Mooji is a well-known guru who teaches the lazy person’s way to spiritual enlightenment (his words). His approach is to help you realize that you are already enlightened. That is the whole of his teaching.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that Mooji has little else to say as he became enlightened quite by chance.

His meeting with a Christian mystic altered the course of his life, leading to profound experiences. He claims to have completed his self-realization after meeting his master, Papaji. This said, Mooji’s own master disputes his spiritual enlightenment — see the video below.

The pathless path?

Mooji the lazy person's guru

Mooji, the lazy person’s guru.

How does one teach something that one’s never learned? It’s quite a paradox. If you became a doctor by chance, would you suddenly have the qualifications to become an instructor in a medical school?

Arguably, an enlightened guru has reclaimed their true nature and is therefore able to teach from a greater wellspring of Knowledge.

This is why spiritual masters become still & silent prior to answering a question. The answer comes from the divine within rather than their minds. All they need do is to connect. Sadhguru calls this the “yogi net”.

Mooji does this as well. He’ll pause prior to giving his answers, though the quality and clarity of the information he imparts is sometimes questionable. If you’re curious, kindly review his answer to the first question asked in the video below. What do you think?

Sometimes, it seems like he’ll crack a joke whenever he’s not sure about something.

The Bottom Line on Mooji

In our view, there are two possible explanations. Either he is not spiritually enlightened, or he’s a poor teacher. The information he shares may not (always) be wrong, but is it useful? Is it helping anyone meaningfully move forward?

While he’s harmless either way, his satsangs may not be the best use of your time. It’s up to you. It might be a good exercise in discernment, at the very least.

“Leave your existence to existence, stop caring for yourself so much and let the universe care for you: it is the best mother.” – Mooji




  1. If you’re going to do ratings like these, it would help if you actually spent time in the teacher’s presence.

    As someone who has been to satsang for the past 3 years with Mooji, I can say from experience that he is an incredible guru.

    It seems you don’t get his pointings.

    To put people off of his satsangs with a 2 out of 5 ratings is a real detriment to this world. It made me lose respect for the clarity of whoever is arbitrating these ratings.

    • I don’t know how I really landed here 🙂 Guru rating, ok. So who is rating here? Obviously it is pretty useless even so the world is corrupted, therefore also corrupted gurus are existing. How to discern?
      The only thing what brings you the right guru is your own utterly honesty with yoursef. A sincere approach in oneself for truth.
      And this brought this body to Mooji.
      And through the body of Mooji I saw.
      But…I also drunk ayahuasca, sat in Zen meditation with a sincere master, all of it contributed to “awakening”
      Mooji and most of the gurus here are not questionable,
      questionable is only the “mind”
      The mind trying to put up a guru rating here which is useless.

      Yet there is really questionable beings amongst us who really are trying to deceive, I came across as well and true discernment is here because I see.

      Mooji is not in this realm!

      Blessings to all the beings in this dark age making their best to point us to the truth and yet being persecuted like a Jesus and many others !

      • So well said. I had an instant awakening as moojji pointed it out, it felt like my undercrackers got swiped out from me trousers and along with it went what I thought I was. He instantly became my guru. I still cant even sit cross legged I was never looking for this I never even thought it possible for us. I had had enough pain,nobody saw me the way I did. & I could never of dreamed it could be this fantastic.Sri Mooji Baba jai

      • Yes you are right all are pointers only take what resonates with you. STOP going to Satsangs. Silent retreats, Mountains etc. All is already inside you STOP looking Out! People seem to be addicted to searches, Gurus, retreats – all are sheer nonsense created by Ego. To pay for it also is Ego. Papaji NEVER charged a dime. Those teachers still charging for money are still with Ego. Life is free, living is a fake creation – so don’t buy into it. All lead you off the path and back into the dream. Move away from all this illusion and look within for the real I.

        • Agree, Papaji never did charge money. devotees only had to pay for food, lodging and facilities which they organised, never to collect money for any foundation. he also did not want an ashram


          • Mooji only charges to cover expenses also. He live simply in a little hut with an outhouse, (compost toilet)

        • Don’t follow what these negative guys in the comments are saying. THEY will lead you astray and rob you from the best opportunities of your life. Follow that calling because that calling is god calling you home. That’s god calling you. Follow him. If he is saying to join a retreat, follow him. We have a lot of spiritually immature people here trying to stop you from what they gave up on. What that pull is taking you to is to your spiritual transformation. If it’s pulling you to buy a book, to sign up for a retreat or to a workshop, follow it. You will grow spiritually in levels you probably would have never imagined. You’ll surpass all these people who gave up on their search and want you to do the same. Like a great master once said, Search until the search GIVES YOU UP. That’s how you know you’ve completed your journey.

      • Very nicely said. Sometimes the mind also wants to play …. and then leads you to a strange page like this. You write very beautifully and true. And maybe this site exists only so that your voice can be heard by some people. Thank you.

        • Hi Ronda, if it is to cover expenses only why would it cost £190 for an online zoom based retreat?

    • No they won’t do that. Its too much hard work ! They will rather pass opinions in the air just because a particular teacher wont fit in their idea of an ‘ideal guru’.
      There is no direct experience with the teacher, but due to their faulty and prejudiced judgement they will try to malign the name of a teacher in a public forum like this. Superficial Hypocrites !

        • Are you sure Papaji had mentioned Mooji in that video about arrogant teachers? Mooji pays homage to Papaji and Ramana all the time. So what does that mean?

          • not only homage, he claims lineage. Shame, because it has been made very clear that Ramana has not disciples. Devotee is not disciple. And as Papaji said, messenger is only messenger, not master. he claims all that…

        • I also feel sorry for you. I wasted 4 years of my life following him. He will give you bliss, but does not show you how to get there yourself, so you will always be struggling with the ego and be dependent on him to keep the money flowing. Follow Sri Ramana teachings, you can get home without spending a dime.

          • A guru can only take you so far and then you must let go, they can’t do that for you. I never met Mooji or paid a dime, just listening to his silent meditations got my mind quiet, you must do the work within, no guru can do it for you

    • Ask yourself a question. If these people are Enlightened why are they running a business? If you know the secret of Life why wouldn’t you give it for FREE? Let your Mind make up all kinds of excuses for your Sheer laziness of not finding who you are within your own self. After all did anyone tell you how to breathe or be born? These are FAKE people all of then as NO ONE can show you your Truth but yourself. People Please WAKE UP and stop getting involved in this nonsense!! The very Search will mislead you all the way

      • With due respect, Tes, it takes time and energy for legit spiritual teachers to teach/travel/rent venues, etc., and imagining they shouldn’t be compensated for all that … ? No one owes the public a free service merely because the nature of that service is spiritual or advisary.

        • Listen to free YouTube videos of many Gurus without spending a dime.
          Make your own effort to purify your mind.
          Don’t go after the personality of any individual.

      • Tes, who is your Faith Facilitator? A minister, priest, rabbi, Imam, monk, shaman, mentor, or teacher? If you have an awakened HUMAN in your life, then you are naive to think that this person doesn’t have the need for water, food, shelter, and health care while they are teaching. Your claim that Mooji is ‘running a business’ is a comment from the dark ages – especially without meeting him personally. Mooji needs no defending, yet people have been helped greatly and he never claimed to be perfect. If you yourself were so enlightened, then your focus would be sharing your light instead of tearing other faith groups down. All teachers rely on donations and human reciprocity for their time and teachings – Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. To label someone’s spiritual practice as ‘nonsense’ is deeply judgemental and intolerant. And for this article to use the word ‘lazy’ is racist.

        • Iman, Hello not only have I met Mooji b4 so called Fame I am related to Mooji! So take your Ego down as I do know exactly what I am talking about. The clowns around Mooji have set up a money making FAKE business like they did to Osho. U CANNOT buy Enlightment what don’t you understand? If you want to boost these fools up for your Ego that’s your problem. You also said to use the word Lazy is Racist? Have you lost the plot??? Your too stupid also to understand that ‘You Created ME to give you this answer’ DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

        • Iman, i was in his Sangha for at least 4 years. He uses a macbook pro maxed spec. he requests a sangha group in another part of the world to buy it for him. the sangha group leader, poor thing, had to beg around for donations to buy it and delivery it to him in person. normal lap top cannot, must macbook pro…..

        • Jesus? Interesting; would you elaborate?
          Do you have evidence that this man existed?
          What was his real name? Who were his parents? Did he marry and have a family?
          What nationality was he? What does his name mean? What is the etymological root 9f his name?
          Was he religious? If so, what religion was he?

          And what valuable things did hypocrite Gandhi the Fraud have to teach you?


        • Wrong. Few can kill off the ego by themselves. Ramana Marharshi did. Even Papaji need Ramana to tell him three times “You have arrived” before he got it. you must be ready, like gun powder, then the guru will appear and light the fuse to finish you off. Self inquiry by Ramana Marharshi, documented by david godman on youtube is what you need. When you get to that effortless, thoughfree state, a guru, with either physical or ethereal, will be there for you.

      • Back in the day we took care of our teachers- food, shelter, etc…that is why they were able to share freely.

    • These so called Gurus are just talking nonsense and confusing people and this MOOJI IS CLEARLY THE ABSOLUTE WORST!

      • The ratings of Mooji who I have never paid a dime to and have gotten so much peace from, say more about the individual than about Mooji, frankly. This is not to be disparaging of anyone but just an observation. Everyone is where they’re at in their perceptions. I personally believe he is a beautiful being trying to help others.

    • It might be your experience that he is an “incredible guru”, but your credentials are no better than mine. I also went to his satsangs over a period of about three years, and I do not think he is an incredible guru. He is just a nice talker with a Jamaican patois, but his message is simplistic and I believe he deludes his followers.

    • Perhaps you’re confusing the drug like effect of Mooji’s astral realm entity possession on you with the impersonal clarity of your true nature.

    • Agreed. I bet those who say negaive press about Mooji chose Ego as they are so rigidly stuck in that mose and, despite trying do not like even the idea that they may not be the imagination, the ever-changing forever suffering persona they think they are. Funny.

