Marshall Vian Summers


Marshall Vian Summers has spent decades faithfully receiving, transcribing, sharing and teaching a great body of work which he claims is a New Message from God. More than a simple guru, he is claims to be Messenger.

Over 9,000 pages of rich spiritual material has been received thus far, including entire books and a daily spiritual practice program. All of it is freely available online.

More than just a Guru

Marshall Vian Summers, guru and Messenger

More than just a guru, Marshall Vian Summers claims to be a Messenger for this pivotal era in human history.

The intent of the New Message is to alter the course of human history. Marshall claims himself to be the Messenger to accomplish this.

Imagine if you were alive at the time of the other Messengers: Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Close your eyes and picture it.

Would you have the courage and wisdom to see them for who they really are — for what they represent? Discerning a guru is difficult, but so important.

It can be challenging to follow your heart, take a stance, and correctly discern an event that happens perhaps once in a millennia. To humanity’s credit, however, there have always been people ready to do so. These are the first responders. Without them, the great Messengers would not have been able to reshape the world.

A great spiritual need

According to Marshall, there are 4 main reasons why a New Message from God is needed right now:

  1. The first is the great environmental, political and economic upheaval that over the coming decades will change world civilization as we know it.
  2. The second is contact with other intelligent life in the universe, which is happening now.
  3. The third is the crisis of religious violence and disintegration which together are serving to destroy humanity’s fabric.
  4. The fourth is the spiritual poverty in the world and the desperation and hopelessness that is growing each passing day.

New Message from God booksSome of the wisdom found the New Message is available nowhere else, such as the reality of the Spiritual Family.

The New Message is designed to be of the greatest assistance to the modern spiritual seeker. It builds and expands upon humanity’s great spiritual and religious traditions.

You owe it to yourself to deeply consider Marshall and the New Message from God. Leave your assumptions at the door, take stock of the world, and carefully consider this revolutionary teaching.

We also recommend listening to the voice of the Angelic Assembly, recorded and revealed to humanity for the first time. He is the only “guru” in the world today with this angelic connection.

This is the voice that supposedly guided Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. It’s the same voice that commanded Marshall to “receive”. Just hit the “play” button on the linked page above or watch the video below to hear the Voice of the Assembly, speaking as One.

Will Marshall and the New Message from God alter the course of human history? It depends on how humanity receives it. Are you one of the first responders? According to the Angelic Assembly, the New Message must reach 4% of humanity to save human civilization.

Still, a Man Who is Fallible

In his later years, Marshall contradicted his own teaching on Inner Knowledge and instead instructed his followers how to see the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than using it as a teaching opportunity for each individual to Know the truth, he instead attempted to dictate his own thoughts and fears onto his devotees, which was a grave error.

After all, Marshall is human and he is like all other gurus throughout history who were fallible and capable of grave error. Still, we honor his contribution to human evolution as we enter into open contact with extraterrestrial alien races. His early teachings (1983-1999) on the greater community Way of Knowledge (before it was declared a “New Message from God” in 2006), and the Allies of Humanity Briefings are well worth your time. Decide for yourself – it’s all free to read online.

“We are here for the world, not for our comfort only.” – Marshall Vian Summers




  1. Has anyone met Marshall? It seems he has an annual gathering in Colorado. Interesting how so many gurus live in the mountains…

    • I have. When I first met him in person I was taken back by how humble he was. It made me realized that I had never met a truly humble person before. Although very intelligent, articulate and personable he was not trying to impress who he was. He was fully authentic from a life deeply lead. We crossed paths and paused to greet each other. He saw right into “me” and I saw “him,” there was no pretense, no story, just a soul recognition that warranted a hug and a nod. I felt equal to him in that moment, because he truly did not feel that he was above me. When I listen to the Revelations he receives I am blown away with undeniable truth that rings through. Messages that can only come from our Source. All I can say is that my inner knowing has been awakened and is growing. I am truly honored that I have met this Messenger in his life time, and know that these Revelations must be passed on for our future.

    • Hi Jess,
      I have had the great honour and privilege of meeting Marshall Vian Summers many times, as I have been to three Encampments (those gatherings in the beautiful mountains of Colorado) and a few other events organized by the Society over the years. Apart from the fact that he is a very tall man, he wouldn’t stand out in a crowd and in fact he has no desire to do so. Indeed, considering the wealth of very needed wisdom he has brought us, he must be the most humble man I know. He doesn’t seek to glorify himself. He is only interested in getting the New Message from God out into the world so that we may find Knowledge within us, follow it and hopefully thereby save the world and humanity. I have met and spoken with him many times. He has given me smiles, hugs, words of wisdom, encouragement and huge amounts of inspiration. I am not one to be impressed by anyone’s fame or status. I am, however, ever impressed by Marshall’s humanity, wisdom, love and dedication. He is a simple man and I recognize him as God’s new Messenger for the world. We are blessed to be living and able to hear him while he is living in the world.

    • I have met Marshall at several gatherings I have been to in Colorado where he is based. He is the most humble, wise and gracious person i have ever come into contact with. He has walked journey almost none of us would ever consider. He has such a concentrated love for humanity living inside of him that when we hugged for the first time, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and profuse emotion followed. I stand as witness that this man was sent from another reality to help save the human family.

