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Doreen Virtue is a prolific spiritual author with dozens of books to her name, mostly dealing with Angels. Rather than a spiritually enlightened guru, she’s considered to be a teacher, counsellor or seer to some.

Virtue began her writing career penning books about relationships and fad diets. She only started writing about spiritual topics after being assisted by an Angel during a traumatic event.

She claims that the information in her books comes directly from Angelic beings and other divine sources, accessed via her psychic abilities.

Angels, magical unicorns, dolphins & fairies

Her written works are difficult to summarize as they are a mixture of every spiritual topic imaginable. At least ones that sell well.

Doreen Virtue card decks

Doreen Virtue loves card decks

Many seekers find solace and wisdom in her communicating with Angels series. Working with our spirit guides, beings that some call the Unseen Ones, is a popular way of gaining insights into both mundane and spiritual matters.

Doreen also offers card decks for those wishing to cultivate their intuitive abilities. Many of the more fanciful topics, like dolphins and magical unicorns, are exclusive to this type of product.

Card decks can certainly be useful, though one should never use them exclusively. Truth is found within. In the long run, seekers are better off flexing that inner-guidance muscle in lieu of looking for answers externally.

Angelic money-making machine

It’s hard not to see her as an opportunistic, business-oriented author.

She even offers Angel Therapy and Fairyologist training. You too can become an Angel or Fairy counsellor. It’s doubtful that she’ll be able to impart her reputed psychic abilities, however. These take much longer to cultivate. So what kind of advice are these “therapists” peddling? We can only wonder.

We promise you: the authors of could write the same books she does. Would you really be able to tell the difference?

Without developing one’s own psychic abilities, it’s hard to verify anything she claims. The best way to do so is to follow a spiritual practice. Such skills are naturally reclaimed along the way.

The verdict on Doreen Virtue

It’s important to underline that many earnest spiritual seekers get a lot out of her works. Much of the information she shares is correct, though we dispute much of it also. As always, discernment is absolutely necessary.

We encourage interested readers to test out her card decks. They’re a good starting point in trusting one’s intuitive abilities.

Since 2021, Doreen Virtue has renounced the “New Age” and gone back to her Christian roots. She has proclaimed Jesus as her only Lord and savior. This makes us wonder: why didn’t her angel guides tell her this many years before when she published her books and card decks? Is it just another marketing gimmick to target Christians?

Our rating for Doreen Virtue is questionable. Her profit motives are transparent and her works are a hodgepodge of truth and fiction, much like her own life experience.

This said, she can be a good initiation to the “spiritual universe” for Christians and anyone else who is open to exploring the great Mystery of their life. Our world can certainly benefit from a growth in spiritually-oriented people.

“Please don’t worry! Your miracle is on its way right now!” — Doreen Virtue



  1. Doreen Virtue has changed my life. Yes, she may say the same things as other people but doesn’t that just prove she’s the real thing? She never judges and is always positive. I strive to be more like her. And much of the profit she makes goes to her rescue ranch. You can’t say that about Joel Osteen. I think she’s amazing.

  2. I encountered Doreen Virtue at the Denver Metaphysical Fair in the mid-90s. While my spirit was sagging as I looked around for something that would feed it, she gave me a bright smile and picked a few things off my aura, and provided a blast of love my Spirit still remembers. Waking up to the New Age offerings of spiritual thought as an alternative to the religion one might have been taught and exploration of different perceptions and practices was a multi-decade process for me. If one needs inspiration and does not look to a temple/church/minister venue, where a congregation funds the minister/guru, but an independent teacher/guru, then expect to have to contribute to that person’s livelihood. Buying books and attending seminars is the way of the modern world. No free guru. No instant karma or free karma. Seeking a guru is pretentious in the West, leaving the word untranslated to teacher. Many, many paths and teachers, each of us an unhealed healer.

  3. I used to love watching Doreen and I have most of her work, but lately, after her recent ‘conversion’ to Christianity, she has started with hard core preaching. It is just not what I want. I feel that she has abandoned her followers. She has certainly abandoned me. I don’t mind the occasional Christian reference, but it is too much now.

  4. It may be a good idea to reevaluate her guru rating since she started associating herself with the fundamentalist Christian fringe.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the suggestion.

      Virtue has renounced her previous “new age beliefs” and teachings which justifies our original suspicious 2/5 rating of her. After reading why she changed, we actually feel compelled to raise her rating, perhaps to a 3, because she saw through some of her own bullshit.

      However, she still does not see and honor the true guru inside herself. Instead, she relies on the common spiritual welfare program where you trust everything to god, “I realized that I did not trust God to provide for my needs.”

      Until she finds and follows the Divine within herself, and then helps others to do the same, she is just another lesson in what not to do.

  5. I was born and raised a practicing christian, but felt it was never enough, i always felt there was more… let me tell you the begining of my journey:
    Many years ago, after i had been nursing for about 5 years, i was doing the pre lunch obs round, and a patient got hold of my hand and asked me to sit with her. We were sat chatting whilst i was checking her obs, and she kept trying to hold my hand ( hard to do when i was trying to take her pulse, bp and temperature), before i left her she said ” nurse you are an emotional empath, use your ability. I thought no more about it for the rest of the shift. The next day i learnt my lady had passed away. I was 21yrs old and her last words have stayed with me (im now nearly 50). I then went on to do my introduction to councilling certificate as i felt some of my horrific life events would help me understand others emotional states and i would be able to help more. Occasionaly my lady’s words would pop up in my mind, so i would ask questions, do research if i couldnt get verbal answers. (My library on healing and spiritual books, card decks etc has grown considerably )
    That was the begining of my journey, i am now a registered Angel and Crystal healing practitioner, certificated earth angel realm reader and fairyologist, ushi reiki 1st degree, master of angel rituals and wiccan practices. I dont follow any particular path, i am a rainbow healer, i follow bits of everything.. angel, fae, christian, pagan etc.. I use my gentle abilities to help others, help them connect with their emotional side, give guidence, listen when they feel alone and vunerable, try and ease their emotional pain, help to clear their chakra system and aura so they can begin to heal on the inside and let the divine light through, to let go of all the emotional baggage that has no purpose and through oracle cards and healing help to try and give guidence and answers.
    Once you open the door, the more study i do, the more i want to learn and it is such an amazing, fulfilling path. I found it helps me heal myself, my surroundings, family, strangers who attach to me, and mostly mother earth.

    I dont think that i will ever stop doing research ( im now reading up on moonology, numerology and the akashic records) now i have opened that door… and it fulfills me, this i feel is my purpose. To help others.

    I Follow my heart and am not afraid of being different… i know im not alone.
    But something with DV just doesnt sit right with me. No matter how hard i try to understand… but i would never knock anyone for their path. Im just annoyed that some of her teachings, publications and oracle decks that we students paid for are useless now.


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