  2. Oh, another one of Papaji’s fraudulently enlightened gurus run amok? Nice. I’ll pass!

  3. His own teacher is against his enlightenment? Maybe it is a “test”… you know how so will challenge the enlightenment to see the reaction

  4. Ten years ago, I probably would have agreed with the author’s review. Today is a different story. Mooji is amazing if you are looking to go deeper. Some people may not be at that point on their path and they find his questions and teachings do not resonate with them, yet. But keep going. Go deeper. Don’t be afraid.

    • Let’s see, how can I say this politely to my fellow man?
      I don’t know, all that comes to mind is F–K YOU for attempting to perpetuate the
      nonsense this man spouts.
      There are people writing in this column who are in despair & frustration because they are witnessing their children & friends getting suckered by yet another flake, however, he’s a darn good business man like most of them.

    • So why does Mooji need a 2.5 million empire if he is Enlightened? Wake up all these people are Fake and running businesses to keep us miserable. I personally KNOW Mooji and whilst you can say he is Spiritual he simply lives on another Dimension of Life and has managed to change his energy by accident. All can do this you need NO Guru’s or Enlightened MEN Master. In fact a TRUE master would NEVER reveal themselves. This path is a lone path just as you came in the World alone. People can point you in a direction but that may also be the wrong direction. Every thing you need is within you already the problem is you still need clarification from the outside. That means your still not there. Again Mooji money making scammer not necessary him as he has been put into a Prison by the rich fools around him. Let him enjoy for a while as he may of materialised this nonsense but i will soon remove him from this as the Karma effects are Vast. He is not guiding anyone he is just losing you in his ecstasy and rythmic rythims in his voice!

      • 100% true. He’s a hypnotist and the teachings are not true. Be very careful. This is not the real deal. A narcissist would never admit his flaws. He sleeps with his students, having many affairs, works his students into the ground building his empire, smuggled money without paying taxes, the list goes on and on.

      • wait 2.5 million the house next door to me sold for 1.5 and I am not in a rich nabour hood thats litturally just cause were close to the station

    • he will provide the bliss, but not permanent, so you keep chasing him, like he is the drug lord. Download Sri Ramana’s “Who Am I” self inquiry and you can by yourself do a lot of damage to the ego. YouTube Self Inquiry by David Godman is free, he distributed it free for mankind’s benefit, and that is all you need. be a light unto yourself, you don’t need to keep loading king tony with tons of money

  5. I agree with every word you say… As a mother of 22 years old boy that somehow find him, I can see that he is lost in his life, he is not connected to the world, sitting in his room all day without doing nothing except listen to mooji.. Spending his money to travel and meet him in Portugal, no feeling are aloud to go out just inside within himself.. Like the crown that ere laughing at that suffering women, not listen to her pain not trying to help …

    • The same thing has happened to my daughter since she has been listening to Mooji. She was perfectly normal before 2 mths ago. Catatonic state, lethargic, trance-like state, talking to herself in her room. I’m really concerned. She Is only17 but published a book last year- a bright child. I will tell the world what he is doing to young minds!

      • When tantric spells are there it affects the mind. Ask your child to stop seeing and listening to them.
        Devotion leads to such and they con one for sex and control the mind and take lot of money.
        Difficult to find real guru who protects a devotee. They call these spiritual tests and one either revolts or commits suicide. Pls stop her from this.

  6. Once again really gotta say perhaps you should spent more time practicing the teachings of these so called Guru’s rather than criticizing them. Probably would be more useful for your growth. Good luck with everything

  7. We can not just turn everything over to the whims of the environment. Because we are in a conversation with the environment. This conversation is ONE. And, have two parts in causality movements, which is the spiritual language from the eternal timeless foundation. Therefore we need to act with compassion and heart. Keep your body healthy. The body is the link between the two parties’ holistic conversation. A conversation that painters our secondary reality. Therefore, everything can be seen as a ‘Monad’. A circle with a center, where the space between is filled with this holy magical conversation. Here Mooji breaks when he can’t bring everything to holy One. / Per Alltrelén

  8. I tried to set up a website called Free At Last to expose the abuses experienced at Mooji’s camp. They contacted the web host and had it removed. Beware those who would defend their brand with one hand but make people dependent on them with psychological games with the other!

    • Thanks for sharing, Sammy. I’m happy you were able to see through the lies and deceptions.

    • My daughter has not been eating, sleeping, trance-like state since listening to Mooji 2 mths ago. I want more info on this ‘guru’ please! I am desperate for help with my teenage daughter. She was completely normal before listening to him for hours a day, doesn’t want to do anything but listen to him, so I have banned her to listening to Mooji. I encourage meditation but not this hypnotic guy!

      • That´s the right word. Hypnotic. He uses hypnosis, talks to our subconscious minds, uses methods from common therapy and that produces then these spiritual «openings» or all the crying or laughing. I actually got something out of his teachings, but he is just a teacher and kind of dodgy therapist who leaves you alone with all he stirs up in you. He is clearly not enlightened, I believe, that he is a narcissist, he really is empty inside, but not because he woke up, but because narcissists are like empty shells, they have nothing of their own. he must have absorbed all teachings from different masters like a sponge, now he is regurgitating everything he has learned by heart, he is a fake, copying everything, he is also supposed to be a great artist, but I have seen his artwork and he sucks big time!!! Everything in his Ashram is probably made and created by his followers, this is why he likes people with skills so much. To be able to do Seva, it is necessary to have a skill he needs or to be a young, pretty and foolish girl or boy. I followed him for some years, I loved him, I thought he told nothing but the truth, little things I noticed I rationlized away, but then I went to his place in Portugal and there I saw the whole sad truth about this man, I am studiying to become a therapist, I have learned about narcissistic personality disorder, and I have seen many traits and dodgy behaviours in him which are attributed to narcissists. I thought he is only dangerous to the people who are close to him, those are the narcissists main supply, the ones he really damages psychologically and you can see already the decay in these poor women, but your letter made me think otherwise. If you want to know about Mooji, educate yourself about NPD (Narcissitic Personality Disorder) and show it to your daughter. Also my response, I have been under his spell for some time, from far away he may not be so dangerous, but don´t let your daughter go to Portugal, he is worshipped like a god,there are brainwashing elements in the daily routine, he is a dictator in his Ashram, during the silent retreat we were watched the whole time, I saw really evil people there in his Sangha group, he also knew that I was on to something, good luck

        • Thank you for this comment, Maria. It is good to hear from someone who got close to Mooji… Up until a few days ago, I couldn’t make up my mind about him…
          His videos are very hypnotic- I found myself watching upwards of 2 hours per day of his stuff… until something ‘broke the spell’ for me. There was one woman in a Mooji video who was clearly very disturbed with metal illness, a kind of hysterical mania… she was laughing and really behaving bizarrely… and yet Mooji accepted it as normal. He didn’t really react at all. Honestly, I’m surprised that they didn’t edit this out of the video, it was that disturbing?
          After seeing this, I began to read up on mind-control and brainwashing techniques used by cult leaders. Then I could see everything much more clearly. There is a reason why I found Mooji videos so hypnotic!! Because he puts you into some kind of trance… seriously. This stuff could really suck in vulnerable people. I warn anyone against watching Mooji online. If you do, then please watch with someone else so as you can at least discuss it. It’s really very odd the way it effects you. When you go back over some of the stuff he says, it’s absolute nonsense, but you get the feeling he is saying something profound. Please be careful, everyone!

          • Mooji regurgitates ancient pointings of the vedas, mainly from sources like the Yoga Vasistha, Asthavakra and Avadhuta gita. While the words become his own expression, they are still fundamentally based on a philosophy that has influenced many of our greatest nobodies. Ergo, the words he speaks are not absolute nonsense, your mind just doesn’t grasp sanatanadharma (however neo-advaitin his silly approach might be). Which is totally okay, and you don’t need someone like Mooji to “teach” you

            Just saying 😉

      • Guys calm down. Any Nondualistic teaching will trigger an intense reaction inside of you. It attacks the very thing that you are so no wonder. If you have a basic trust problem its going to come up here and express itself as various forms of doubts. Cult leader LOL you can make this fit anyone if your mind gets an intellectual anxiety attack.

    • Hello Sammy … this is absolutely outrageous, silencing people’s voices especially behind the fake mask of a spiritual Master … and you are not the only one who was silenced or threatened by his laywers that i know personally, because of that i Opened a Facebook group called Behind the Satsangs where all people can come and express or share there experiences with mooji . You are most welcome to join us there.

  9. Papaji does not mention Mooji in this video! Whats more Papaji passed away in 1997…Mooji began to teach in 1999 (and he did so because people came to him asking questions, not because he wanted to be a teacher).
    My experience of Mooji is nothing but integrity and it is clear that he has helped many people all around the world to find peace.
    You claim he does not encourage any kind of practice but a brief search on Youtube will prove this is not true. His teachings are tailored to each individual person who speaks with him.

    I think this website probably has good intentions and can be of some use in spotting fake gurus but you seem to be criticising a lot of teachers who really do live a life of humility and have helped many people.

    Peace mate

    • Thank you for clarifying this misinformation! This video of Papaji is from 1994.. Mooji was not teaching those days and he had the big realisation of the Self some years later if I remember correctly..

    • No Joe, the people posting here have good intention in exposing the fake. I wasted many years with him. He appear to help by providing you with bliss, but will not teach you how to get there. he will provide the fish at high cost to fill his treasury, but he will not teach you how to ride the ego. Download Self Inquiry from youtube by david godman, and that shows the way. By the way, king tony’s favourite food is chicken. He likes it a lot.

    • Mooji has his own video of his “relationship” with Papaji. It’s on youtube. There Papaji, who has no idea who Tony is, reads a letter from him while Mooji (then Tony) kneels before him in his Rasta outfit. After reading the letter, which was super dramatic and written for the video I would say, Papaji just says “I this, I that, way too many I’s here . . .” and waves him away. Mooji shuffles off bent over. End of story. So sure Mooji would wait until after Papaji died to start using his name to build his brand. That is why Papaji doesn’t mention him — he had no idea who the guy was and he wasn’t “teaching” then. I like listening to his meditations; his talks I can’t take due to the imbeciles he attracts. Hard to believe this is the quality of serious students of spirituality today but there they are! I’ve seen other teachers get asked pathetic personal questions but they know how to deal with them. Mooji either doesn’t have the skill or saw early on he could attract people by indulging them in their personal issues. Then it just snowballed. I heard one person who lived there say Mooji told him he wasn’t satisfied with his performance in satsang because he “didn’t want it enough.” The older videos esp. are unwatchable with all that begging and wailing and sobbing. Now that he’s in trouble he’s cleaned up his act and stays much more on point. Nevertheless, I saw a “chat” between he and some of the residents and — let’s just say it was completely weird and the one guy who spoke up was obviously bitter towards Mooji for not giving him enough attention. Ashrams! Funny farms, more like it! Krishnamurti didn’t need one. Papaji didn’t need one. Traditional ashrams are places people go to BE FED not to pay gurus. So hmmmmmm. . .yet it is said in our culture that whatever one doesn’t pay for has no value to the person. So crazy students or crazy gurus?

