New YorkerGurumayi is a Western woman of Indian descent, “whose identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted.”

She has been hounded by controversy ever since she won a power struggle with her brother, Swami Nityananda, which was well documented in this New Yorker article, for control over a wealthy sect of Western and modern Hindus known as “Siddha Yoga.”

She has ashrams, or places of worship, gathering and service in New York state, the San Francisco bay area and outside Mumbai, India, all of which profess to be serving humanity through Gurumayi’s direction and wisdom.

Many people have left this guru and claim she is nothing more than a cult leader who drains people of their time, money, energy and self-dignity. See more at Leaving Siddha Yoga.

The Sex

Most humorous is the idea that many former members have claimed that Gurumayi confers the path to enlightenment to disciples through sex, in an initiation called shaktipat. While this is a Hindu tradition, Gurumayi has brought some Western ideas into what was originally an innocent and grace-filled gift from guru to student. This history of sexual abuse was supposedly initiated by Swami Muktananda, a famous Bhakti guru who passed away over 50 years ago.

Among the more famous followers of Gurumayi have been the actors William Hurt, Barbara Streisand and Melanie Griffith.

Definitely AVOID this one.

If a cult-of-personality is dependent upon widespread propaganda and deception, then, the problem with yoga is not just the teachers that fall susceptible to the lure of power. Rather, the problem is that people believe the lie that yoga is somehow categorically different than all other systems. The reason people believe this lie is because the charismatic leaders discourage critical thinking in favor of submission and acceptance, which is reinforced by the benefits that come from being in the good graces and high favor of the leader. Further, because the followers have raised the leaders to such a high position, thoughtlessness now permeates a community that could be vibrantly creative, a community that could significantly contribute to the world in general.” ~ Jennifer Richard



  1. Sex is one of the 4 fountains of human problems. Gurus are human. Know
    wonder some of the Gurus have sexual problems; just like priests! The other
    3 problems of ALL Humans is sleep, food, and self preservation.

    • Thanks for your comment, Joe. Sex is only a problem when it is misused – just like anything else.

  2. Anybody who have charm, and want charming+cheerful heart…then is only option is GURUMAYI…..belv or not believe it is yur choice.. LOVE and LOVE–GURUMAYI…..2much love to GURUMAYI

  3. GURUMAYI++CHIDViLANANDA is the only best and ofcourse too best Guru presently now ….LOVE – GURUMAYI

  4. I see a lot of accusations but I see no actual facts or corroboration. Sad to see “journalism” if you can call this that descend to such depths

  5. Hmm….she would get no peace from me… sexy as she is. …Malti stop all this resusting and give in…I dont want shaktipat or enlightenment…..I want u…all if u …seriously u r a woman. .shaktipat..enlighment. Stop playing with me like i want ur heart thru ur umm . no other reason than u. ,… sweet surrender……seriously Matli stop playing with me l.u have sex fir shaktipat or initiation…thats us not what sex us fir …just one time let me have u…i want you for u..all of u…u would have sex wuth someone ti give shaktipat…have mercy on please ….thats all wrong reasons…meet me in dallas ill get a room…i want only Malti…tve sexy little u see in these picture.i see u and im hard for hours .. .,give me that…817 770 2897 .

  6. This article is full of errors. Even a simple fact check of the death of Muktananda would help; or that Gurumayi is a western woman, give me a break. She was born and raised in India. You don’t feel like a reliable narrator to me. Your understanding of shaktipat and kundalini yoga is pitiful. I am not saying that Siddha Yoga is without flaw, but I practiced it for 15 years, received shaktipat (without sex!) and profound and transformative teaching, I did not give Gurumayi all my money, nor did I try to be in the “Inner circle.” Certainly Siddha Yoga has the challenges of all guru based teachings and its power dynamics and ego needs, but your lack of even rudimentary accuracy makes this article next to useless.

    • The first sentence of the article says, “Gurumayi is a Western woman of Indian decent…” It seems you have trouble reading.

    • Dear Barbara,

      This entire website is next to useless. Gururatings is almost entirely a sham website created by students of Marshall Vian Summers, and as a result, cares only about secretly promoting him above all others.

      Gururatings doesn’t care about objective analysis of gurus. Only to prove the superiority of their own.

      This post has since been censored and scrubbed. Gururatings now trying to hide the truth of their secret affiliations.

      These guys are losers and even with their pants down can’t admit being liars and deceivers. Engaging in such behavior, how do they expect to battle the alien intervention? By using the same tactics to manipulate peoples consciousness secretly?