  2. MVS is the Messenger of God for our time…like the Mohamad, the Jesus and the Buddha of ancient times. There are no masters in the world, only advanced students of Knowledge (inner knowing given by God to us to discover and reclaim). Read the facts of MVS at
    Yes, I have met MVS in July 2012; he is a humble servant of God chosen to channel the New Message From God in a time of great waves of change and visitation from the Greater Community of Life in the Universe. Nasi Novare Coram -J

  3. I have also met MVS. I will admit, I wasn’t sure to expect given that he is the Messenger of our time. He is the real deal. It was definitely an experience and experience is much deeper than any fact. If you look at the revelations that Marshall has received, you can immediately tell that this is a message intended for today’s people and our current world. MVS is definitely humble and isn’t here to perform miracles or take money. He is simply fulfilling his mission in the world; to receive and share God’s Message for us, right now.

  4. I came across Marshall just over a year ago, and was quite skeptical at first, but my heart insisted I learn more about this man and his Message. As I explored and investigated The Message itself, it became clear Marshall is genuine. I’ve been blessed to meet him and experience the depth of love that flows from his heart. The Message he brings is the great hope for the future of humanity, if it can reach enough people.

  5. The New Message from God is a blessing, a preparation, and a warning for all of humanity. It calls us to respond to a world in need for God has sent us into the world to save it from collapse. To be a beacon of light to shine in the world during the Great Waves of Change and the intervention. It shows us the way up the mountain. In this journey we develop what we must. We learn wisdom, compassion and tolerance and Grace through experience and relationship. I could go on and on about it for I embrace it that much as it embraces me in life. It is life itself leading you to a new life. The New Message cannot be defined for it is that deep. You must come to experience it for yourself. For experience is one of the more powerful teachers you could have. I have met Marshall. He is the Messenger for the times we live in. He is a humble man. He is a loving and compassionate man. Just as important is he is wise beyond his years. For he has come from the Angelic Assembly to serve both God and humanity. The gift he offers the world is a gift from the Creator of all life. From the One to the Many, to the one to the many. Nasi Novare Coram

  6. The New Message is not for everyone, but it may be for you. Having met Marshall in 1997, I slowly came to be a student. It is a journey that challenges one to live in the world and contribute. Family and friends for the most part, will not understand and join you. Being eccentric is not the path, so you will remain normal in appearance and action as you begin to take in the greater community perspective. The practice of Steps to Knowledge is a test of your ability to even be a student. Three years of practice is a threshold to prove you can be a beginning student. Having been with the New Message nearly 20 years, I’ve seen many students come and go. Those that have persisted are on a personal path of evolution in this lifetime in concert with their Spiritual Family. You should look at it. If it seems too hard, look again – exert your will to serve the Creator.

    • Sameer – While everyone has a connection to God and can hear God’s intentions for their lives, not everyone has a Message from God for all of humanity to receive. This is what separates true Messengers of God from everyone else.

  7. Allow me to be the devil’s advocate here. Edgar Cayce was a saintly man. His channeled trances helped to cure countless people. He often would predict the future. He was undeniably wrong much of the time. Go figure. We don’t know what we don’t know about how saintly people receive information about stuff. So let’s consider Messenger. He gets a 5/5 rating because he’s a saintly man who charges little or nothing except you have to buy his books to get the real scoop. Some chapters are not included in the preview sections. Now I believe in UFO’s. Saw one. Isn’t the in depth story of the alien community getting a little off track here. Is accumulating garbage information what awakening is about? It’s a contradictory and illogical story and if it isn’t true then what’s left to believe? Why believe anything Messenger says if it isn’t personally true right now. Your 5/5 rating here demonstrates an unenlightened bias.

    • Dan – All of Marshall’s books are available to read for FREE online. You don’t have to buy them. If you want a hard copy of a book, you have to pay for the paper, ink and binding. The ones that are not yet published are simply because the small group that supports Marshall in publishing books have been simply OVERWHELMED with the amount of transmitted material over the last few decades. The newest book “The Greater Community” is set to be released August 21, 2017 and will be 100% free online: I encourage you to experience it since you seem to have a connection to life beyond this world.

  8. I have met Marshall also. He is a very humble man. And I pray that the human family will recieve what he has been a vehicle of, which is being a platform through which the New Message from God has passed through to humanity (and still is). It is profoundly interesting to read the revelations about how this is taking place, the message each chapter carries in the many books and especially the Steps to Knowledge is interesting to study. I sincerely hope this will come through to people all over the world.

  9. When I discovered this New Message from God in 2014, something deeper within me recognized something about this man and about the content of what was being said about this New Message. It wasn’t an intellectual or physical recognition, it didn’t feel like something trying to convince me or influence or manipulate me somehow to believe it. No, this was something that was somehow resonating with a deeper part of me that I’ve never experienced before.

    And what’s profound about this New Message is that once this recognition occurred, the draw to it hasn’t faded since and actually is becoming stronger. I didn’t feel compelled to just quit my life and follow this movement mindlessly, yet what I did feel compelled to do was dig deeper and find out who this man “Marshall Vian Summers” is and what this New Message from God is and it’s turning out to be a journey beyond any journey I’ve ever experienced.

    Another area of importance that I resonate with, is the relevance to the major issues humanity is facing presently regarding great environmental, political and economic changes and the existence and intervention of off world intelligent life.