    • Stay quiet and observe. Inquire into what fear is bubbling up. Beware of the ego in those that use intense hate speech and conjure images of cult and brainwashing. Mooji’s most vulnerable trait is that he gives so much. He is more available then most. His desire to relieve the suffering and pain caused by our mind trap comes from his own life journey. He relates this very well. People are truly suffering and many come to him in a state of despair. He stays calm and slowly points to where their pain is coming from resulting in most feeling a tremendous sense of freedom and release. A joy.
      His repeated perspective is to claim he is not a teacher or any savant of superior learning.
      Comments here are short sighted and without personal experience. If your looking for the Cliff Notes to gurus your probably not ready to open your heart. Perhaps your ego was necessary to survive a hardship in your life. There comes a time when its no longer necessary to survive you are safe now. Fear permeates our daily life and redirects our attention. This site is doing the same. Use it as an opportunity to explore with your own perpective. Taking angry words from those that share here will distract you from what you really want. Keep compassion near you it can help not only the ones near you but clarify the pain inside of you. One aspect of maturity is recognizing one’ s personal conditioning journey. The habits, influences and fears that have put thoughts in our minds and caused our likes and dislikes. The observance of these in ourselves and in others begins the observers journey and the shedding of misconceptions and falsehoods.
      No one can “do” this for you. It is your work.
      Mooji is just one of many who remind us of this. And if your certain brand of life experience rejects his delivery then go on to another. But do this on your own. With your participation not the opinion of someone else coming from a completely different conditioned environment. Be well. We are all on a journey. Navigating the joys and sorrows happiness and misery. Keep compassion nearby. Beware of the distraction of speech that has no wisdom to offer and comes from no compassion or insight.

  10. The true teaching happens beyond what the mind can grasp.
    Any comments here can so only reflect a thought or opinion of
    mind activity.
    Mooji always points to the space in which everything is received including
    all mind activities.
    From my own experience he is one of the best Advaita teachers in world.
    His presence and compassion can be felt and seen by everybody
    with an open heart and a clear mind.
    What would be the purpose for mind control or abuse of somebody who is not anymore identified with that field.
    What more to say. 😉

  11. “The true teaching happens beyond what the mind can grasp.”
    How convenient!

    “Any comments here can so only reflect a thought or opinion of mind activity”
    Yes all contrary opinions do seem to be demonised under ‘mind.’ Careful not to think too much about anything!

    “Mooji always points to the space in which everything is received including all mind activities”
    He also points to 5 dollars for a small vile of Portuguese sand from his centre. It’s holy don’t you know!

    “His presence and compassion can be felt and seen by everybody with an open heart and a clear mind”
    Any basic cult book will tell you this is a classic double bind: Any criticism is due to your lack of ability to see the truth. Nonsense.

    “What would be the purpose for mind control or abuse of somebody who is not anymore identified with that field.”
    Yup! Agreed… therefore….. fake guru… and…… cult!

    • You have a choice to not buy anything from the shop ! It’s not shoved down your throat is it ?
      Listen to thousands of his free teachings online then or attend his open satsang and dont pay a dime !
      It costs money to make teachings available and to run the ashram. But money is always voluntary donation based. You have a choice not to pay ! This argument holds no water.

  12. A 2/5 rating for Mooji is too low . Many of these criticisms I have not witnessed in him. He appears to be very patient and humble. Besides Gurus are not perfect anyway. I agree with a previous poster that he is one of the best of the Advaita teachers. It is clear that he had guided many in the path to self inquiry. I would also like an elaboration on what the “lies and deceptions” are. What is it in his teachings that are incorrect?

  13. I really like Mooji,he has deep insight,whether he is truly enlightened only an enlightened Being can tell.One thing bothers me a bit, he’s gone all Indian ,yet he was born Jamaican ,all this bhajan singing and rituals is ,it turning into a religious cult,perhaps with the best of intentions?
    Truth is beyond religion isnt it?
    My Guru Sathya Sai Baba,is said to have been born fully enlightened, an Avatar and in my experience and has infinite knowledge, Omnipresence and God given powers too when he was on earth although many dispute this,but millions accept it by their own experience and not by blind faith..his is a silent teaching and guidance from within even though he passed away he still guides.but not as a man,but pure Spirit.
    After watching about an hour of this video one thing came to me,Baba said to one devotee,”Too much information,not enough transformation” a typical baba comment to the point,
    I mean how much information does one need to know one exists? this seeker has had experiences of something other than his normal self,but as Mooji says they are phenomenal,anything phenomenal doesn’t last .but the SELF is always here,yet we cannot see it,how does the eye see itself? only in a mirror and Teachers like Mooji are good mirrors but maybe sometimes the mirror gets dirty and cannot reflect a true likeness of the Divine.Mooji has so many teachings one can become confused constipated to step back and get quiet”,be still and know I am God”Bible, even Mooji says that,yet he keeps giving talks non stop.Now he’s called Moojibaba and some devotees are treating him as though he has Godly powers, like an Avatar.I have seen no evidence of this.Hes blessing things and selling them ,Sai Baba never charged money for anything and gave away hundreds of thousands of precious objects he materialised in his lifetime as a sign of his love,His humanitarian work in India is legendary,too much to list here.
    Sai Baba also says “The best Guru is God and he lives inside of you” as Jesus said “The kingdom of Heaven is within you”
    Gurus can only point the way,you have to reach the destination yourself,and that can only happen by Divine Grace,not book knowledge or countless hours listening to Gurus..
    Be a truth seeker,keep asking, what is truth?in the end you will know it for sure.and it cannot be described,and there will be no more you.”When the I shall die,then I will know who am I ” Paramahansa Yogananda, another great teacher who has been a great influence..

    • Hi Anthony,
      I really appreciate your comment. I have listened to some mooji in the past on youtube before he exploded and became big. A old friend in fact lives on his retreat and has cut himself off pretty much from most people outside of it…
      I liked his early stuff but recent videos left me bewildered, with the chanting (directed at him) and the trinkets he sells on the site with his face on. It strikes me as turning evermore cult like. I feel that it’s a deep error to start worshiping or allow oneself to become worshiped and misses the entire point! For better or worse, the human ego is very powerful and can overtake us, disguising itself as something else…
      I agree totally, the guru is inside. I have recently had a couple of phases (lasting a week or two) where I felt complete and present and totally joyous like a child, and for no reason other than just being. It was wonderful. I got knocked down from that state I’m not established in yet by fear around my career (two times in fact, second much milder), so clearly I have some letting go to do around that topic 🙂 These states were triggered spontaneously, though I have spent much time absorbing various material from a variety of sources, anything that resonated with me. Last time it was triggered by a funny show on netflix…there are no rules, and if one thinks there are, well that’s just the ego talking :))
      All the best.

      • Those who have been touched by his grace, out of overflowing gratefulness and love do that to him, He never demands of these things.
        Also Guru Pooja is something which in the Eastern culture has always been honored and recognized. It is not like worshiping a person. It is honoring the Guru within which has taken a form outside to point to itself within!

  14. Mooji allegedly engages in a variety of techniques: group euphoria & peer pressure, charisma-based bullying with supporting entourage, gaslighting and psychologically distressing people behind the scenes to induce breakdowns (known as breakthroughs there of course- “it’s ok to lie for guruji” one ex-member-in-training was told by the senior staff), deliberate double binds (e.g. accusing people of being “chameleons”, forcing them to try to be inhumanly consistent all the time (which no one is, but of course the recruit is anxious to please), whilst at the same time manipulating the situation, making it impossible for them to be so. All done by the devotees of course. Mooji acts all innocent, dropping the right phrases into satsang so you start popping. It’s kindalike zen, except it creates dependency, i.e it’s a bit rapey. When the recruit inevitably fails, they face the wrath of the entourage until they break down and become compliant. Meanwhile Mooji himself is free to be as inconsistent as he likes- even to the point of being a real teddybear on tv), public shaming and pressuring, the “advaita shuffle” (“yes, but who’s saying that”- worth a google). A whole lot of stuff. Allegedly.

  15. @HardManToKill None of the allegations you report strike me as improper, considering no one signs up for a Mooji retreat without knowing (unless they have closed their eyes to the ample free online text and youtube material) that they can expect to have their sense of identity burned down. It is pretty much stated in big letters on the front page of Mooji’s site. The idea that this creates dependency or is ‘rapey’ is your interpretation of this process. Some may leave angry: why, Mooji himself left his master’s presence angry and determined to leave town, then subsequently realised the benefit from what had initially seemed a painful encounter.

    As for other posts about Mooji taking money, and suppressing a critical website, it is clear from David Godman’s videos that the management of Ramanashram wanted to suppress a scurrilous attack on the master, and wanted to ask for money. Baghavan overruled the management on these points, although his attitude to practical matters was mostly hands-off. Mooji has clearly accepted his management’s decisions, and I know not to what extent he supports them, or why he resigned as director of the companies running his operation.

    I have been at Mooji retreats and felt his presence I honour him. The fact that his organization appears rather commercial, when Baghavan and Papapaji adamantly opposed asking for money for satsang, is something each seeker must reflect on for him or her self. It does trouble me.

    To be fair, Mooji and his organization has been superbly generous in the provision of excellent free videos, and to some extent of free live satsangs, so if one can live with charging structure in principle, there is no need to be excluded from Mooji’s guidance for lack of funds.

    • Thank you for your comment, John. I have watched Mooji for 15 years on YouTube and still do almost every day. He has his flaws, but no one I know will talk on the subject he does with the such fortitude. He has his shtick which he has developed over the years. And he’s very judgemental, which leaves me without interest in speaking to him. Yet he can take some people where they have never been before and where they can discover completely new ways of thinking. Everything is both good and bad and it’s up to us to sort it out.