      My work here is done, I know you see all my posts. and deep down you know i’m right. It’s pathetic you continue this deception in the public eye. Wrong doesn’t make a right, no matter what your lofty end goals are.

    • The above by Barbara was exactly my experience and I would like to say thanks for simply calling out the truth of this article.

    • Gurumayi is a very conservative Hindu woman and this article is completely ignorant. Swami Muktananda has passed on and Nobody knows where Guru Mayi is at .

    • Yes, Dee, Gurumayi is a total joke, if it weren’t for the thousdands of lives she has ruined and drained.

      • Let’s not forget all the rape and violence she enabled and encouraged! Truly an evil woman. All too human — phony guru faker.

  7. I personally knew the young girls & women abused by Muktananda. I lived in one of the dorms above Baba’s house. I was so blinded by my devotion & denial. I was not sexually abused by Baba.
    After years of doing Seva in & out of SYDA the Light of Truth awakened within. In my youth I gave up my family & everything out of blind devotion to Baba & Gurumayi.
    I was in GSP when Baba died & when Gurumayi abused her Brother Gurudev Nityananda.
    I was involved in Siddha Yoga since 1975. I was good friends with Hola & I feel Gurumayi’s horrible treatment
    of Hola, a Chiropractor/Healer, led to her early death. Hola did die in a room next to Gurumayi’s apartment.
    Gurumayi lied about that too.
    Gurumayi has covered up Muktananda’s sexual abuse of minors & that of George Afif her personal partner.
    I could write volumes & may write a book about what I witnessed.
    In 1992 I was in South Fallsburg doing hours of Seva every day.
    I was still so devoted. At the time Gurumayi was marrying many couples & encouraging devotees to have families.
    I was in love with a women & had always been honest over the years about being Gay. There were always many wealthy Gay people around.
    I asked Gurumayi if my partner could join me in South Fallsburg & also be on staff. My partner was a well qualified experienced photographer & I thought her skills could be utilized.
    I wrote a letter to Gurumayi of my request & asked Panna Hamilton( Gurumayi’s personal assistant) to give my letter to Gurumayi. Panna read the letter as we sat in the main building dining room. She proceeded to scream at me, after the shock of her words passed, I told Panna to give my letter.
    The next day while sitting in my room our phone rang.
    “ Gurumayi read your letter & said you should leave the Ashram as soon as you can pack.”
    I was shocked but realized the rumors of Homophobia in Siddha Yoga were true. Unless a Gay person was very wealthy they were not welcomed.
    My eyes continued to be opened. I moved back to Oklahoma, got a college degree, worked as a Horticulturist at OKC Zoo.
    I kept in contact with Gurumayi & continued my practice of Monthly Dakshina.
    I wrote a letter to Gurumayi about a humorous story of a conversation I had with Devayani, Nityananda’s personal assistant while living at GSP Ashram.
    I get a phone call from an old timer I worked with in the GSP garden Nursery. I was so thrilled to speak with her.
    She said they wanted me to share my stories about Baba on the SYDA Shakti Punja project. I did think that odd since my knowledge & experience in around Baba & Gurumayi witnessed many abuses.
    The person told me before I sent my stories she was sending me a Form to sign.
    I received the form a carefully read the words written by SYDA attorney’s. The form was a non-disclosure agreement stating that anything I shared could never be repeated by me to anyone ever!!!
    I called the Dakshina office & stopped my monthly offering.
    I was in litigation for a work related injury that Gurumayi knew about. She was aware a monetary Legal settlement for my injury was forthcoming.
    After ceasing my Dakshina offering I get a call from Panna/Gurumayi was on the call.
    Gurumayi did mention I had experienced a lot during my years( including being blamed & degraded by Gurumayi after the Death of Baba’s Dog Madhu)
    On the call Gurumayi inquired about my monetary settlement. Due to my injury I lost my job & was deemed 100% disabled.
    The last thing Gurumayi said to me was “ I suppose you need the settlement money.” I said yes, I will lose my home & everything without it.
    I never signed the famous “Non-disclosure agreement.” I never heard back from Panna or Gurumayi after they realized no money from me.
    After all the years of denials & blind devotion to SYDA, Baba, Gurumayi was over. Thank God!!!
    I still know some of the women sexually abused by Muktananda.
    I feel the individuals who revealed the truths of this horrible abuse of power by these false Guru’s are True Heroes!!!
    I pray the truth of SYDA today will awaken those devotees who continue to be blinded by devotion to know the Truth.
    I believe in the Laws of Karma & Gurumayi or SYDA will face the music someday.
    Maybe the IRS will investigate the tax exempt status of the SYDA Foundation.
    Maybe our new President/ Vice President Biden Harris should be made aware of this.
    I’m only writing these words for the Benefit of Truth. I am aware many will never believe Gurumayi is a false Guru. I know from what I saw, what I heard, being involved In Siddha Yoga since 1975 the many stories shared by many of the Abuses are True!!!!
    My only hope of writing these words is that it may help at least one person to see that Gurumayi is a False Guru & Siddha Yoga is a Cult.
    You don’t need Gurumayi or Siddha Yoga to find God in your own heart.