    I’m discovering that you can’t experience the deeper purpose, meaning and direction of this New Message by sitting on the sidelines and just glossing over a study of this New Message and this Messenger from God Marshall Vian Summers. No, if you want to really know and experience the truth, you have to take the journey for yourself and the truth becomes self-evident along the way.

  10. The clarity of your content is good. I don’t know to follow MVS.

    Thanks Lynn Hanson for sharing your encounter… beautiful.

  11. Do this man’s teachings address the question, “Who am I?”? Because if not, then it is not the ultimate teaching. Whatever happens in this world – be it human history, war, or alien contact – is an illusion (“Maya”). It is an illusion because it is impermanent. Only the eternal (the Self), is real. To find the Self is to wake up from the dream; isn’t this much better than changing the dream? I also don’t understand why God would need to impart a message to illusory beings living in an illusion. God could simply change the illusion to suit His purpose (if indeed there is a purpose). I’m not trying to put anyone down; these are sincere questions. My only purpose is to understand.

    • Hi Steve – Thanks for your comment. If everything is an illusion, then why are we here? Why do we choose to engage in this illusion? And why would God create such an illusion for us to inhabit? These are all very good questions. See the teaching, “The Separation” at for more about these questions (link:

      Marshall’s revelations do teach about this eternal “Self” and the New Message makes clear that this teaching is also available in all the world’s religions.

      • 1. Why should there be a purpose for anyone or anything to be here, there or anywhere?
        2. Why do you think God exists?

        This site seemed interesting at first sight. Now, I’m wondering why are you promoting this guru in particular 🙂

        Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s going to die.

        • Those are good questions, Morty. It seems as if you feel life is random? If you really searched your heart, you would know your life has great meaning and purpose. If you could know of the great effort it took to get you here, into this life, you would appreciate it and your great mission here.

          • All these ideas about meaning and purpose of our lives are based on the illusion that we are individual beings that were born and die. As long we think we are human and have a life and a purpose we are identified and attached to something transient and suffering is the result. Nisargadatta Maharaj puts it like that:

            “That which makes you think that you are human is not human. It is but a dimensionless point of consciousness, a conscious nothing. ; all you can say about yourself is “I am”. You are pure being/awareness/bliss. To realize that is the end of all seeking.”

            Most gurus and messengers deal with a life within consciousness, within all temporary appearances and how to improve people and humanity. Nisargadatta is only interested to put us beyond consciousness to find out who we really are. This state beyond can’t be known as all knowing only happens in consciousness. We can only realize it and be it. After that, life within consciousness continues for our bodies and minds but “we” are unattached from action and reaction and free from the sorrow and suffering of conscious life. He further points out:

            “You come to it [the end of all seeking] when you see all you think yourself to be as mere imagination and stand aloof in pure awareness of the transient as transient, imaginary as imaginary, unreal as unreal. It is not at all difficult, but detachment is needed.”

            As soon we are interested in ideas, teachings, philosophies, or religions – however noble – we start to identify ourselves with it and loose detachment. All things and ideas come and go. Pure awareness is always there, unmoveable, seeing everything coming and going. Be that. That’s all.

            So the only interest we should have is to be not interested in whatever is perceived or conceived. See the false as false. Whatever appears on the screen of our consciousness we have to deny – neti, neti – not this, not this. That’s how the mind erases itself. It’s like using a thorn to remove a thorn from your foot. Or a wooden stick to stir the fire and it gets burned itself at the end. What the mind has created (a world of illusion) the mind has to undo. The witness part of the mind can do it. It can remember to be not interested.

            There are different levels of consciousness in the universe, higher levels. There is universal knowledge. There are gods and entities in higher consciousness we can not even imagine. That’s were messsengers come in. They tap into that. Some can see the future. Some can interfere in the laws of action and reaction, the laws of karma.

            But they are still in bondage and all these saints and yogis still suffer. They are still very much identfied, sometimes more than the ordinary man, with appearances within consciousness. Even the highest level of consciousness is still within consciousness. What is the value of looking into the future when time itself is a function of the mind and unreal? They cheat themselves getting attached to these visions and you cheat yourself if you get attached to them. Universes come and go – our true selves see them coming and going. Ever present, beyond time. Why concern ourselves with all the drama of their rise and fall? Why looking outside? Whatever we see outside of us can’t be us. Look at seer. Watch the watcher. We have to look within. Find out who we really are. That’s realization, that’s enlightenment. And it is not a process, not an achievement. It is already there. We just don’t see it because we are constantly looking the other way and are only interested in the play of consciousness.

            May all beings be free.

      • To Gururatings

        We don’t choose to engage in this illusion. Do we choose our dreams we have at night? We are compelled to engage because we haven’t learned to go beyond our minds yet. Until the moment when we become all and nothing, God is only a concept in our mind, creation is just an idea. All teachings and religions are part of the dream. As long we are interested in them we will stay in an illusionary world. Ramana Maharashi knew all this but Nisargadatta Maharaj really said it all. To me, his wisdom is perfect and complete. It includes all. It is the clearest expression of the un-expressable that I so far found on my journey. Ultimately we have to turn away from everything including all teachings and all gurus. All that is left is the one question: “Who am I ?” Rejecting everything else as false, following this self-enquiry will lead us beyond the mind to non-duality and full self-realization. Of course, all the other gurus help along the way if we trust and love them. Rating gurus is like rating a number of women or men as more or less suitable to be our wifes/husbands. The same guru could be a disaster to one and an absolute saviour to another person. Even a false, greedy guru can help a true seeker tremendously. It’s the love and trust in the disciple that wakes him up. Thank you and all the best on your journey.

