New YorkerGurumayi is a Western woman of Indian descent, “whose identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted.”

She has been hounded by controversy ever since she won a power struggle with her brother, Swami Nityananda, which was well documented in this New Yorker article, for control over a wealthy sect of Western and modern Hindus known as “Siddha Yoga.”

She has ashrams, or places of worship, gathering and service in New York state, the San Francisco bay area and outside Mumbai, India, all of which profess to be serving humanity through Gurumayi’s direction and wisdom.

Many people have left this guru and claim she is nothing more than a cult leader who drains people of their time, money, energy and self-dignity. See more at Leaving Siddha Yoga.

The Sex

Most humorous is the idea that many former members have claimed that Gurumayi confers the path to enlightenment to disciples through sex, in an initiation called shaktipat. While this is a Hindu tradition, Gurumayi has brought some Western ideas into what was originally an innocent and grace-filled gift from guru to student. This history of sexual abuse was supposedly initiated by Swami Muktananda, a famous Bhakti guru who passed away over 50 years ago.

Among the more famous followers of Gurumayi have been the actors William Hurt, Barbara Streisand and Melanie Griffith.

Definitely AVOID this one.

If a cult-of-personality is dependent upon widespread propaganda and deception, then, the problem with yoga is not just the teachers that fall susceptible to the lure of power. Rather, the problem is that people believe the lie that yoga is somehow categorically different than all other systems. The reason people believe this lie is because the charismatic leaders discourage critical thinking in favor of submission and acceptance, which is reinforced by the benefits that come from being in the good graces and high favor of the leader. Further, because the followers have raised the leaders to such a high position, thoughtlessness now permeates a community that could be vibrantly creative, a community that could significantly contribute to the world in general.” ~ Jennifer Richard



  1. Sex is one of the 4 fountains of human problems. Gurus are human. Know
    wonder some of the Gurus have sexual problems; just like priests! The other
    3 problems of ALL Humans is sleep, food, and self preservation.

    • Thanks for your comment, Joe. Sex is only a problem when it is misused – just like anything else.

  2. Anybody who have charm, and want charming+cheerful heart…then is only option is GURUMAYI…..belv or not believe it is yur choice.. LOVE and LOVE–GURUMAYI…..2much love to GURUMAYI

  3. GURUMAYI++CHIDViLANANDA is the only best and ofcourse too best Guru presently now ….LOVE – GURUMAYI

  4. I see a lot of accusations but I see no actual facts or corroboration. Sad to see “journalism” if you can call this that descend to such depths

  5. Hmm….she would get no peace from me… sexy as she is. …Malti stop all this resusting and give in…I dont want shaktipat or enlightenment…..I want u…all if u …seriously u r a woman. .shaktipat..enlighment. Stop playing with me like i want ur heart thru ur umm . no other reason than u. ,… sweet surrender……seriously Matli stop playing with me l.u have sex fir shaktipat or initiation…thats us not what sex us fir …just one time let me have u…i want you for u..all of u…u would have sex wuth someone ti give shaktipat…have mercy on please ….thats all wrong reasons…meet me in dallas ill get a room…i want only Malti…tve sexy little u see in these picture.i see u and im hard for hours .. .,give me that…817 770 2897 .

  6. This article is full of errors. Even a simple fact check of the death of Muktananda would help; or that Gurumayi is a western woman, give me a break. She was born and raised in India. You don’t feel like a reliable narrator to me. Your understanding of shaktipat and kundalini yoga is pitiful. I am not saying that Siddha Yoga is without flaw, but I practiced it for 15 years, received shaktipat (without sex!) and profound and transformative teaching, I did not give Gurumayi all my money, nor did I try to be in the “Inner circle.” Certainly Siddha Yoga has the challenges of all guru based teachings and its power dynamics and ego needs, but your lack of even rudimentary accuracy makes this article next to useless.

    • The first sentence of the article says, “Gurumayi is a Western woman of Indian decent…” It seems you have trouble reading.

    • Dear Barbara,

      This entire website is next to useless. Gururatings is almost entirely a sham website created by students of Marshall Vian Summers, and as a result, cares only about secretly promoting him above all others.

      Gururatings doesn’t care about objective analysis of gurus. Only to prove the superiority of their own.

      This post has since been censored and scrubbed. Gururatings now trying to hide the truth of their secret affiliations.

      These guys are losers and even with their pants down can’t admit being liars and deceivers. Engaging in such behavior, how do they expect to battle the alien intervention? By using the same tactics to manipulate peoples consciousness secretly?

      My work here is done, I know you see all my posts. and deep down you know i’m right. It’s pathetic you continue this deception in the public eye. Wrong doesn’t make a right, no matter what your lofty end goals are.

    • Yes, Dee, Gurumayi is a total joke, if it weren’t for the thousdands of lives she has ruined and drained.

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