Mooji is a well-known guru who teaches the lazy person’s way to spiritual enlightenment (his words). His approach is to help you realize that you are already enlightened. That is the whole of his teaching.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that Mooji has little else to say as he became enlightened quite by chance.

His meeting with a Christian mystic altered the course of his life, leading to profound experiences. He claims to have completed his self-realization after meeting his master, Papaji. This said, Mooji’s own master disputes his spiritual enlightenment — see the video below.

The pathless path?

Mooji the lazy person's guru

Mooji, the lazy person’s guru.

How does one teach something that one’s never learned? It’s quite a paradox. If you became a doctor by chance, would you suddenly have the qualifications to become an instructor in a medical school?

Arguably, an enlightened guru has reclaimed their true nature and is therefore able to teach from a greater wellspring of Knowledge.

This is why spiritual masters become still & silent prior to answering a question. The answer comes from the divine within rather than their minds. All they need do is to connect. Sadhguru calls this the “yogi net”.

Mooji does this as well. He’ll pause prior to giving his answers, though the quality and clarity of the information he imparts is sometimes questionable. If you’re curious, kindly review his answer to the first question asked in the video below. What do you think?

Sometimes, it seems like he’ll crack a joke whenever he’s not sure about something.

The Bottom Line

In our view, there are two possible explanations. Either he is not spiritually enlightened, or he’s a poor teacher. The information he shares may not (always) be wrong, but is it useful? Is it helping anyone meaningfully move forward?

While he’s harmless either way, his satsangs may not be the best use of your time. It’s up to you. It might be a good exercise in discernment, at the very least.

“Leave your existence to existence, stop caring for yourself so much and let the universe care for you: it is the best mother.” – Mooji



  1. If you’re going to do ratings like these, it would help if you actually spent time in the teacher’s presence.

    As someone who has been to satsang for the past 3 years with Mooji, I can say from experience that he is an incredible guru.

    It seems you don’t get his pointings.

    To put people off of his satsangs with a 2 out of 5 ratings is a real detriment to this world. It made me lose respect for the clarity of whoever is arbitrating these ratings.

  2. Oh, another one of Papaji’s fraudulently enlightened gurus run amok? Nice. I’ll pass!

  3. His own teacher is against his enlightenment? Maybe it is a “test”… you know how so will challenge the enlightenment to see the reaction

  4. Ten years ago, I probably would have agreed with the author’s review. Today is a different story. Mooji is amazing if you are looking to go deeper. Some people may not be at that point on their path and they find his questions and teachings do not resonate with them, yet. But keep going. Go deeper. Don’t be afraid.

  5. I agree with every word you say… As a mother of 22 years old boy that somehow find him, I can see that he is lost in his life, he is not connected to the world, sitting in his room all day without doing nothing except listen to mooji.. Spending his money to travel and meet him in Portugal, no feeling are aloud to go out just inside within himself.. Like the crown that ere laughing at that suffering women, not listen to her pain not trying to help …

  6. Once again really gotta say perhaps you should spent more time practicing the teachings of these so called Guru’s rather than criticizing them. Probably would be more useful for your growth. Good luck with everything

  7. We can not just turn everything over to the whims of the environment. Because we are in a conversation with the environment. This conversation is ONE. And, have two parts in causality movements, which is the spiritual language from the eternal timeless foundation. Therefore we need to act with compassion and heart. Keep your body healthy. The body is the link between the two parties’ holistic conversation. A conversation that painters our secondary reality. Therefore, everything can be seen as a ‘Monad’. A circle with a center, where the space between is filled with this holy magical conversation. Here Mooji breaks when he can’t bring everything to holy One. / Per Alltrelén

  8. I tried to set up a website called Free At Last to expose the abuses experienced at Mooji’s camp. They contacted the web host and had it removed. Beware those who would defend their brand with one hand but make people dependent on them with psychological games with the other!

  9. Papaji does not mention Mooji in this video! Whats more Papaji passed away in 1997…Mooji began to teach in 1999 (and he did so because people came to him asking questions, not because he wanted to be a teacher).
    My experience of Mooji is nothing but integrity and it is clear that he has helped many people all around the world to find peace.
    You claim he does not encourage any kind of practice but a brief search on Youtube will prove this is not true. His teachings are tailored to each individual person who speaks with him.

    I think this website probably has good intentions and can be of some use in spotting fake gurus but you seem to be criticising a lot of teachers who really do live a life of humility and have helped many people.

    Peace mate

    • Thank you for clarifying this misinformation! This video of Papaji is from 1994.. Mooji was not teaching those days and he had the big realisation of the Self some years later if I remember correctly..

  10. The true teaching happens beyond what the mind can grasp.
    Any comments here can so only reflect a thought or opinion of
    mind activity.
    Mooji always points to the space in which everything is received including
    all mind activities.
    From my own experience he is one of the best Advaita teachers in world.
    His presence and compassion can be felt and seen by everybody
    with an open heart and a clear mind.
    What would be the purpose for mind control or abuse of somebody who is not anymore identified with that field.
    What more to say. 😉

  11. “The true teaching happens beyond what the mind can grasp.”
    How convenient!

    “Any comments here can so only reflect a thought or opinion of mind activity”
    Yes all contrary opinions do seem to be demonised under ‘mind.’ Careful not to think too much about anything!