        • Markus-
          Marshall’s teachings and my own experiences disagree. I explicitly came to Earth for a purpose and mission, as did everyone else. To deny this is to deny the purpose of our birth. Of course, many people will do this to escape the responsibility we have to those who sent us to this world with a purpose. Freedom is for a purpose – not just to be at peace and or to be chaotic while we’re in the world. We all need Freedom FROM things, but also Freedom FOR some things that we must do before we die and return to our Ancient Home, where we have always lived, beyond this little life.

        • I agree with Markus on this. From your answer i can see you have a deep knowledge of the ‘Self’. Throughout the years i haven’t met many people that ring true with what feels to be the truth. Speaking like this i already deel to contradictie myself. Is there a possibility to contact you? Kind regards Marijs Van de Vyver

        • Yes, Markus, well said. Nisargdatta is certainly a good approach to spirituality. But by mistake we have landed on a website the aim of which is to promote a “messenger” of God and put him up in the guru rankings in the top category. I have never heard of this man. But whoever calls himself a “messenger” of God is suspicious to me.

    • Hi Steve,
      I am with you here. I read the great philosophers, followed some great gurus in my life, had some powerful spiritual experiences but it was one Nisargadatta Maharaj that really opened my eyes and put everything in perspective, Whatever is experienced, perceived or conceived is filtered through the mind and therefore an illusion including all gods and messengers, no matter how beautiful or true or humble. Lasting truth, bliss and peace can only be found beyond the mind. I fully trust Nisargadatta, I haven’t read them all but in my opinion his book “I am that” is an absolute spiritual masterpiece, light years ahead of any other teachings I ever came across. And the question “Who am I?” is at core of it.

      • Hi Steve, thanks for your testimony to this teaching from Nisargadatta. I can appreciate that you enjoyed the philosophy of this book. I haven’t read it so I cannot testify, but I’ve never heard anyone say “light years ahead of any other teachings I ever came across.” Have you read anything from the New Message? I recommend Greater Community Spirituality.

      • Marshall has a simple answer for: “Who am I?” In this world, Marshall says, you are what you do. Beyond this world, who we are is beyond our comprehension and serves no purpose because we are meant to engage meaningfully here in this environment while we are here.

    • I agree with Steve. Beware of guru’s offering a fuzzy feeling in your tummy, beautiful ‘experiences’, vacant smiles, and such.

  12. The concept of a Guru .. being at the simplest .. one human whom speaks from a place of more knowing, to people whom listen. And so here .. we have one human being whom is so triggered by Gurus, sitting on seats .. and spreading messages that no matter how you look at them, are way better than the messages people here on TV or netflix, or facebook etc … you see … no one is perfect … no one … and obviously someone whom wishes to pull down anyone whom is tryin, rating them, ah you seriously missed the point. And you set up a web page to do so. So you youself want followers, and the best you can come up with is being a man of judgement to get your followers … You know .. everything is energy … what exactely are you putting out there .. and why are so you triggered by people doing something that regardless of what you say, stil works for people .. in positive ways .. seems you would wish deep down to have the power of a guru .. for it is place psychology, we are only ever judgemental of those we fee jealous of … so your gonna get your followers by judging the thing you can never be … Keep spreading your toxicity .. well done

  13. MVS clearly made this entire page to promote sales, and conferred upon himself this 5/5 rating. I find this hilarious as it shows all his spiritual cards! While other gurus are attacked here for being businessmen, MVS is, nevertheless, clearly the main businessman here, having made this whole site for his own sales! (or worse?) The nature of his attacks (veiled as a rating) against other gurus is not only subjective, it simply and succinctly reveals the weaknesses within the mind of MVS! If your path is this deeply out of integrity, what fruit could it bear? Now I am listening to him and he is unsophisticated, all brain and no heart. What a thin approach. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Kristin-
      MVS is not affiliated with this site whatsoever. Further, MVS does not profit from the revelations received, unlike most “gurus”. His organization only charges for printed books to pay for the paper, ink and binding. If you want to read the books, they are all free online at The New Message will not resonate with everyone. Marshall realizes this and so does the Creator. Good luck on your journey.

    • Hi Paula-
      We can’t speak for Marshall, but we do know he once studied ACIM a long time ago.

  14. I have read most of Marshall and what he has to say. Thankyou for wasting my time. Guru rating is a site made to promote Marshall.
    You are wasting people’s time guys. People will curse you

  15. Do also have rating for the following businessmen gurus –
    1. Mr Ramdev Baba
    2. Sadguru or Jaggi Vasudevand his expensive Inner Engineering courses.

  16. I admit I have not read or heard Summers. What I do know is that I do not trust ‘messengers’ or ‘channellers’. A true spiritual leader would lead, not spout transmitted material. Jesus did not ‘channel’ God, though he was purportedly his messenger. Nothing here prompts me to look Summers up. He may well be a nice man, genuinely humble and kind. He also sounds deluded. I believe most ‘messengers’ are mentally ill, however benign. ACIM itself is ‘channelled’ and full of obfuscations, garbled messages and accidental bits of wisdom from its mentally ill founder. I’d rather listen to clear words that come from the writer/leader him/herself.