    • A spiritual teacher with a big heart who says sensible things. But he is a poor copy of his own Guru poonjaji. Because his commercial attitude makes him a spiritual businessman and not a Guru like Poonjaji. Enlightened beings don’t ask nobody for money to be in their presence. Everbody is welcome for free. Otherwise poor people will be excluded to be in the presence of the Guru. For an enlighted being is everybody welcome as long as you behave youself. All is inclusive and exlusion is simply not possible voor an Guru. Mooji was always welcome for free by his own Guru Poonjaji, while he himself asks lots of money for his spiritual teachings. It goes up to € 500,- for a couple of days. His ego should be ashamed.

      • I feel Mooji has been put in Prison by some RICH fools who think you can sell Spirituality. Mooji use to walk on the streets among the people and give Free advice. He’s hometown Brixton young ethnic minority are calling out for Spiritual advice etc and Mooji’s off with the rich folks in Portugal charging some ridiculous fees for Silent Retreat! Go back to the streets where genuine people are crying out for assistance in an Evil World – instead of trying to accumulate MIllions!!! It’s a disgrace! Budda and Jesus lived like paupers and helped all rich and poor! What is this Circus you have created around you Mooji?? Do you NOT see the black boys killing each other yet give NO guidance or a place they can go to talk? But now you are millions of miles away from Brixton with your riches you can now turn your back on the black brothers like all other leaders. One word for you Mooji you are a Sell Out to the White Supremecies!!

        • Dear Tes,
          when superiorty hits people the then dormit fields of power, sex and greed (money) will rise. At least one. He can not help to wheel the goodies in. Me, me, me becomes magnified, sucking up energy in the form of power, sex and greed is inevitable. He is like a 3 year old in a candy store. As long the inferior is in need of the superior this is the norm. greetings, David

  16. I just returned from his Silent Retreat at Zmar Portugal. Mooji is a total fraud. He is far from being enlightened or a spiritual teacher. It’s a very well crafted show. Beware – Mooji is a great Performer though !

      • Sorry about all the amendments but there is no place to correct my mistakes make what I’m saying makes sense

        There is no way of knowing if he’s enlightened he’s learnt from others how to assume the role of being false guru playing FALSE LOVE the game of earning a living for the last 10 years having learn the formulas and diabolical scripts to hide behind super ego delusions he is clearly process by some weird manipulative lonely and desperate spirit entity a crafted mixture of black and white magic and not from the holy spirit and TRUE GOD.
        Some people that follow him probably did voodo in their past lives mooji voodo. Why does not somebody ask HIM how He got enlightened exactly especially somebody who knows he is not.
        Such as powerfull angels who cannot be deceived in reality he is processed and evil sent to miss guide people many of his entourage are also evil he is not one with GOD there is an endless list of false prophets like him in the world today you have been warned be very careful get higher guidance.

  17. Is this stuff true?. It sounds horrible. I had watched some videos before and thought it a bit on the creepy side anyway- all the people in white. Why are they all wearing white? No one was wearing white a few years ago. Now it just looks like a cult, and seems from what’s written above that it is one.

    • If you go to the ashram, there is no dress code !
      In events, the team dresses in shades of white or light brown with badges on so that they are easy to spot. Can it be simple like this ? Yes it is !

      • The two main things to consider with Mooji, as you would with any other teacher, is how you feel in his presence and if his words speak truth to you. As always, you yourself must decide.

    • Does it really matter what colour clothes they wear? It feels very neurotic all this nit picking and trying to find faults.

  18. I find the negative feedback here hard to understand. I listened to Mooji for many years, I’ve since returned to the Catholic Church – but that’s another story ( Long story short, read Meditations on the Tarot if you are interested. )

    However in relation to Mooji, I only ever watched Mooji’s youtube videos, and for a good few years I had no idea what he was saying, pointing to, trying to reveal, until slowly I realized – this must be what he is speaking about.

    Whether Mooji is legit or not, he gave me something I had not had before ( well I did but didn’t recognize it ), he showed me something that I had been unaware of.

    I never met him, never paid any money to him ( aside from one of his books ), never built my life around him ( giving up personal desires, relationships etc ), never became mentally unstable ( the opposite in fact, I was doing lots of drinking and drugs ).

    If you try and speak to someone, and show them ‘this’ that I discovered through Mooji, and they have not had time with attempting to discover it before, they will have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve noticed this with my wife, and a few of my friends – and I was just like them for the longest time. (You have to be receptive to it, one of my friends, who used to be an avid atheist, and didn’t ‘see’, recently sent me a text message, saying ‘Thank you so much man, my life is so much better after Mooji’ )

    Now I ‘see’, what Mooji is attempting to reveal to those who will listen to him.

    It’s hard to describe to someone what it is.

    Often I will ask the question, ‘What does it FEEL like, ‘to be’?

    And most people, will look puzzled, and then begin to describe how they feel like in the moment – agitated, tired, frustrated, a little down, happy etc.

    But this is not answering the question.

    I am asking them what does it feel like simply ‘to be’, what does their ‘am-ness’, ‘is-ness’ feel like?

    Not how their mind, body, or emotions are making them feel, but THAT, IN which these feelings arise, and BY which these feelings are known – how does THAT feel?

    Even if you press them, they won’t know what your getting at, it was the same for me for years, I listened to Mooji and had no idea what he was talking about, until as I mentioned, I slowly began to see.

    I’m not ‘enlightened’ but I know what Mooji is talking about, I can bring my attention to ‘this’.

    My understanding of being ‘enlightened’, is essentially ‘this’, which I’m trying to describe, moves to the front of your experience, and remains there period – it’s your first point of contact with Reality, and not the comings and goings of the ‘world’.

    This is nothing special, it’s nothing supernatural, but it’s something that I never knew about myself before, something ‘in’ me ( or me myself? ) something that is totally peaceful, never troubled, ‘feels’ content, wanting nothing, needing nothing, it cannot be added to, to make it better, nor can anything be taken away from it, to make it less than it is – it simply is. I don’t often enough come to this ‘place’, and ‘marinate’ here, but I imagine if I did, you would / could describe this place as ‘bliss’.

    Anyways, my whole point of this is that Mooji allowed me to see all this about myself, no one else, I paid him nothing, I gave him nothing – and he gave me something, ‘this’, once you know what he is pointing to, you don’t even have to listen to him anymore, you’ve got it – he just keeps pointing to ‘this’, and saying stay here – be quite, be still.

    So if you’ve got it, you can say goodbye, and never listen to him again – doesn’t matter if you think he is legit, the real thing, a con artist, a devil, you don’t ever have to think about him again.

    Of course there could be strange things going on around him, because humans are very odd, mostly ill in fact. If you all of a sudden opened up your house to any random person to come and visit, and stay, can you imaging the mixed bag you would have? Can you imagine all the psychological idiosyncrasies, mental issues, various members of the group might have?

    Bringing this post to a conclusion, I think anyone who is judging Mooji first, before giving considerable time ( I listened to him critically and reservedly, but kept listening, trying to grasp what he was talking about for about 3 years before I understood ), to discover what is he actually talking about ( because he is talking about something for sure, I know it now, as sure as I know my arm ) is jumping the gun, and being unreasonable.

    God bless,

    • “Of course there could be strange things going on around him, because humans are very odd, mostly ill in fact. If you all of a sudden opened up your house to any random person to come and visit, and stay, can you imaging the mixed bag you would have? Can you imagine all the psychological idiosyncrasies, mental issues, various members of the group might have?”

      He didn’t ‘suddenly’ open up his house. These people PAID for his house. And ‘his house’ is COVERED in framed pictures of him looking holy EVERYWHERE! His house has a gift shop. His house is entirely focused on one person, him, and its all about him. The idea that these people just show up and he has nothing to do with it is ridiculous.

    • Hi Mark,you ask what is it like ” to be” I have had what I believe its like “to be” ,each time it has been spontaneous starting at aged about 8 (the body is now 73)
      significantly it was not when I was meditating,but just sitting still, being innocent ,not really thinking of anything in particular,minding my own business, I became aware of a great sense of peace and relaxation intense happiness even Blissful ,like a release of tension mentally and physically,it was very enjoyable,I wanted to stay in that state forever, worldly attractions became uninteresting but the world itself,nature, was beautiful and seemed to radiate love even down to a small rock. “all is one ” comes to mind, “all is God ,there is nothing else but God” as Sathya Sai Baba used to say,the state lasted from hours at first to months,gradually fading off,I had a family who were not in the least interested in spiritual matters, but I had to work in the world in order to support them, that was my karma.So I learned meditation in order to stay in tune.
      There are clues in the Bible about what the state is like,”The peace that passes all understanding” is very accurate and “Be still and know I am God” “The kingdom of Heaven is within you”
      I would add that in my experience it is a natural state and book knowledge or any particular belief or religion will not make any difference although there are good pointers in books as outlined above, some even by present day teachers like Mooji.they can only point ,not actually give anyone the experience. Although apparently one can feel the great peace when in the company of a genuine teacher, its catching.
      God or whatever you wish to call truth, “the truth shall set you free” is within and without, its Omnipresent,you don’t have to go anywhere in particular,as long as you can be still in a quiet place and constantly seek truth then you will feel what is in truth, your own Reality “I am That” they teach in some teachings.
      Sai Baba used to say “After lifetimes of searching all over the world in Temples and in churches,you eventually come full circle to yourSelf,your Own Reality, your Being ,”
      This is non duality ,all is one, there cannot be two truths, the person,and God. The person or EGO is seen to be an idea, a mind construct based on conditioning, and a great weight is taken away and you laugh,this is the same as the peace that passes all understanding known as” Buddha Mind” the great mind or God beyond the personal very limited one, that is totally free or empty of thought But in order to function in the world one still uses the personal mind, it is not lost..
      I didn’t understand it at the time but I believe by Gods grace I was shown the end of the spiritual journey that we all must undergo,nothing in the world can compare to that state of “To Be” “To be or not to be ,that is the question” Shakespeare must have been an enlightened Being !
      One more saying from Paramahansa Yogananda ,”When the I shall die, (THE EGO) then I will know WHO AM I”
      Hope that helps.
      Love, Anthony.