      • Dear Ravi,
        The case mentioned in my story was a on the job injury not in the Ashram, after Gurumayi asked me to leave the Ashram for being gay.
        I was able to retain a Excellent
        Ok. Workers Comp Attorney that did the hard work.
        However, while living @ GSP during Monsoon many years ago ,I had a injury caused by scrubbing mold/algae from the upper garden sidewalks.
        My right knee swelled up so bad I could barely walk.
        Swami Aporvananda was at GSP, he was a MD before taking Sanyasi.
        He performed a deep knee aspiration with a needle into my right knee & withdrew almost a 1/2 cup of fluid.
        It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I know he meant well but probably caused damage.
        After returning to US I had 2 surgeries done on my right knee to repair the GSP injury.
        Unfortunately I was unaware of my rights to sue SYDA for the injury. At the time I was still “ Devoted to the Guru” & did not pursue a legal claim.
        I know SYDA has many Attorneys & I don’t Know current W/C laws of New York.
        I would advise you to retain a well established Workers Comp Attorney from a Firm willing to help you.
        Most Attorneys will talk with you before signing a contract,
        It is very important to keep & save any & all medical records.
        I hope you reported your injury to HR @ SYDA or a supervisor you worked with. Give any of this info to your Attorney.
        Good luck, get a good Attorney.
        Hope you heal from your injury & find financial, medical support from the Ashram.
        I wouldn’t communicate further with anyone @SYDA about your claim. Retain a Attorney & they will do the necessary communication.
        Blessings to you & I pray you find physical & financial relief.

    • So courageous to speak out, Teri! I am still terrified of Siddha. I would never want them to be able to target me. They are mafia-esque. I lose sleep at night fearing that they will track me down somehow.

      I hope their power is diminishing. It would be a real sign of healing for the world to see the ashrams close. The entire organization is predicated on sexual predation mixed with psychological and physical violence.

      For the people who say their experience of Siddha was perfect and pure — well, lucky you. Many others just got demoralized, bilked, molested, and raped. Dangerous cult!

      • Oh, and the notorious homophobia? Vile. But then, heterosexual creeps do love to project their own sexual creepiness into undeserving LGBTQ people. Meanwhile Baba binges on underage girls and Gurumayi sneaks around with George? Gross. But, yeah, sure, queer people are the problem with sex. [rolls eyes]

        Bravo and brava and bravx to all the survivors and escapees! And may those still caught in this goofy yet toxic ideology find freedom, soon.

  8. Thank you Teri.I wonder why the thousands of people who were used,abused,exploited,played,dissed,abused and deeply harmed,maimed or worse haven’t got together in a class action law suit.I also wonder why she hasn’t been “taken out” by one of the thousands that were chewed up and spit out by her.My little sister was (and may still be) in the inner circle. Malti scapegoated,smear campaigned and gang stalked her brother so she could own the whole circus herself.Then she let him off the hook and turned her venom spewing and ball busting to Kimi’s brother David.I was conned into medications one year after puberty at age 15,and used in MK ultra mind control experiments.I would go into a sleep walking type of trance on occasion (when I was beamed or ?) and do some crazy and twisted things.I was scapegoated,smear campaigned and gang stalked by 3 wounded/unhealed raging women.My mother and her gang,Kimi and her gang,and Malti and her gang.This torture and torment went on for decades! I spent 3.5 years in3 ashrams (India,Fallsburg,and Makiki Hawaii.I worked hard and well and sacrificed massage school to do intensive Guru slave ah.While medicated and less conscious,with less holistic intelligence I got injured at 2 of the ashrams.These injuries are broken neck,broken ribs,slashed and concussion to my head,major knee injury,and herniated lower back disc.I was gang stalked for decades by 3 wounded unhealed cowardice persecuting women for a stupid event that happened while medicated and in a strange sleep walking trance state triggered by frequency(beamed).I read most of Muktananda’s books and remember that he was abused by his mother.He must have not healed and passed on abuse to Malti,and she,unhealed passed it on to her brother for a short time and then to me for decades.There are 3 insightful video’s by a brilliant researcher that will help the people who are involved in this circus,and those that were chewed up and spit out.Mark Passio=(1)Neo feminism and the Satanic agenda(2)New age bullshit(3)Fake ass Christians.Heal well !

