Guru ratings & reviews


“I have never said that there is no need for a guru. All depends on what you call ‘guru’. He need not be in a human form.” – Ramana Maharshi

Guru: One who claims spiritual enlightenment & can demonstrate the way via their own experience of it.

Teacher: One who is not spiritually enlightened but has an aptitude for pointing the way to it.

Messenger: A being sent from the Angelic Assembly to alter the course of human history.

5 / 5 – Excellent Guru

The highest category is reserved for enlightened gurus and spiritual masters that have proven themselves worthy of these titles. We highly recommend them. Spiritual seekers will do themselves a great favor by thoroughly reviewing what they have to say.

4 / 5 – Great Guru

These are teachers of the highest order. They live what they teach. While minor details or quibbles keeps them from attaining the highest spot on this ranking, we hold them in great esteem.

3 / 5 – Adequate Guru

Recommended, but only if you feel particularly drawn to these gurus.

2 / 5 – Questionable Guru

These gurus give us pause. We do not recommend them, though do delve into their teachings if you feel drawn to do so.

1 / 5 – Avoid This Guru

The spiritual universe is filled with self-serving individuals. If you’re reading a guru rating service, you must already know this. We do not recommend these gurus. Proceed with caution and discernment.