      • Hi Anthony- weird, i pretty much thought the same you did in your previous post re impressions of Mooji. Now that I got here, I offer a bit of reflection too and then get out- this was just an old indulgence of being curious. So I made a search on Mooji critics hoping to find something ‘fishy’ on him- why? Just because I had a moment of getting pissed off with the accumulation of promises of the joy and happiness and bliss [‘satchitananda’ in the jargon of the business, which adds to my annoyance…] I hear from various gurus, that sound fake- images and words don’t match. Again, it was a passing indulgence that came out of boredom and eventually from lack of vigilance of just being. So… I came here to see a fight between the critics and the supporters. What a waste of ego power!
        I like Mooji but I like the truth more. Mooji doesn’t matter more than those who make him a ‘ji’ by asking questions [not long ago he became a ‘baba; too… what next?!] I know Mooji provides a good quality spiritual entertainment [or at least used to- I like his early videos and less the most recent ones- he got old, his voice got old and his demeanor too, I find him somewhat less ‘spontaneous’…]. His honesty, witty and often humorous responses are sometimes a kick-start to reconnecting to reality. I learned the basics from brainiacs like Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille and wasted a couple of years to figure out I would never get out of that enticing trap of dissection and analyses of the ego that has nothing to do with reality. Nor do Mooji’s talks but… well, if I am into this and have a choice for spiritual entertainment, why not?! I mean Ramana Maharshi was interested in reading newspapers…
        So I reconnect, I disconnect, I reconnect and so on. I get frustrated, I watch that coming and going in the space in which I is absorbed into, together with all else that transits at each successive moment; I get the feeling of immutable eternity, of the block of being. There is silence and peace. Joy? I find that there may be joy if I start with a mindset on joyous views; but that is also transitory- not the peace and stillness that allows everything to come and go with no restrictions, including emotions and feelings of all kind. So why care about Mooji- who is Mooji anyway, and who is to care or not?! ‘All is well and unfolding as it should’- says Robert Adams [another kind of Mooji that I like]

    • i was also a catholic. you slowly realised over time because of your earnesty, and your SELF was guiding you. you are already realised. not due to him. He wants you to experience the bliss and continue to be dependent on him to keep money flowing. but the universe intervenes and lead you to where you are, not because of him.

      When we were in Rishikesh, access to him was limited even though the sangha leader was close to him. We waited into the night and was told that he needs to rest. Ramana would not have made us wait like that, nor surround himself with people who block access him.

  19. It is sad to see the state of this page.
    First of all rating guru’s is an act of sheer arrogance. It based on an assumption that one himself is qualified and mature enough to gauge an awakened being.
    Please understand that we are not shopping on amazon here that we are looking at reviews and ratings for Guru’s. Seeking the ultimate is a very profound and sacred thing. If one is genuinely seeking that he or she must decide for themselves. Rather than making immature statements in the air, the correct way is first to follow the pointing of that master with integrity and see for oneself. If any questions arise, then it is advised to get them clarified.
    As one begins to follow the pointings/teaching genuinely he or she can realize their efficacy and decide for themselves if they would like to follow the master or not.
    Rest is just timepass in the name of spirituality and seeking really. A sincere seeker is focused on this goal of self realization and does not waste time in useless gossips, ratings, judgements and opinions.

    • Lol. Yes the best way to see if heroin is good for you or not is to try it. Really give it a go. Yes, of course, everyone’s told you it’s a bad idea. I know it seems TOXIC from what you’ve read and what others have told you. But you must examine. Really get to the bottom of it. Then six months later, use your discriminating wisdom and critical judgement to see if it’s something you really need or not.

      • For drugs we have a competent authority who tells us it is bad. Who the hell is this guy whose blog this is ? How do you know if you can trust him ? That’s why I say, follow yourself, discern first hand and then decide.

    • So seeking the ultimate is a sacred “thing” but you have to focus on that “goal” and not waste any time? Is that your mature understanding of spirituality? Wow

      • I understand that you mean to imply that that there is no ‘thing’ and no ‘goal’. Please keep your pseudo neo advaita to yourself !
        Also be concerned about your own maturity and stop giving out maturity certificates so liberally. You may run out of them soon

    • Of course you must rate gurus. Gurus generally only condone your use of ‘discriminating wisdom’ once they feel you’re clean enough to make judgements. Which means you’ve fully embraced their outlook. By which point you’ve lost all perspective and can’t engage in critical thinking… and judgement, a right everyone has, seems arrogant. The guru trap. Don’t fall for it.

      • And what if I tell you that by use of the same discriminatory power and clean judgement I say that the way Mooji has been portrayed on this silly page is utterly wrong, then ?
        Also why assume that those who follow someone are blind !

  20. Mooji is the real deal, right up there with Papaji and Ramana, Echarte and Adya and Byron Katie. 2/5 is only showing the raters own lack of understanding of Mooji’s teaching.

  21. Guru ratings have you been to one of his satsangs or enountered him so you can experience his presence for yourself before rating him or are these ratings based on what you have observed online??

  22. Hello friend,
    First of all thank you for taking time to start this website to review some of the “Gurus” out there.
    Even if you get it wrong at least there is the opportunity to learn something and start a conversation from which we all can learn.
    I followed Moojis answer very carefully and found that Mooji was listening very carefully to the questioner but the questioner simply could not hear Mooji or get the truth being conveyed in that moment.
    The questioner was not ripe so Mooji told him to come back later when he would be ready.
    Mooji used many analogies and jokes but all no avail but you never know when it will penetrate him perhaps later in the same day or later next year you never know but his whole point is that you are like a ghost looking for a cure to a problem when you just really need to see you are not even real. Your self image is the real problem but the questioner could not see it.
    I found Moojis words and expressions to be brilliant and full of compassion.
    Just go to Rishikesh and enjoy a month of free satsang next time he is there and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed. You dont have to be personally close or even speak with him just be there to heal your mind and soul and Im sure you will raise your rating to 3 or 4 out of 5?

  23. Mooji is a guru. Is he a sadguru, a fully enlightened bring? Who knows? Or is he a upaguru, the one who leads you to your guru? There is no faking it because false and real are expressions of duality and advaita is oneness, non duality. This polar logic which has opposites united – such as truth and falsehood- can be very hard to grasp as it is such an irrational concept. Mooji teaches from this irrational heart of advaita. How to make sense of that? Does he bring solace to lost souls? It sounds like he does. I don’t enjoy his videos or writings but others do.
    It doesn’t sound like a cult in as much google and Facebook are not cults- or are they? He sells stuff on the web site. Got to pay the bills.
    In short not my cup of tea but clearly loved by many. In terms of a vote :a big fat zero because that is the perfect number, shunya, nirguna, like the self that was, is and always be full and complete, realised c

    • Pooran — This is a comment on the endlessly illusory use of the alchemical and perceptual/dualistic symbols/tools of language, of words and wording. In your above share, you have referred to Mooji’s “irrational” teachings. In the American english, this term ‘irrational’ generally carries pejorative/negative connotations. Because each of us—every individual person—carries in oneself a unique dictionary of language, and unique definitions and usages for every word-symbol contained therein, I must admit I cannot be sure of your intended meaning behind your choice and use of the word-symbol, “irrational.”
      As I’ve already noted, the term ‘irrational’ is generally considered a pejorative. At this juncture, I’m unsure whether or not that was your intended use of the word/symbol/tool/weapon, “irrational,” so I won’t assume either way…yet I am moved hereby to offer that the more accurate/appropriate term to ascribe to the teachings of Mooji or of any other advaitic guide is: supra-rational, or as some teachers/guides say, “supra-mental.”
      Many readers of this page are familiar with the Hindi (?) phrase, ‘Neti, neti,’ which perhaps refers to the recognition that the use of symbolic conceptual/intellectual systems which employ the use of words and language to describe or relate to Reality, are *intrinsically* and inevitably dualistic in nature. Therefore, despite the degree of purity in our intentions to employ words to describe the nature of the timelessly ever-present indivisible Wholey Reality, our attempts must fall short, for the dualism-saturated tools of language are incapable of adequately expressing or conveying this ever-present ineffable supra-rational Wholey Reality of all-pervading omniscient Infinicity.
      So acknowledging the intrinsic limitations to the game of words, aka, the game of conceptual languaging, the guides remind us that despite our efforts to intellectually/conceptually interpret or understand the nature of this Reality which actually is already everywhere everherenow present, we are reminded, “Neti, neti”—It is not this, not that…for this Reality, this Wholey Suchness, is ever pure, whole, refined, exalted beyond reach of dualistic word-symbols.
      Thus we read in the record of Lao Tsu, “Whosoever speaks of It does not know, and whoever knows does not speak thereof.” Or, in the paradoxical terms of the Buddha’s Heart Sutra, “Samsara is Nirvana/Nibbana, Nibbana is samsara; emptiness is form, form is emptiness…”
      “Not only are you a drop in the Ocean, but you are the Ocean in the drop.” You are timeless, birthless, deathless, for you are not essentially of the dimension of worldly forms…All death, and fear of death, is but a case of mistaken identification with temporal earthly forms, ideas.
      Further, in the Avadhuta Gita, the Avadhuta expresses this: Not only is It ‘Neti, neti;’ but It is so pure and Wholey that it is NOT ‘Neti, neti.’ 🙂 And Anandamayi Ma advised: Do nothing. Stillness is the truest form of worship. There is no “other,” no possibility of a second.
      And in western scripture it is written: Be still and Know…This I Am…the kingdom of wholey awareness is in you, and you in it…I and the Father/Mother are One, as art Thou as well…the One in all, and the all in One.

  24. “Just go to Rishikesh and enjoy a month of free satsang next time he is there and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed.”

    I would watch it at home for a week. You will have heard every story and trick and and every little technique he has. He has the basics to teach you if you can’t be bothered to Google them. The air and water in Rishikesh is filthy now. And you will spend a month dealing with the mooji machine and all the Indians earning more in six weeks then they do the rest of the year. Don’t bother.

  25. I followed Mooji for quite a while and fell for it. I have since turned away from this and realized he is one of these false prophets the Holy Word speaks of. He sings to false gods and worships false gods. His teachings are very tricky and deceiving.