  9. Ok David !!
    Seriously anti woman!!
    Yes I am sorry for the trauma you endured and I want you to feel deep healing and love. What does forgiveness feel like?

  10. Teri,
    I am so curious about your injuries. I had a worker’s comp claim when on staff in SMA. Did you receive a settlement that is supportive paid by the ashram? Was there a law suit, how did you figure this all out? Others have been physically harmed and I wonder what recourse they may have, if you are able and willing to give some details, that would help, as to how you achieved your settlement! Thank you!!!

    • Ravi, I did reply to you but it attached to my previous post. Hope you can find my message to you.
      Retain a good New York W/C Attorney that works for a well established firm with experience litigating big corporations. Save all medical records & info from SYDA. I would only communicate with an Attorney & wouldn’t divulge with anyone @ SYDA you are retaining a Attorney.
      Most law firms will interview you before a Contract is signed. I would ask that SYDA pay your legal fees.
      Oklahoma has a Statute of Limitations time limit to file W/C claims.
      You probably can find basic New York State W/C laws on the Internet.
      Good luck & I hope your claim gives you financial & emotional relief.

  11. Unfortunately this profile is riddled with errors regarding the nature of Shaktipat / Muktananda etc. Muktananda was in the Siddha tradition and never claimed (or did his followers claim) that he was a Bhakti guru. These mistakes undermine the credibility of the site.

    • Thank you for your comment. What are the errors besides the claim that Muktanada was a Siddha, which is a self-created tradition anyway?

  12. We feel Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
    was as complicit in Muktananda’s sexual abuse of women & minors as G. Maxwell is with the horrible sex abuse of Jeffrey Epstein.
    We were present in Babas Oakland Ashram courtyard in 1975
    when young women were gathered, stood shoulder to shoulder. There were 3 young women, myself, Baba & Malti. Malti is the person who arranged & notified the girls to come to the Courtyard.
    Several ashramites knew this happened on a daily basis & hoped to be “chosen” to Meditate in Baba’s House.
    Baba picked a girl & they went upstairs. Ashramites were told they were going to Meditate with Baba.
    This was a daily occurrence & at that time we were all ignorant of Baba’s sexual actions with these young women.
    So Gurumayi is lying when she denies knowing what Baba was doing. She was complicit & we feel Gurumayi should be held accountable.
    Shame on SYDA Foundation, all the current Swami’s that still remain silent or continue to lie.
    We feel the women & girls & their families should be awarded financial settlements from SYDA for this abuse.
    No excuse not to adhere to True Dharmic principles just because Baba is gone.

  13. Depending on what you bring to your spiritual quest, one thing you need to bring is a true understanding that what you see reflects your own mind. That we are gossip-driven, cutting the facts to suit our theory, that we don’t verify those theories, that we are materialist, judgmental, competitive, jealous, and lacking in true understanding and compassionate for others are all things we need to bring to have any comprehension of the Divine — this is all true of contemporary society. Gurumayi, in my direct experience, is a woman of incredible power. One memorable thing she said is “I am not the moon. I am the finger pointing to the moon.” She then switched to the large videoscreens at either side of her and broadcast the full moon, which I could also see from where I was sitting. She left the Oakland ashram and has not been seen here since that night. You can and I did find true spiritual growth with her.

  14. Anti woman …womb man…no. I have studied and practiced the Taoist art of love for over 20 years. I am a good kisser,schooled in massage,teacher says her best student of our class girlfriends amazed at what they term my magic tongue a great kisser…If the woman is under mind control,wounded,lashing out and being manipulative,this is manifested as the profane or unholy feminine. When she is courageously dismantling the brainwashing by the 1% bloodline families and living morally,teaching morals,a nurturer,a peace maker and peace keeper,and an initiator into a higher awareness and lovingness,then she is manifesting the sacred feminine. This sacred feminine as well as the sacred masculine is our potential as well as our birthright.We choose Godliness,Lovingness Virtue.,or Wealth,Power,and Fame. One cannot serve 2 masters…God and mammon.Each of us has free will choice and we each contribute to the whole of all life for the goog or I’ll. As within so without. COCREATION,MANIFESTATION.