    • Hi Sheba,
      I really encourage you to read some of the Revelations communicated through Marshall Vian Summers before making an opinion on him. In my life I have never read or heard clearer words which spoke so directly to my heart and experience while at the same time also making complete sense in my mind. If this isn’t the word of God, I don’t know what is, but I’ll gladly let everyone determine that for themselves once they have thoroughly explored the Message. In everything else I have ever read, something always ended up niggling me. In the New Message From God, I have to say nothing has so far. Even though aliens were not “my thing” I accepted the idea of the Intervention because the way the New Message and the Alies of Humanity described it made sense to me and everything else felt true. Now, after having studied the New Message for a number of years and met many students who have had close and terrifying encounters with aliens, I also know this to be true.

  17. Hi Gururatings, thanks for all the information you publish in this Website. Its is very clear for me the lack of clarity and neutrality on the views you present, at even sometimes contradictory. As we know, 100% sure, all paths that have lead anyone to the top of the mountain are valid, so why not judge this same gurus by their own results, rather than being judging the ways they use to acheive it, even if they use the energy money, devotion or traditional forms of practice. The god experience has been explored for thousands and almost millions in, it is a huge self-knowledge science, never exact.
    In a way, every one needs a vehicule to reach the top of the mountain, just buttons are different from person to person. (real) Teachers/gurus help us to use the vehicule manual so we dont waste so much time trying out every single button we have available. Guru or no guru, hugging a tree or a master, believing a new message or swallowing a power plant, there is something written in the stars perhaps on your own cosmic history, the cycle of forgetting and remembering and how it will be performed…in the pefect time, the perfect place.
    As upanishads remember…to know gold, you just have to experience some gold on your hands, once…no need to know and understand and experience all the gold…that is a waste of time…moreover…faith in that path is 99%…the rest is a mystery 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Ishvara. All the gold we need is within us, certainly. The only question is: what stands in the way of us seeing it and experiencing this inner gold? A guru will either help you or hinder you here and there are no neutral gurus. Faith is only useful to us when we have lost sight of or lost touch with that inner gold. Again, does a guru help or hinder in the reclamation of that gold which is our birthright? Our hope with this site is to serve those seeking the divine gold within. You may not find this site useful, many others do.

  18. If you have ever felt the pain of wondering why life just doesn’t work, why you aren’t happy even though you’ve done all the “right” things and gotten everything you’ve wanted, why you feel like you’re on this hamster wheel where every day looks like the last and you’re just trying to support yourself until you die, then check out The Revelations that Marshall Vian Summers has brought into the world. They will explain everything; help you understand life; and return your worth, confidence, and purpose. I was lost for decades, in so much pain without knowing why. I started on a journey, seeking something, but I didn’t know what. After 10 years I found the Revelations, the New Message from God. They changed my life, my future, and how I relate to my past. They, and Marshall, are the real deal. I came to this content questioning, looking for red flags. What I found was a Knowing of the truth in this. After meeting Marshall, I had a new understanding of humility, for he embodies that. He is a great man—the Messenger of our time—and I am honored to accept this divine communication and relationship into my life. You’ll be forever empowered and changed if you follow the path.

  19. To ALL who read this– I am including what I write here too — All points are view are just that: Points of view. They are not *the* view from TOTALITY view, but rather a point of view or facet from within TOTALITY — whatever TOTALITY might actually mean. Notice the circularity here. If I ask you “what is a thought?” or “what is a concept” — all you can reply with is ANOTHER thought or concept. We humans are stuck in this limited “dimensionality”. For another example, we can only imagine 4 dimensional forms (height, width, depth (which comprise “space” plus the dimension “time”). But since we don’t know what we don’t know, TOTALITY may be comprised of 50,000 dimensions, but our human “toolset” only detects the 4 dimensions.
    The essence of non-dual or spiritual “teachings” is to help human recognize that they can never truly know TOTALITY or reality or what is really here and now (presence).
    Some gurus or messengers (living and previous) use strings of words (which are symbols in their essence, in other words, “words” are thoughts and concepts and therefore subject to the limitations I described in the first paragraph above) to point to or symbolize some more concepts or ideas about TOTALITY.
    It’s apparent (to me at least) the whole endeavor is projection from within the brain and neurosystem of the so-called “guru” or “messenger.”

    • Thank you for your comment, Hersh. So, if we, “can never truly know TOTALITY” what does this mean for your life? How does this inform and influence your life’s decisions?

  20. Now I’m not saying Marshall is outright lying but, being a basic body language reader, there are many, many cues in Marshall’s body language (eyes tracing, smiles, nods, wiping and covering of mouth and nose and expressivity) that make me doubt that Marshall is telling it as it is; I’ve watched a number of his YT videos. For me, there are no authentic-enough cues here to give a thumbs-up to Mr Summers. We need to stay critical of such teachings or divine interventions, as suggested here – for the sake of humanity, which has a terrible history of being duped and misled by those claiming the inner channel to “God”. Watch with an open mind, not what you want to hear, or fear. As Marshall often says, “we’re talking here about persuasion and deception” … which just about sums it up! 5/5 is not a correct conclusion – Guru Rating needs to be more critical here.

    • Attacking the Messenger while ignoring the Message is a clear sign that the recipient can’t handle what is being presented.

      • How about listening to his message instead of looking at his body movements? That’s the real indicator to me. What he says speaks to my soul like no other.