    • Fell for your own miind’s idea and assumptions, confirming what you had heard others say, not what you saw. Expect something and it will appear. Call out loud, the Universe will answer and provide you with your desires. Our Universe has one purpose, to keep balance and harmany. Non bias, without influence it simply replies to our requests. Be careful what you wish for. Karma sounds too far fetched, its simply what you asked for and were provided with.

  26. I think that Mooji is a sad man, spiritually unsure, and emotionally exalted being. He has been a chronic non-achiever in the outer world, not be able to keep marriage together, to retain other long-term close relationships, to hold down a teacher position at the Brixton college, to make any career jobs or an education, to do any significant art works, and atc. In the inner world, Mooji has never done any longer spiritual practices or meditation and has not reached any permanent higher step of enlightenment either or any sainthood states. In addition, he does not possess any extraordinary spiritual power or the divine grace. For that reasons and other psychological complexes, Mooji has built the cult of an enlightened guru and a beloved master, he allows and encourages his followers to worship him, to kneel down in front of him, to put his photos everywhere, and he blesses everybody and everything including a Christ chapel in Monte Sahaja ashram (in video:, Moojibaba reflects on the culture at Sahaja the Ashram 2016.). Mooji still remains a spiritual beginner and just a populistic teacher, and a spiritual motivation speaker. (other video of worshiping: Identify yourself — Satsang with Mooji,

    • I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments. He is a charlatan of the lowest order. He offers nothing but muddled ambiguities and plays mostly to those looking to dissociate from painful truths in their lives. Mooji preys on people’s tendency to want to fast track and avoid arduous spiritual lifting. He feeds them false foods that have no real sustenance.

      • Sirius Seeker…in response to your final sentence, perhaps whether or not an advaitic guide offers real substance/sustenance or not, likely this distinction is hinged on whether or not a person considers their temporal physical humanoid frame—OR their formless, timeless conscious awareness—as their “real” identify? (The former sense of identity/identification leads directly to the experience of “death,” whereas the latter identification precipitates life as the eternal/timeless birthless/deathless Wholey One.) That is to say, “death” is but a case of mistaken identity! 🙂

    • Dear Ales,
      He lives like a King,
      they cook for him,
      they clean for him,
      they bow for him
      and the pretty ones make love him…
      So Ales what have you achieved!?

      Regards, David

      • Never forced, and never requested. People even in the west have goen used to the idea that age is not issue, which is actually extremely contreversial. Look at the Transgenderism being upon children not even 5yrs old in some States.
        Insanity normalized. Poet or parrot?

  27. Hi,

    Isn’t this a bit polarizing??

    I am not a follower of Mooji, and prefer the teachings of Adyashanti or Byron Katie for my own process. But I have witnessed the Mooji community to grasp a level of truth which is admirable. He is not a fraud. Nor is he the ultimate master by any means.

    But everyone will have their own path and gravitate to what their soul values on the deeper, regardless of ratings or opinions. For certain, Mooji is not Ramana. He is not an aged old soul. Still, I see there is value in his community and teachings as long as one can transcend them and enter the whole.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree. Mooji is a beautiful soul. I have been in his presence and even travelled with him, many times. There is only love there.

      Behind the scenes, so to speak, he is both humble and playful, very human but also incredibly welcoming to everyone, equally.

      He may or may not be the right teacher for you but he is, for sure, a true ‘guru’ (one who removes darkness or doubt). I have seen sooo many find a new level of peace, joy and bliss through Mooji’s teachings.

      The books and charged satsangs are there – some income is needed for flights, food, running retreats… But never have I seen anyone turned away due to lack of funds. We used to joke that satsang with Mooji was like an Indian bus – always room for one more. We’d budge up and make sure anyone who wanted, could get a seat.

      I’d rate him 5/5.

  28. After just hearing about the tragic death of Flo Camoin at Monte Sahaja I would like to share my experience after following Mooji for the past year. I met him in the 2017 season in Rishikesh for the first time during the open Satsangs. I was overwhelmed by the energy in Satsang and the many transformative stories and intense emotions people would expose. Although the frequent crying, screaming and appearance of many weird individuals as well as some exorcism-like episodes were scary in the beginning I would contribute this to his power as a teacher and was sure to have found a great master.

    The empty smiles and stares of some of his disciples who welcomed the people at the entrance as well as his grandiose entry to Satsang at the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth, with drums, music and dozens of disciples surrounding him gave me a first bad taste of this being another person cult. Later I would attribute this impression to be resistance from my ego-mind and I tended to belittle the many signs of egoic behavior Mooji himself presented and the cult-like devotion around his body.
    I was following Eckhart Tolles pointings for about 1 year before meeting Mooji and never witnessed such overtly demonstrated “enlightenment” and emotional outbursts and was sure this comes from truth, not being aware this could also be a form of hysteria (I noticed that it’s almost only women who scream and cry during Satsang)!

    After returning from India I met with the local Mooji Sangha regularly and came in closer contact with long-term Mooji followers. Despite the very lovely and peaceful Satsang-field we created together (which reminded me of the following Bible passage: “For where two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Metthew 18:20) I was frequently irritated about the extreme centeredness around the person Mooji and the supposed superpowers attributed to him by some hardcore devotees.
    Over time I found myself losing all interest in most worldly activities and would spend most of the day watching Satsang and immerse myself fully into Moojis pointings, teachings, opinions and worldviews without questioning his own ego and guru-identity anymore. I would interpret any criticism and irritation arising inside me as signs of my ego-mind and thus dismiss it immediately! In the beginning I was happy with the goal-oriented instant-awakening approach but over time this built up the pressure to “get it” fast or otherwise being stamped as a hopeless case. It clearly felt that this impatient goal-orientation could on the deepest level not be authentic and true! With hundreds of hours of Satsang in retreats, intensives, silent sittings, available on Youtube I noticed also a kind of addictiveness to listen to him.

    Having no interest in pursuing a career anymore I found myself more and more in a financial and familial crisis and eventually slipped into a truly horrible dark night. I spoke to some people from the Sangha who expressed having similar problems and did not find Moojis statements on this topic very helpful, given the fact that he himself did not have to care of such matters for decades, living in a protected ashram-cocoon.

    It so came to me spontaneously to investigate on this to see if there are other people who have problems leading a fulfilling life after following Moojis guidance for too long and I found the post about the suicide of Flo Camoin at the Monte Sahaja Ashram. I was very touched when reading this as I saw him in Rishikesh almost every day at Satsang. I remember that he made a very decent, peaceful and calm impression to me when diligently fulfilling his task of guiding the people to a sitting spot that very much touched me. Though we`ll probably never know what was going on in Flo that he decided to end his life, the fact that his suicide is only mentioned only very shortly at facebook and the Sangha is encouraged by the official Mooji facebook site to “keep silent” about this is somehow dubious. I spent many hours reading through other people’s testimonies of the cult-like dynamic that built up around Mooji and finally dropped the idea of a Guru who is the embodiment of God himself. And now it feels like a huge burden and heavy weight is finally lifted off my shoulders. I can breathe again and my Sadhana has come to a new level. I follow my own heart and embrace the immaculate beauty and beingness of nature again. Yes, Grace brought me to Mooji and yes, Grace let me drop the idea of him being special.

    I write this to encourage people who feel stuck in their Sadhana and are in a similar position. The only true teacher is the Sadhguru within. Excessive worshipping and consuming one person’s thoughts and ideas can never be healthy and true, even if you abstract this in your mind to be impersonal! I saw how addictive his never ending stream of words in Satsang can be (Where is the sacred silence of Ramana?) and how many Sangha members lose interest in life about this. His pointings can be full of truth and deeply transformative but people around him should not forget that he too is a human being and not let the worshipping around his body slowly take excessive dimensions (just compare Satsangs from 2009 or even 2013 with now).

    Om Namah Shivaya and Peace to all

    • Atma – Thank you very much for sharing your personal journey with Mooji. This is a very instructive tale for anyone who can listen. Whenever someone is unable to “lead a fulfilling life after following a Guru’s guidance,”it is huge warning sign, and a red flag that this is not a true path. The only purpose of spirituality is to bring us into the world so that we can serve the world. Any teaching that leads us out of the world, out of relationship with others and into endless meditations, contemplations, or even “silence”, is very dangerous. God wants us to serve the world, not run away from it.
      May you find more places of service and contribution. Your comment is one example.

      • To Guru Ratings: It is apparent that your mind-weapon is set at hair-trigger sensitivity to detonate in recrimination and judgmental reactivity toward Mooji…and others. Yet, I remind myself, your personal expression is perfect; perfect because you, as well as I and all else, are fractal emanations of this Wholey Ever-present ineffable Perfection, in all It’s disturbing, distracting, delightful, delicious, and de-composing temporal disguises/forms/names/vibrations.
        The gift you offer is obvious and not insignificant: you remind people that the infinite creative consciousness placed a brain in the head that rests upon your shoulders…utilize it, cultivate it, and apply its capacities and functions that you may further elevate the extent of evolution by traversing from mere instinctual survival-based biological animal functions toward the levels of evermore refined pure sublime consciousness.
        And by your creation of, and continuing participation in this forum, you have wisely exposed yourself to many others’ ideas, experiences, perceptions…thereby elevating and refining your own capacity for discerning the reality essence from the chaff of superficial temporal personal sensory/perceptual images, forms, and names.
        Yet, too, just as many of us on our lifepath have at some point discarded—in disgust at the blatant ongoing bovine-like ignorance, gullibility, immaturity and cluelessness of the contemporary herd of institutionalized so-called “christians,”—discarded our belief in any religious ideas or constructs of “God,” as well as eschewing proximity with any hierarchical, patriarchal, hierarchical religious B.S., your remarks often suggest that your subtlety of discernment has yet to fully ripen…because you are missing and tossing out some healthy repast for mind and soul? P.S.: take these words above in the sense of universal impersonal principle, rather than taking these personally; practice stepping outside the perceptually cramped box of false, limited, defensive ego identification.
        Consider the possibility that all already are free and whole…though there remains the apparent process of re-programming/cleansing, convincing, and re-integrating our personal/personality B.S./Belief Structure of this fact. 🙂

    • Rightly said. I too have had the experience of this short-term feeling of bliss called as enlightenment and felt the deafening stillness and joyous feeling and the complete ease felt in the body during that time and enjoyment in performing mundane things as if I’m seeing/doing everything for the first time, etc. The effects lasted for a day at the most before slipping away slowly. However I can feel a lightness in my thoughts (still unaware background thinking is there but I’m able to watch and drop obsessive thinking much easier compared to before, which is the main benefit I can see). Also, I seem to have “downloaded” some awareness/knowledge about things which were absent before about the way “enlightened” people talk which is instinctive but which was “resonance” before.