  15. What does it feel like to admit your sinister behavior,to make a sincere apology,and make ammends for damages done. What does it feel like in your heart,soul,spirit. Denial,disassociation, and cognitive dissonance are copouts.

  16. It’s really heinous to accuse any person of these acts without testimony and proof. I am astounded that this is allowed in the New Yorker, a magazine that until now, I thought had plausible journalism. What is wrong with the journalist? What would make it okay to write such things without a very thorough investigation. Where are the prosecutions?

    • The New Yorker article was immaculately researched and reported. Siddha tried to intimidate them into dropping it, but The New Yorker wasn’t so easily scared off.

      Per the New Yorker writer: “In fact, my own experience with SYDA has in a modest way confirmed some of the things ex-devotes complained about. I have been told repeatedly of the harm I would cause by writing negative things about a “pure path”; quiet efforts were made to discredit me with my editors; a barrage of accusatory letters arrived from a SYDA lawyer questioning, before he had even read the story, my integrity as a journalist and the motives of this magazine; and, this summer, the co-chairman and co-founder of a well-known Madison Avenue advertising agency visited the magazine’s offices to express his displeasure and to warn that there were ‘many prominent, many powerful
      people who are going to be hurt by this piece.'”

      Typical Siddha cult thuggery!

  17. Wow! What a ridiculous, asinine, uninformed, uneducated and quiet illiterate site this is, that I have stumbled upon! That is the only “total joke” here. The word “facts” has no place in this “article”, because there are none present throughout.

    How is it even possible that Bābā Muktānanda “passed away over 50 years ago” by the date of March 3, 2017 at the top of this “article”? This month and year, October 2022, marks the 40th anniversary of when he left his body (October 2, 1982). Hmm… How interesting. Kudos to your fine research!

    And this nonsense right here. “Gurumayi is a Western woman of Indian descent”. No, she is NOT! Gurumāyī is an East Indian woman, born and raised, who now lives in the West. There very much IS a DISTINCT difference! She is not just of Indian decent. She IS Indian, FROM India itself. Your wording is a crude attempt at making her sound like some American born charlatan.

    Siddha Yoga is a true spiritual path. It is one that can bring you to having great love of the Lord, as it has for me. However, it may not be for everyone; which is totally fine. To each, his own. And it is not perfect, of course. It does have its flaws, but not what you want to make them out as being. Therefore, it is deserving of proper respect.

    It is not a cult to be dismantled. If it were so, then why haven’t I gone all culty after 27 years of practice? Rather, my love of and desire to come closer to the Lord have only deepened and increased. Gurumāyī is a masterful spiritual guide, who has not harmed anyone. She is not concerned with the pettiness of the world.

    If this “article” were a printed one, it would only be good for kindling a fire. Why people like this waste there time and precious life in defaming people and things they truly know nothing about, is just beyond me. You need to get a life and find a path that works for you. Preferably one that will help to make you a better and decent human being!

    • Dang, girl! You sound SO “concerned with the pettiness of the world.” Has your dear guru taught you nothing?!

  18. Wow! What a ridiculous, asinine, uninformed, uneducated and quiet illiterate site this is, that I have stumbled upon! That is the only “total joke” here. The word “facts” has no place in this “article”, because there are none present throughout.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful, kind, informative and well written comment! Keep ’em coming, Mayank!

  19. Gurumayi disappeared in 2004, though Siddha Yoga is still trying to fake that she’s around, with the very late 90s / early 2000s photos they shamelessly recycle, counting on their ever-shrinking flock to be gullible enough to buy it. We are to believe that somehow, magically, Gurumayi never ages a day past how she looked back in 2004, when she was last seen? Gee, the endless power of the guru… dazzling. Ha. At least Photoshop the old Y2K photos so that she looks like the elderly woman she would be today? Such sad, silly fakery.

    I would love to know what happened to her though! Such an interesting mystery. Much more compelling than any of her New Age word salad.

    • Yes, where is she and why did she go into hiding? She used to give new year’s sayings and directions to her followers. Did she this year?

      • Yes, she did a New Year’s message (paid online satsang) but I don’t know what it is. It’ll be on the website. She does online live broadcasts. There was a free one last weekend.

    • Not a mystery at all. She’s in South Fallsburg. She does live broadcasts on the web. Some are paid. Some are free. She did a free live broadcast last weekend for Muktananda’s Divya Diksha.