  21. Its obvious this is a sham rating service, disguised as being objective.
    Who in the world would rate this Marshall character, which no one has even heard of, as being on some kind of a par with Ramana Maharshi? Its almost comical if it wasn’t so blatantly misleading.. I looked thoroughly and could find no info on who exactly is doing these ratings… so its pretty obvious this is just one of Marshall’s advertising schemes to make himself appear legit.
    One thing for sure.. if he was legit. .he would not need to put out a rating of spiritual teachers with him on top of the heap.
    I’d say to whoever bites on this to hold on to your wallet.. that’s what most of these types are after more than anything else.

    • Thank you for your comment, Bob. This site has nothing to do with Marshall’s organization and his books are available to read for free online. Marshall’s wisdom isn’t for everybody, but I guarantee you he isn’t making money by sharing it for free.

  22. 1. There is, within the vocal channelled messages, elements of hypnosis and control.
    2. The Message, like advertising, sets up the discontent, and then proceeds to give you “the answer” to solve that discontent.
    3. That accent, really? Genuine?

    Study Dick Sutphen’s “Battle for your Mind,” all of it is in there – the rhythm, the entrainment, the soft voice (listen from the edge of your seat), the silences. It is Masterful hypnotic delivery.

    This hypnotic delivery is enough for me to be suspicious. There is great value in the Message, but it is not the End All and Be All. Perhaps MVS is humble – perhaps he is expecting us all to volunteer and support him in his mountain home. But if he is so genuine, why does he need to resort to carnival entrainment tricks in order to deliver his Message?

    Just because his kick isn’t money – doesn’t mean there’s not a kick in this for him.

    • Jan-
      It can be hard to understand how someone can give something so large without a “kick in this for him.” The world is a corrupt place and people are very cynical for good reasons. There are many bogus spiritual gurus out there and many people have been cheated and lied to.

      Many people have tried to find “the catch” in Marshall’s teachings and New Message, but none have so far. This skepticism is only normal when something very pure enters a corrupt world such as ours… good luck in your journey.

  23. JanCarol, I have no experience with Marshall Vian Summers, so I have no opinion on his gift/contribution to humanity. However, for sake of clarity, your comment impels one to request specifically what are you referring to as ‘carnival entrainment’ tricks?

  24. Just Listened to his video regarding Aliens…. interesting. I was surprised, however, that he was the only Gura with a 5 out of 5 on your scale.

      • I can’t believe Ramana Maharshi, and this guy received the same rating! Are you for real? I clearly see the purpose of this site – promoting Marshall Vian Summers just because you like his teaching. Awful on many levels and very unprofessional. Besides, this guy is a joke.

        • What’s so funny? What’s the joke? You clearly haven’t read or experienced anything that Marshall has offered.

  25. Giving this man, this story, 5 out of 5, surprises me. How? How can you be so sure of something so uncheckable? This whole rating is bases on a critical approach to wild claims, but for the wildest claim of all we just bow in awe? 🙂 I don’t even think this guy belongs in the rating. I’m afraid just lost its mojo by this 5/5 fanboy bs…. By the way: this whole review was channeled by the Divine Intervention Assembly. It’s a long story…..

  26. The principles of what Marshall Vian Summers offers in “his” books are brought from A Course in Miracles. Only the form in which he gives them is changed. Anyone who claims to be a “messenger” who has THE solution to “saving the human race” needs to be questioned. Read the books and formulate your own conclusions. That part of you that KNOWS what is true will reveal what is necessary for you to see in your life. People who bring something of the Spirit World to earth NEVER PUT THEIR NAMES ON BOOKS, and never claim credit FOR the message they give. A good example of this is A.A. and the founder of A.A. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, who never claimed credit FOR bringing A.A. into the world. You will not find their names on any of the A.A. literature. Those who collect money or accolades for what they bring to the world are not true messengers. They are salesmen. FOLLOW NO ONE.

    • Thank you for your comment, Desert Spirit.

      Marshall does not seek money. He gives away the books for free online. And he does not seek fame or recognition. You can argue about attaching his name to the revelations, but you can’t teach the material and guide students if you remain hidden.

      You make a good point about the Way of Knowledge not being anything new. Indeed, this type of inner guidance training is embedded within all the world’s religions and other great teachings. These teachings are repeated throughout human history because culture changes and the circumstances in the world change. Here is a quote about this:

      “This is a new Revelation of learning The Way of Knowledge. What has changed is the context because the context is changing in your life, and the circumstances of your life are changing. So a Teaching that was given 300 years ago is no longer completely relevant. It must be given in a new expression.

      That is why art and literature keep regenerating themselves because the great insights must be given a new form, a new expression. In the reality of spirituality, this new expression must be given at least periodically.

      So a unique teaching in The Way of Knowledge about life in the Greater Community and about your emergence into the Greater Community [intelligent life in the universe] is now being given into the world, and the study of this is through the Sacred Text Steps to Knowledge. The centerpoint of this Teaching is learning and living The Way of Knowledge, which is a much greater task than most people really realize.”