      Having said that I’m back to my normal activities now. What I have noticed is that after this experience (it was heady and you want to have more of it) in search of guidance and answers if you catch onto some guru like Mooji or somebody else you definitely get sucked in and also what I think is many of these individuals like Mooji might have had this experience but have come out of it and now have made it a full-time business. No offence meant, he looks pretty benevolent, but craziness has a starting point. If he started off benign, all the adulation of devotees and the things and doings and ceremonies related to this whole subject of spirituality has a way of blurring lines and things can have their own flow and direction from then on. I have watched his videos, there is common sense and some guidance there, which is good, but apart from that the constant hanging around in the environment I don’t think is the way to go forward.

      My two cents

    • Thank you for this Brother.

      My father and his wife are devoted disciples of Mooji and he has sadly estranged himself from his children and grandchildren. The entirety of his indifference, which is love’s true opposite, is rooted in Mooji’s teachings and other’s like him. Is it your experience that these individuals are mostly looking to avoid facing the consequences of their actions? I feel like many disciples are using such teachings to advocate hedonism and extreme selfishness.

      • Sirius Seeker: For sake of perspective…it is plainly evident to moi that the infinite advantages, opportunities, and challenges which are presented to one’s consciousness once having embarked upon the “path” toward awakening are far more liberating, nurturing, intelligent, peace-inducing, and related to true eternal wealth, value, and the capacity to weigh life’s priorities maturely and sanely…than all the insanely selfish, ego-based, limited, divisive, patriarchal, patriotic warmongering, sectarian, competitive B.S. (Belief Systems), brain-trashing, programming, mind-kontrol that is heaped upon youth in our traditional mind-numbing/down-dumbing public mis-education system.
        I would hereby suggest that the universal compassionate offerings of an advaitic guide such as Mooji are actually NOT the problem in any cases of persons who subsequently apparently experience any sort of change in personality that you consider “disappointing.” Consider, rather, the likelihood that the crux of “the problem” may be all the societal/parental/religious/economic brain-trashing, mis-information, disinformation, commercial manipulation, and other miscellaneous fascist constructs that have been imposed upon everybody in this contemporary dystopian societal structure.
        So, when a beneficent guide/teacher begins supplying the antidote to replace all the earlier societal programming, don’t be surprised if there is a period or phase of uncomfortable cathartic symptoms, reactions, and releases. For those who have the basal level maturity of inner intelligence to recognize the ever-present formless supra-rational essence of the offerings of a true Reality guide, such students are far better off than being placed in the hands of any PhD, MD, etc.
        Brainwashing is a beneficial phenomenon, and here is the relevant explanatory metaphor: we have a container filled with murky/muddy polluted water…so we place it under a dripping spring of pure water…with every drop of fresh spring spring water into the cup, the water becomes that much purer, less murky…until finally at some point there is only pure water in the container, all impurities having been washed away…essentially, this reflects a de-programming of all past debris of false and debilitating beliefs—in particular, beliefs regarding any sense of self-identity that has formed around implants of external societal, commercial, and/or ideological orientation that has occurred…this is…our return to innocence. And the eventual and ultimate success of this inner journey depends on each our own inner self-honesty and applied discernment regarding timelessly true universal values.

    • I had a similar financial disaster and aslo a very very dark night experience . Mooji was of o help whatsoever, he just said stay in the uk and pay off your debts .I was suicidal at the time.

      He is a fraud of the lowest order. A pervert , and a tax avoiding, chicken scoffing pot smoking con man . He is also a gary glitter and his wages are in the posr for this

      • ROLF: Well, thank God/Self—or some fractal time-space reflection thereof—you calmed down, relaxed and trusted enough to cease your efforts to push the River of Life…choosing instead to simply hang out here and observe a while longer…trusting the inherent wisdom and transformative process of This Life ItSel, ever-unfolding… 🙂

      • Rolf, did you ever become focused and quiet enough—for any extended period of time, like, say, an hour or two—to actually ever hear the sublime gift of perspective Mooji was gently offering you and all other intelligent listeners? Or have your perspective, your thoughts, and your words always been from the start so negative/sour/judgmental/distrusting…that you actually never shut down your wounded programs sufficiently to ever actually HEAR what he was saying? It is unfortunate and sad, indeed, that your experience in this life has left you so contracted, hardened, scarred… that when you enter the presence of a Mooji that all you see and hear are attributes that basically represent the *opposite* of him, who he is, his demeanor, and his behavior.
        It is amazing and sad that your previous life experiences and/or interpretations of same have left you in such a cold, closed, wounded, contracted state that when you are in the presence of a Mooji that all you are capable of seeing or hearing is…the projected sensory bubble of your own pain, woundedness, disappointments…
        I certainly am not saying—in view of the general insanity of western capitalist nationalist patriarchal fascist warmongering megalomaniac ignorance—that your pain, woundedness, despair is not understandable, for it is very plain to see from which socio-economic hierarchical milieu of insanity your pain, our pain—as the pain of perhaps billions of others—has arisen. I, too, feel this…yet it is frighteningly sad when our illness/debility has reached such proportion that we also react so thoroughly as to demonize and reject the way of truth’s healing and a cure when it is offered. This is a sad state, indeed.
        I would feel better about your prospects, though, if I learned that your intelligence produced a distaste and distrust even more pronounced when you are subjected to the antics, falsehoods, and behaviors of people who behave in the manner of Repugnicans, the Trumpery, and the contemporary herd of alleged/so-called “christians.” These persons truly are demonically twisted, sick, not yet evolved sufficiently to make a claim of being human.

    • Yup it’s a cult. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Just look at how his supporters have to reply to every single criticism of him? It’s a cult of personality. It’s not about God or the Self. Mooji is about Mooji. Sad to see generation after generation get caught up in cults. No one is impervious, it seems. People just ask yourself, can you name 3 things about Moo you don’t like? Is your practice able to continue without watching him or thinking about him? Do you feel you NEED to hear him speak in order to feel peace? Is it like getting a hit of cocaine, in that it’s addictive and you never have enough? If he really enlightened you don’t you think you could just hear the message once and be done with it? Have you ever felt a nagging suspicion something is “off” but you’ve trained yourself to not trust your own ability to critically think? Do you feel like you need him to speak to understand yourself and the world? These are all symptoms of cult initiation. Look into it.

    • Ego will always agree to disagree, while contradicting itself while beliving all will make sense of it and agree. And that is you experience?
      Everything you or I think we know in the world, all coming from our five sense and the many subtle unheard words our subconscious rattle on with are almost all from unknown sources. Many things resemble others, and remain unconsidered.
      Mooji cannot put his methods into easily understandable language, it has no language. Yet his continuous insistence to wake us all up deserves a place in the infinite, and if it was made of carriages I’d insidt he be offered a seat in 1st class.
      Nobody can brainwash me, or con my mind if I can resist an opinion. It’s a conscious choice, which has little to do with truth and can be a blip, or become someone’s main purpose in life. But both eed something 1st, a choice, decision only the individual can make. However potent the insising is, or how dangerous threats sounds, its always a choice. Anything bad happening to you still leaves you the choice of how you will react. Opinions are usually harmless but never needed. Neither is a long message just to clarify your own individual point of view, and to push it onto others. Mind your own business, meaning take care of yourself before attempting to change the outlook of others. Stating what you can only assume on what happened and why, changes nothing and only has one objective – to interact against others’ opinions. So, bore in-to the mountain to make your solid structures. I’ll just lay back watching the clouds come and go, and place not a single idea of burden on them. Shut up! People should take more notice when someone cries that out – its good advice and easy to follow.

  29. I got a lot of benefit from Mooji’s teaching in the beginning. I really felt that i was entering a clearer space on a profound level and could function much better in my job and in my relationships. However it was not a bottomless well and i didn’t really find any way to carry it with me. It just became about listening the next satsang to recharge. Attending a retreat was the same experience in steroids. And there was a law of diminishing returns. Going back to just watching videos then didn’t feel enough. I guess you would say that’s a drug.

    I haven’t been to Monte Sahaja but i sense that it’s a place that sucks you in and you won’t want to leave. That stuff is potent but at the same time you constantly need more of it to keep yourself getting that hit. Such was the way with osho too. When Mooji dies i can only imagine there’s going to be a lot of grouchy bliss bunnies looking for their new dealer.

    • I have had the same experience, Kat: “i didn’t really find any way to carry it with me. It just became about listening [to] the next satsang to recharge.” So many gurus are wonderful to hear, but the teaching doesn’t stick with me. Ultimately, we have to do the work – no guru can build for us a connection to our timeless relationship with God. What has worked for me is a self-guided meditation course called Steps To Knowledge ( It offers real spiritual work with real benefits, if you can stick with it. Plus, it’s totally free and “No guru required.”