  20. This “article” is filled with factual mistakes noted by many others before me: Gurumayi is Indian, not western, sex is not part of any initiation (I would have known, after 30 years on this path… but her brother was sexually active with disciples, which led to their clash), etc, so many inaccuracies in so few words… Disparaging Baba Muktananda is easy after he left his body. Now it is interesting (and very sad) to note that the only real shaktipat Guru of this list has the lowest rating. Even the comments are inaccurate. Gurumayi did not disappear at all. She gives regular talks, and New year messages. Last one was in Jan 1st 2023. Next one in Jan 1st, 2024.
    My advice for serious seekers is to engage with the (free) web site for a while, it holds amazing content and see for yourself what benefits you get from it. Then make your decision about it, since this website does a poor job at evaluating priceless teachings.
    I have met dozens of spiritual masters in my life.
    There is no one I met who matches Gurumayi’s Grace.
    Na Guroradhikam, Na Guroradhikam !

    • Thank you for your comment. Can you provide a link to her “free” new year’s messages from 2023 or for 2024?

  21. I never said the New year’s messages were free (I said the web site was…). Some were, though. But if you knew the amount of efforts it takes to organize a worldwide event, with cameramen, technicians, translators in 7 languages, lights, sound, room set up, flowers, coordination, etc, over a hundred people are actively working on each event for over a week, you would not even think of this being a “free” event.
    A dentist appointment in NY is several 00’s USD… receiving the Guru’s grace is a fraction of that and can transform your life for the better.
    But if you are genuinely interested in these messages, and resist the idea of giving anything in exchange, set up a free account and go to
    and you will see the core message for free, together with an art work. Contemplate these words and the work of art for a few days and see the result. Baba Muktananda said many wise things about how to recognize (and test) a true Guru, he also said humorously that people look night and day for a great Guru, but “they themselves don’t become even a small disciple” (From the finite to the infinite, p9). Baba had a great sense of humor. But it is also something to ponder…
    SMKY !

    • I know that events cost money. Physical books cost money. But a message? That’s ephemeral and could easily be made free on any web site.

      She’s always been a money hound using followers and devotees for her selfish ends. When someone has no skill or money to give, she discards them like garbage. I’ve seen this abuse by Gurumai with several people who were told to leave her ashram in South Fallsberg, NY, after devoting years of their life to her.

  22. Well then, you must be happy: the message is indeed free and posted on the website each year. Even prior messages are posted.

    The event is usually a paying one…although some years it is free. AND I have GOOD news for you, the 1st of Jan 2024 event is free, just set up an account before, and log in at least 15mn before 10 AM ET (there will be several thousand people connecting at the same time).

    I do not consider a message from Gurumayi to be ephemeral… When her message was “Experience the power within, Kundalini Shakti”, back in 2004, it was eternal, and carried with it her own realization. It could be listened to on CD, over 1hr of teachings, to be contemplated, and many people used a great workbook on the topic for their sadhana thoughout the year. For the cost of a CD…

    5 messages from Gurumayi were also gathered in the book “Sadhana of the Heart”, so for 26.95 USD you have 5 full length talks. Each talk has been the focus of an entire year for SY students. Is that too much to ask ?

    In the old days, people like Milerepa described how people were ready to travel by foot long distance on treacherous paths, giving gold in exchange for priceless teachings. Today people demand to receive them for free, in the comfort of their homes, behind their PC screens. Difficult times for spiritual masters… But even offering teachings for free is no guarantee, the greatest western spiritual master did just that, He even fed and healed people… and finished on a cross.

    As to Gurumayi being a “money hound”, well… I don’t know what makes you say that, like the rest of what you say about this path. Don’t be so careless with your karma, man… but from my own experience:
    – There are very few paying events in SY, the most well known is Shaktipat, a once a year event during which Gurumayi bestows initiation. Unique and life transforming. The Foundation chose not to hold it in 2020, 2021, 2022 for health reasons, rather than going on line during Covid.
    – I have been offering money to the Indian ashram for years. For the past 6 months, there has been technical issues, they cannot proceed them. I have been asking so many times for an alternative route to wire the money… no answer.

    I could give you many such examples. Money is the least of the Guru’s concern.

    • The cost to hear this message is registration at the Sidha yoga website. So much for open communication. This “free” message is inside a walled garden that requires registration and acceptance into her private web site, not a free and open web site like this one.

      Thanks for your consideration about my “karma”. I can assure you that the work we do exposing frauds and criminals on this web site more than atones for any hurt feelings you may have, man.

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