      – from “Taking the Steps to Knowledge”

      All these links are free to read 🙂

  27. this whole website is specifically to promote Marshall Vian Summers. it’s rather subtle, but not really subtle. i just read a few of the “blurbs” of teachers posted by “gururating”, looked at the comments “gururating” put in the vatious discussions and then looked at this. This is not a random blurb about a guru, it’s a polished pitch; looks as if written by a publishing house. then look at the comments “gururating” makes in this discussion as compared to those “gururatings” makes in other threads. i’ve only been on this website for an hour and there is a very big picture here — the picture of “gururatings” and the picture of all the defenders and detractors of the various gurus such as the criteria they look at (enlightened? humble? large following? sex/no sex?) what is clear is that the posters with relationships (money exchanged) with any guru will defend that guru. that is possibly the deepest truth on this site. if it’s mine, it’s good. then there are the commenters who start with “I’m not easily fooled . . .”then go on to gush profusely about all the love and attention they personally received from some wonderful guru and, therefore, that guru is wonderful. as a spiritual seeker myself i am literally afraid to go near any groups of seekers as they all seem either mentally off or at the very least really wallowing in their own seeker-status–stew. now i see why the zen tradition is so harsh — you gotta be to clean house from all these hanger-ons and wannabes and independently wealthy who want to go hang out in exotic locales and hook up with vulnerable people. It’s no wonder “religion” has a bad name. Ha! people blame the “religion” but look at the members and followers. mostly yuck. anyway this webpage is for marshall summers benefit. hello?

  28. Thanks for the comment. There is nothing hidden here. We present our opinions based upon our personal experiences with each guru. Take them, or leave them. The choice is always yours.

    Discernment is important in the world. What can you discern about the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers? That’s what we wish to bring to your attention.

    • just as there is a clear difference between real journalism and the guise of journalism promoting corporate or hidden interests.

      isn’t transparency with one’s affiliations important in this day and age?

    • Because you asked, my discernment tells me MVS is the real deal. I think everybody who has the inclination, should study his works and make maximum use of everything contained there.

      But everybody should be vetted.

  29. Yaroslav, your hunch is 100% correct. This site was created by a MVS student who has since passed on. I “found” MVS through this site – and when a “student” paid homage to the founder of the site and the good work he did to create a ‘honey pot’ to attract people/seekers to the channellings of Marshall, I was very disappointed and unhappy with myself at having being manipulated. I find Marshall to be sincere – but a little annoyed at the ordinary folk around him which hints at his air of superiority. I believe that much of his teachings and “channellings” has been influenced by the Chinese sage Wang Yangming who talks about “knowledge” and “action” being existentially connected. Innate Knowledge forms the cornerstone of MVS’s teachings and in my opinion he is attempting an ambitious task of enveloping Western Abrahamic religions and UFO movement – with their angels, ETs and God – with a neo-confucian practice and eventual insight through practice (knowledge in action). Like all spiritual groups, however, some pigs are more equal than others and Marshall, (and his wife and son when he passes on) are set up as the wise elders. Members of the groups are called “students” (perpetual – as probably there is no arrival unless you are one of the trinity). You can be expelled from the group (even if you are a loyal soldier) if you breach their “values and ethics” which are not explicitly or transparently defined. So, yes, transparency is a big problem within this group. My advice to seekers is that it is worth checking out what he has to offer as he has deeply considered his material. However, like any “channelled” material we cannot verify the source so use your discernment. Gurus and groups will always be highly problematic. Use what you can on your way forward and discard the rest – including blind deference to any guru and group.

  30. It has been very interesting reading everyone’s comments and Gururatings replies. I was particularly interested in what Markus had to say, something resonated deep within.

    I am familiar with Marshall Vian Summers, the New Message of God, the Steps to Knowledge (I have practiced them for many years) and the community of people all over the world who gather around him. It is all very potent and I have never encountered anything I feel is more genuine. However, something has always held me back. I cannot give myself to this hook, line and sinker. And I always ask myself why?

    Now, after reading the wisdom given here, I realize that it is precisely because I have always wanted to know “Who Am I?” and not been seeking any purpose, meaning or direction in my life. I only want to understand who I am. I see now how easy it is to be brainwashed, even with the best and most noblest intentions.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mary. Indeed, the point of this blog is to show how the greatest teacher (guru) is not any person, but the Divine presence within us all.

  31. Funny how those seeking spirituality or enlightenment use the term Guru a Sanskrit word from pan-Indian origins making Hindu based gurus the only ones that may have any valid insight to offer. Why is Sadhguru not “rated” on this site as his views, talks and accomplishments seem far more than any of those mentioned on this site.

  32. Anyone serious, or vulnerable due to neediness or poor self esteem, beware. Do not even consider getting involved with Marshall Vian Summers. I do not know him, but I do not need to. Trust your gut that tells you this is bad news, a descent into madness looms if you go near it.

    Do not be fooled. Run. Be very scared. Trust your gut.

    There are teachers of liberation out there who are legitimate. There are means of knowledge and understanding such as Vedanta (the most accessible and thorough, in my opinion) and other ancient (ancient for a reason, meaning tried and true over time) means of knowledge that can actually liberate you from suffering and ignorance.

    Do your research and you can find them, easily if you are persistent.

    But do not fall into the trap of an organization like the one around MVS.

    Peace and Love, Doug

    NOTE: I see now that many others have also warned about MVS and the false pretense of the website quoted above. Yeay!

