Gurumayi is a Western woman of Indian decent, “whose identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted.”


A high fashion sense has always been one of Gurumayi’s trademarks.

She has been hounded by controversy ever since she won a power struggle with her brother, Swami Nityananda, which was well documented in this New Yorker article, for control over a wealthy sect of Western and modern Hindus known as “Siddha Yoga.”

She has ashrams, or places of worship, gathering and service in New York state, the San Francisco bay area and outside Mumbai, India, all of which profess to be serving humanity through Gurumayi’s direction and wisdom.

Many people have left this guru and claim she is nothing more than a cult leader who drains people of their time, money, energy and self-dignity. See more at Leaving Siddha Yoga.

The Sex

Most humorous is the idea that many former members have claimed that Gurumayi confers the path to enlightenment to disciples through sex, in an initiation called shaktipat. While this is a Hindu tradition, Gurumayi has brought some Western ideas into what was originally an innocent and grace-filled gift from guru to student. This history of sexual abuse was supposedly initiated by Swami Muktananda, a famous Bhakti guru who passed away over 50 years ago.

Among the more famous followers of Gurumayi have been the actors William Hurt, Barbara Streisand and Melanie Griffith.

Definitely AVOID this one.

If a cult-of-personality is dependent upon widespread propaganda and deception, then, the problem with yoga is not just the teachers that fall susceptible to the lure of power. Rather, the problem is that people believe the lie that yoga is somehow categorically different than all other systems. The reason people believe this lie is because the charismatic leaders discourage critical thinking in favor of submission and acceptance, which is reinforced by the benefits that come from being in the good graces and high favor of the leader. Further, because the followers have raised the leaders to such a high position, thoughtlessness now permeates a community that could be vibrantly creative, a community that could significantly contribute to the world in general.” ~ Jennifer Richard


  1. Absurd. Whoever wrote the rubbish on Gurumayi clearly never met her or spent time around her.
    I have et and studied with a few great beings in my life, but she was and is tbe greatest of the greats.

    • Actually, Nalini, I have met Gurumai and been to her ashrams in New York, California and India. Plus, I married a woman who once was Gurumai’s personal assistant and director of programming. After giving Gurumai 12 years of devoted service, she was told to leave the ashram. I have known many people in the Siddha community and it is pitiful how people give away themselves to this fraud of a guru. I hope you get out while you can.

  2. My brother and business partner is devotee of Gurumayi – she transformed his life; he went onto become hugely successful, despite his incredibly negative past (this life) and business experiences – which without Gurumayi’s teachings – would have meant his achievements would have been near impossible. The Western mind has great difficulty with any]thing not taught in the regular academic system. This sites commentary on her (1/5 … avoid) is a terribly poorly researched assessment, and I would imagine considered to be at the very least defamatory.

    • Thank you for you comment, Henry. You provide testimony, once again, that Gurumayi, her followers and the Siddha foundation are primarily interested in accumulating money. This is a typical Western interpretation of success in life. However, happiness and success in life are rarely just about money. If you could speak about something other than money as a measure of success for your brother, you would do Gurumayi, and her bogus teachings, more of a service.

  3. I was a devotee for 12 years. In the beginning, Muktananda was charismatic and much loved. Many people rec’d initiation and had wonderful experiences. Then after his death things started to sour. Power, greed and money took over. An aggressive campaign to attract rich people began. It became known as Yuppie Yoga. Today, I would advise seekers to avoid Siddha Yoga. Don’t get sucked in….it’s a fraud of the highest order.

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