    “Mooji always points to the space in which everything is received including all mind activities”
    He also points to 5 dollars for a small vile of Portuguese sand from his centre. It’s holy don’t you know!

    “His presence and compassion can be felt and seen by everybody with an open heart and a clear mind”
    Any basic cult book will tell you this is a classic double bind: Any criticism is due to your lack of ability to see the truth. Nonsense.

    “What would be the purpose for mind control or abuse of somebody who is not anymore identified with that field.”
    Yup! Agreed… therefore….. fake guru… and…… cult!

  12. A 2/5 rating for Mooji is too low . Many of these criticisms I have not witnessed in him. He appears to be very patient and humble. Besides Gurus are not perfect anyway. I agree with a previous poster that he is one of the best of the Advaita teachers. It is clear that he had guided many in the path to self inquiry. I would also like an elaboration on what the “lies and deceptions” are. What is it in his teachings that are incorrect?

  13. I really like Mooji,he has deep insight,whether he is truly enlightened only an enlightened Being can tell.One thing bothers me a bit, he’s gone all Indian ,yet he was born Jamaican ,all this bhajan singing and rituals is ,it turning into a religious cult,perhaps with the best of intentions?
    Truth is beyond religion isnt it?
    My Guru Sathya Sai Baba,is said to have been born fully enlightened, an Avatar and in my experience and has infinite knowledge, Omnipresence and God given powers too when he was on earth although many dispute this,but millions accept it by their own experience and not by blind faith..his is a silent teaching and guidance from within even though he passed away he still guides.but not as a man,but pure Spirit.
    After watching about an hour of this video one thing came to me,Baba said to one devotee,”Too much information,not enough transformation” a typical baba comment to the point,
    I mean how much information does one need to know one exists? this seeker has had experiences of something other than his normal self,but as Mooji says they are phenomenal,anything phenomenal doesn’t last .but the SELF is always here,yet we cannot see it,how does the eye see itself? only in a mirror and Teachers like Mooji are good mirrors but maybe sometimes the mirror gets dirty and cannot reflect a true likeness of the Divine.Mooji has so many teachings one can become confused constipated to step back and get quiet”,be still and know I am God”Bible, even Mooji says that,yet he keeps giving talks non stop.Now he’s called Moojibaba and some devotees are treating him as though he has Godly powers, like an Avatar.I have seen no evidence of this.Hes blessing things and selling them ,Sai Baba never charged money for anything and gave away hundreds of thousands of precious objects he materialised in his lifetime as a sign of his love,His humanitarian work in India is legendary,too much to list here.
    Sai Baba also says “The best Guru is God and he lives inside of you” as Jesus said “The kingdom of Heaven is within you”
    Gurus can only point the way,you have to reach the destination yourself,and that can only happen by Divine Grace,not book knowledge or countless hours listening to Gurus..
    Be a truth seeker,keep asking, what is truth?in the end you will know it for sure.and it cannot be described,and there will be no more you.”When the I shall die,then I will know who am I ” Paramahansa Yogananda, another great teacher who has been a great influence..

    • Hi Anthony,
      I really appreciate your comment. I have listened to some mooji in the past on youtube before he exploded and became big. A old friend in fact lives on his retreat and has cut himself off pretty much from most people outside of it…
      I liked his early stuff but recent videos left me bewildered, with the chanting (directed at him) and the trinkets he sells on the site with his face on. It strikes me as turning evermore cult like. I feel that it’s a deep error to start worshiping or allow oneself to become worshiped and misses the entire point! For better or worse, the human ego is very powerful and can overtake us, disguising itself as something else…
      I agree totally, the guru is inside. I have recently had a couple of phases (lasting a week or two) where I felt complete and present and totally joyous like a child, and for no reason other than just being. It was wonderful. I got knocked down from that state I’m not established in yet by fear around my career (two times in fact, second much milder), so clearly I have some letting go to do around that topic 🙂 These states were triggered spontaneously, though I have spent much time absorbing various material from a variety of sources, anything that resonated with me. Last time it was triggered by a funny show on netflix…there are no rules, and if one thinks there are, well that’s just the ego talking :))
      All the best.

  14. Mooji allegedly engages in a variety of techniques: group euphoria & peer pressure, charisma-based bullying with supporting entourage, gaslighting and psychologically distressing people behind the scenes to induce breakdowns (known as breakthroughs there of course- “it’s ok to lie for guruji” one ex-member-in-training was told by the senior staff), deliberate double binds (e.g. accusing people of being “chameleons”, forcing them to try to be inhumanly consistent all the time (which no one is, but of course the recruit is anxious to please), whilst at the same time manipulating the situation, making it impossible for them to be so. All done by the devotees of course. Mooji acts all innocent, dropping the right phrases into satsang so you start popping. It’s kindalike zen, except it creates dependency, i.e it’s a bit rapey. When the recruit inevitably fails, they face the wrath of the entourage until they break down and become compliant. Meanwhile Mooji himself is free to be as inconsistent as he likes- even to the point of being a real teddybear on tv), public shaming and pressuring, the “advaita shuffle” (“yes, but who’s saying that”- worth a google). A whole lot of stuff. Allegedly.

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