  33. Must be from USA – a product of a Christian fundamentalist culture.
    1. ‘Upheavals’ – political upheaval have been constantly happening, even more in the past than now. Same for ‘economic upheaval.’ The only new upheaval is the awareness of human produced climate change
    2. ‘…contact with other intelligent life in the universe’ – there no evidence of this, it requires faith = religious belief which does not liberate anyone.
    3. “…crisis of religious violence…” nothing new, and actually much less now than in the past.
    4. “… spiritual poverty in the world…” that is a subjective viewpoint
    Guru rating should be 0/5

  34. I rate him zero.
    He is not a guru.
    Today I watched him talk about Covid, he basically repeats the MSN news front page like any nobody.
    I see above are his big ideas to save the world. These 5 big ideas are the same ideas as the world government … basically big revolution everything will be fixed. Then end.

    So, my conclusion is that he is an ordinary sheep who simply says the same thing as the mainstream news. But, the difference is he sits in a nice chair and has a vase with flowers in it next to him. This makes him spiritual.

    He talks of the Angelic Assembly, voices that tell you what is what.

    This is a clear sign that he does not know who he is. He relies on other voices because he does not know. He is therefore not self-realised, he simply has some openings to the world beyond the human mind … that he does not really understand.

  35. Wondering why all the women gurus are rated as questionable or avoid????
    Please think about this obvious and patriarchal bias. With great LOVE
    Discernment is the hearts truth. Trust yourself.

  36. Just seeing the picture with his books, all the titles and your sudden uncritical advocacy of this guy makes me much more suspicious than any guru having sex or any followers kneeling to guru’s legs. There is something very stinky about this rating.

    But… I guess that it is my own fault, that I have fallen into this disingenuous trap. Just a reminder that this guru windowshoping (“show me top ten guru’s and their ratings”) always lead to nowhere.

    • There is something stinky about all the ratings on this site….

      I kindly request that the website provide some sort of mission statement or an “about us” page. Several times it has been pointed out that your are factually wrong and it seems that you have an agenda. That Agenda is not to warn people of the pitfalls of some Gurus.

      • The subhead of the site summarizes the mission of the site well: Your Best Source of Guru Ratings, Reviews, and Gossip.

        Also, we advocate that our true guru is inside us all, waiting to be heard and followed. Some teachers may help you realize that, but most gurus are self-serving narcissists. As Adyashanti once said, he’s “selling water by the river.”

  37. Good book on ‘enlightened’ people: The Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh and Ken Wilber. Interviews with many evolved people. Have you read it? If not, you are in for a treat.

  38. I ran across MVS a few years ago and read some of his stuff online. At that time, I decided that he just waffled too much – said the same things over and over again and to me that implied not very clear thinking. Now I’ve looked at some you tube videos and yeah – he waffles both in writing and speech. He is vague and unfocused. Parrots the MSM narratives on C19 and “Climate Change.” On the upside he’s humble, with no razzle dazzle. I also like the fact that he is attempting to join the Abrahamic religious worldview with the ETs – I do this myself and have been looking for a teaching/group that does that too. Most New Agers and ET gurus savage Christianity and Christians think ETs are only demonic (some of them are.) And there is a strange cultic atmosphere around this enterprise, though I can’t be specific as to what it is exactly. “Preparing for the Greater Community” was an interesting read, but sadly, I can’t sign up. Might revisit one more time though.

    • MVS leads a cult that is quickly becoming a hate group towards experiencers and UFO contactees online. If you share a postive experience, his followers will attack and even threaten you. They also prey on experiencers that are vulnerable, scared, and looking for answers on reddit and twitter. I’ve seen this happen. It is far too organized to not be a part of MVS’s plan. And if it isn’t, “” you might wanna tell your leader to reign it in and control his followers. Not very peaceful or non-violent. I thought he said violence against others is an abomination? Maybe just this type is totally fine by MVS?

      Allies of Humanity is a dangerous doomsday cult. Avoid at all costs.

      • I’m sorry you have been traumatized by UFOs and experienced fear. The Allies of Humanity briefings do not claim that all extraterrestrial aliens are dangerous and evil – just the ones on Earth now abducting people, raping people, taking our animals and flying through our airspace without permission. The “good” aliens don’t interfere. The “bad” ones cause all sorts of trouble and then try to convince humanity they are here to help us. Rather than looking online -look inside to know the truth. Discernment will be your best source of answers.

  39. I agree with some of the other commenters here. MVS’s teachings are vague and fluffy, containing nothing new or “revelatory.” His is the same basic teaching from other spiritual traditions, with some aliens and UFOs thrown in. The worst part is, his followers become cultish zombies who can’t see any other viewpoints – becoming immune to logic and reason.
    It’s definitely a cult, although not a very successful or important one. His followers appear to be suggestible, perhaps vulnerable, individuals who haven’t done enough research into the spiritual traditions to realize there are better teachings available.

    • Thanks for your comment, Josh. We agree that a great deal of Marshall’s teachings seem to be lifted from other gurus in the past, like Osho. Can you recommend better teachings to the suggestible ones who still devoutly follow Marshall? Thanks
      P.S. We know the wife mentioned in the Cult Education forum link you provided. It is interesting how a person very well educated in the scientific method can turn off their mind when it is convenient or comforting to do so. It says something about human nature and the need to feel special, often in response to unresolved childhood trauma.

  40. “The” messenger or “A” messenger (one of thousands, if not 10’s of thousands). That difference is crucial. “The” messenger is just another way for ego to come in through the back door.

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