. The New Message from God is a blessing, a preparation, and a warning for all of humanity. It calls us to respond to a world in need for God has sent us into the world to save it from collapse. To be a beacon of light to shine in the world during the Great Waves of Change and the intervention. It shows us the way up the mountain. In this journey we develop what we must. We learn wisdom, compassion and tolerance and Grace through experience and relationship. I could go on and on about it for I embrace it that much as it embraces me in life. It is life itself leading you to a new life. The New Message cannot be defined for it is that deep. You must come to experience it for yourself. For experience is one of the more powerful teachers you could have. I have met Marshall. He is the Messenger for the times we live in. He is a humble man. He is a loving and compassionate man. Just as important is he is wise beyond his years. For he has come from the Angelic Assembly to serve both God and humanity. The gift he offers the world is a gift from the Creator of all life. From the One to the Many, to the one to the many. Nasi Novare Coram

  6. The New Message is not for everyone, but it may be for you. Having met Marshall in 1997, I slowly came to be a student. It is a journey that challenges one to live in the world and contribute. Family and friends for the most part, will not understand and join you. Being eccentric is not the path, so you will remain normal in appearance and action as you begin to take in the greater community perspective. The practice of Steps to Knowledge is a test of your ability to even be a student. Three years of practice is a threshold to prove you can be a beginning student. Having been with the New Message nearly 20 years, I’ve seen many students come and go. Those that have persisted are on a personal path of evolution in this lifetime in concert with their Spiritual Family. You should look at it. If it seems too hard, look again – exert your will to serve the Creator.

    • Sameer – While everyone has a connection to God and can hear God’s intentions for their lives, not everyone has a Message from God for all of humanity to receive. This is what separates true Messengers of God from everyone else.

  7. Allow me to be the devil’s advocate here. Edgar Cayce was a saintly man. His channeled trances helped to cure countless people. He often would predict the future. He was undeniably wrong much of the time. Go figure. We don’t know what we don’t know about how saintly people receive information about stuff. So let’s consider Messenger. He gets a 5/5 rating because he’s a saintly man who charges little or nothing except you have to buy his books to get the real scoop. Some chapters are not included in the preview sections. Now I believe in UFO’s. Saw one. Isn’t the in depth story of the alien community getting a little off track here. Is accumulating garbage information what awakening is about? It’s a contradictory and illogical story and if it isn’t true then what’s left to believe? Why believe anything Messenger says if it isn’t personally true right now. Your 5/5 rating here demonstrates an unenlightened bias.

    • Dan – All of Marshall’s books are available to read for FREE online. You don’t have to buy them. If you want a hard copy of a book, you have to pay for the paper, ink and binding. The ones that are not yet published are simply because the small group that supports Marshall in publishing books have been simply OVERWHELMED with the amount of transmitted material over the last few decades. The newest book “The Greater Community” is set to be released August 21, 2017 and will be 100% free online: I encourage you to experience it since you seem to have a connection to life beyond this world.

  8. I have met Marshall also. He is a very humble man. And I pray that the human family will recieve what he has been a vehicle of, which is being a platform through which the New Message from God has passed through to humanity (and still is). It is profoundly interesting to read the revelations about how this is taking place, the message each chapter carries in the many books and especially the Steps to Knowledge is interesting to study. I sincerely hope this will come through to people all over the world.

  9. When I discovered this New Message from God in 2014, something deeper within me recognized something about this man and about the content of what was being said about this New Message. It wasn’t an intellectual or physical recognition, it didn’t feel like something trying to convince me or influence or manipulate me somehow to believe it. No, this was something that was somehow resonating with a deeper part of me that I’ve never experienced before.

    And what’s profound about this New Message is that once this recognition occurred, the draw to it hasn’t faded since and actually is becoming stronger. I didn’t feel compelled to just quit my life and follow this movement mindlessly, yet what I did feel compelled to do was dig deeper and find out who this man “Marshall Vian Summers” is and what this New Message from God is and it’s turning out to be a journey beyond any journey I’ve ever experienced.

    Another area of importance that I resonate with, is the relevance to the major issues humanity is facing presently regarding great environmental, political and economic changes and the existence and intervention of off world intelligent life.

    I’m discovering that you can’t experience the deeper purpose, meaning and direction of this New Message by sitting on the sidelines and just glossing over a study of this New Message and this Messenger from God Marshall Vian Summers. No, if you want to really know and experience the truth, you have to take the journey for yourself and the truth becomes self-evident along the way.

  10. The clarity of your content is good. I don’t know to follow MVS.

    Thanks Lynn Hanson for sharing your encounter… beautiful.

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