    • In reply to a reply from Guru Ratings/Admin : It is apparent that your mind-weaponry is often set at hair-trigger sensitivity to detonate in recrimination and judgmental reactivity toward Mooji…and others. Yet, I remind myself, your personal expression is perfect; perfect because you, as well as I and all else, are fractal emanations of this Wholey Ever-present ineffable Perfection, in all It’s disturbing, distracting, delightful, delicious, and de-composing temporal disguises/forms/names/vibrations.
      The gift you offer is obvious and not insignificant: you remind people that the infinite creative consciousness placed a brain in the head that rests upon your shoulders…utilize it, cultivate it, and apply its capacities and functions that you may further elevate the extent of evolution by traversing from mere instinctual survival-based biological animal functions toward the levels of evermore refined pure sublime consciousness.
      And by your creation of, and continuing participation in this forum, you have wisely exposed yourself to many others’ ideas, experiences, perceptions…thereby elevating and refining your own capacity for discerning the reality essence from the chaff of superficial temporal personal sensory/perceptual images, forms, and names.
      Yet, too, just as many of us on our lifepath have at some point discarded—in disgust at the blatant ongoing bovine-like ignorance, gullibility, immaturity and cluelessness of the contemporary herd of institutionalized so-called “christians,”—discarded our belief in any religious ideas or constructs of “God,” as well as eschewing proximity with any hierarchical, patriarchal, hierarchical religious B.S., your remarks often suggest that your subtlety of discernment has yet to fully ripen…because you are missing and tossing out some healthy repast for mind and soul? P.S.: take these words above in the sense of universal impersonal principle, rather than taking these personally; practice stepping outside the perceptually cramped box of false, limited, defensive ego identification.
      Consider the possibility that all already are free and whole…though there remains the apparent process of re-programming/cleansing, convincing, and re-integrating our personal/personality B.S./Belief Structure of this fact. 🙂

    • Kat…consider the possibility that when our awareness has evolved, opened, awakened, expanded to an extent in which we recognize ourselves to have become intelligently genuinely grateful for our sanity-based sense of having escaped from the acculturated imprisonment of identification with mere temporal mammon—i.e., trapped in the limited illusion of worldly material ego-based values—in other words, when we see ourself as a limitless, endless, boundless, bottomless well of pure awareness beyond form—then we will no longer feel disturbed when meeting a teacher or teachings which reflect this bottomless well of beingness.
      Paradoxically, meeting such emptiness will produce in us, rather, a sense of overflowing fullness, fulfillment, wholeness, completion—no longer sensing that anything is missing or left to be desired.

  30. By the way, I loved Anthony’s post from 1/3/18. I went to Mooji’s website and was immediately turned off by the slickness of it, the way they’ve turned his name into a brand logo, and the way they extol his virtues. I’ve seen pictures of people kneeling in front of him, with that look of enraptured devotion so commonly seen in cults. That only heightens the sense of separation, “little me here” and the Great Master there. It encourages people to perpetually see themselves as devotees, in need of the Great Master’s wisdom. Perpetual devotees, of course, are perpetual customers. I am also turned off by his carefully cultivated “holy man” look. His whole schtick seems to be to sell his personal mystique to people who seek a romanticized mystical experience. I have watched some of his videos and much of what he says does seem genuinely grounded in non duality, but he lacks the clarity of an Adyashanti (his name bugs me but he is quite good), Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, John Wheeler, and many other lesser known but quite good teachers, such as Kyle Hoobin and Daniel Seeker. Watch a Mooji video, then compare to a John Wheeler video. Wheeler is so simple, direct, and down to earth. He’s just a regular guy; the focus is not on him at all, but on his message. Mooji, on the other hand, is in the business of selling Mooji. He sets off my BS meter, as do Gangaji, Byron Katie, Bentinho Massaro, and Jeff Foster, to name a few.

    • Steve, I find myself resonating with your transparency/honesty and subtlety of perception more than most other expressions posted here.
      Yet, too, as every one of us incarnated humanoids are inevitably unique, our judgmental comparisons are ultimately limited as well as odious.
      You will acknowledge, perhaps, that you are only judging from amongst the relative handful of the most liberated minds of humanity at this time…can we consider it a disgrace to be among the most intelligent, liberated handful of persons in the western world?
      At least none of these persons are politicians, corporate CEOs, banksters, mafia gangsters, military murderers, sectarian clerical religious con artists, prison wardens, etc. In other words, at least these persons have set their sights on aligning with the truth…the truth that, ultimately, sets everyone FREE. And, of course, there will always be numerous differing levels and degrees of purity and maturity represented on the path, each of these reflecting the needs of a certain portion of the population, right?
      I can applaud your perceptual acuity, intelligence, and integrity for the distance in awareness that you have traversed. Let’s remember, too, though: just because we may have graduated elementary school is not sufficient justification to eliminate the ongoing need for elementary level students and teachers, eh? Each is expressing and unfolding-maturing-refining precisely as determined by the omniscient ever-presence.

    • He’s a regular non enlightened guy. But a narcissist and con man. Watch out. Jim Jones was also very convincing. People died for him based on his words. A guru that lets people worship him is not a guru he’s a cult leader. A cult leader is by definition very charismatic. So many people will hate hearing this information as they’ve been won over by him.

  31. e mooji is just a other countless commercial no dual folklore spiritual teachers gurus oops I mean pointer more like a good joker who points to the obvious just business-as usual buy my numerous books CD DVD nick Nat retreats Mala with his pic attached to it,, blessed Mala etc please honestly look carefully at this Photoshop fabricated pic title mooji&papaji for sale in his scam shop I only spend 6 years in India-on the spiritual path in the seventy mind you long time ago I was young then, what do I know? , but respect protocol to his hijacked master should have been papaji&mooji but since they where never together in deep reflection by the pond it happened in mooji dream only ,poonja reveling his secret sacred there is no teacher there is no student there is no teaching I guess he forgot to point out there is no pointer no pointing either and of course poonja firm insistence on free dharma only means no receiving cashing money for giving spiritual teaching no brickabra stuff for sale . please have no fears use discernment and discrimination, truth liberate , good luck so yes the rating of 2.5 is actually generous .. mooji endless talking is may be a entry point to bring silence ? for naifs sincere beginners please use caution do not fall in his other side the guru worship it is unfortunately happening and he is letting it happen to his no body , it does not help you or him , we are all humans and that is the beauty ,, love is ,, thank you for reading my comment

    • Ornery Enri: what if you had a profound experience of awakening…and from your intention to serve the highest good of all, you were then moved/guided to begin sharing your liberating message of universal sublime truth…
      Mooji really is unusually good at being and sharing who he is. A relative very few persons have the clarity and inner maturity to be so continuously present with people.
      Before smearing one such as Mooji, one might consider how long it would last, and/or how it’d turn out if one were to begin offering satsang oneself—that is a lot of responsibility, taking on so many kinds of karma.
      Mooji is a stellar example of a highly ingelligent and highly beneficent being. While observing such a person as he, and seeing only negativity while being blind to the manner in which he serves all by aligning with, and serving such a rare purity of universal truth-being, it is readily apparent that what we’re seeing and hearing from you is, basically…you.

  32. Once again… the Western mind attacks what it can’t understand. This site does a huge disservice to anybody on the path of self realization. Arrogant is too nice a word to describe the ignorance this site puts out.

  33. I was glad to find a site where I could read and post comments about Mooji. The comments really span the spectrum quite well of what someone can expect to gain from listening to Mooji and demonstrate “the proof of the pudding’s in the tasting.” Like all things in life you have to know what you need and what you don’t. Those who are susceptible to mind control should avoid those with powerful influence. But anyone can be your teacher if your ready.

  34. I saw another website suggesting mooji uses “yes sets” and trance induction. I think many gurus do this. The atmosphere creates it. They arent even conscious of doing it. Watch derren brown ‘fear and faith’ video on youtube and watch how “converts” an atheist through suggestion

  35. My discovery of the truth that Mooji points to was originally realized by reading Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. I have been listening to both teachers now for about 2 years, and find them both very helpful. I would have to say that for me, the directness of Mooji’s pointings are pure grace. His latest pointing, An Invitation to Freedom is particularly effective. I no longer “need” pointings and teachings to remain as the Self, but I still enjoy watching others on their journey. I find my daily life incomparably beautiful to what I had experienced before this as a conservative Christian of 50 years. I have a job that my coworkers find very stressful,and yet I remain deeply peaceful through the seemingly most trying of circumstances. The peace that passes all understanding is a good way to put it, and particularly poinient, considering the mind will never “get it”. In the bible Jesus said “seek and ye shall find”. Each it seems according to the way it shall unfold for them. Jesus’s words come to me often because of the time I spent in that perspective. “Judge not” seems appropriate here.

  36. I spent many years in Mooji’s ashram. It’s a clique where cruelty is passed off as “sharpness” and “tough love”. I am so very happy to be free of it.

      • Thank you for this. And let me also say to anyone who is still there: It seems unimaginable to walk away from it. But when you do it is like being released from the prison. A prison of “nearly there. just one more satsang”. I wasted six years. I can’t imagine how it is for those who’ve spent their entire youth putting energy into making him a megastar.

        • If anyone’s time was “wasted” in satsang…who is the one who is responsible for having taken so long to clarify their own needs?
          Another perspective: the time was not wasted, not at all. You, I, each and every other person is always responding in each and every moment according to our own present moment assessment of our clearest possible sense of need and direction.
          Once a certain degree of maturity is attained, one is no longer so dishonest as to blame such present-moment choices on anyone outside oneself.

  37. Thank you for all the insights and input. I have long felt that Mooji was a charlatan but had yet to find well-intentioned and well-articulated perspectives by those who had been with him and his disciples.

    I know a close family member who has devoted himself to Mooji. He has become aloof and scoffs at any notion of cause and effect, particularly as it pertains to his selfish behaviour. I’ve seen firsthand two of his most devoted disciples use his teachings as a cover for their cruelty.

    What can I do to release him from this spell?

    An even harder question that I’m faced with is, What if he is only pretending to be entranced by these teachings?

    • look at how his inner circle behaves, and you will instantly know what kind of person he is. and yes, he is still a person….

  38. I am the partner of an 11 year old relationship with my girlfriend, ho he left me without warning and shocking could emotions for the Mooji “enlightenment” experience. She left her parents and all her friends same way after staying there for three months, she also doesn’t want to come back home from there this year. I can not speak with her anymore, I am afraid that she is manipulated, brainwashed and misguided to do all of this things by the members of this organization, cult. What kind of enlightenment do they teach there to leave your family like this? Please help!?!

    • “There are a million sad, tired old tales in the human story.” Every time I hear this story by someone complaining that their partner has left them for a teacher of truth—and how this person has been “brainwashed”—it is plainly apparent to me that:
      1. The partner who left was not feeling sufficiently happy, satisfied, nor fulfilled in their life and/or relationship;
      2. Just because the partner who was left behind in Smallsville is disappointed at having been left alone does not mean that the person/place which drew their partner away is “evil-bad-wrong”;
      3. The partner who departed on a quest for expanded truth awareness was probably making a challenging/frightening, courageous choice, taking a risk for the possibility of discovering a greater perspective and possibilities for their life, while their partner was not simultaneously feeling as courageous and willing to take the risk to make a break to discover something new that would satisfy the soul’s need for a clearer, deeper, sense of purpose and meaning in life;
      4. Close to 100% of persons who mindlessly use the word “brainwashing” do so without ever having considered wtf this word actually means, where it is truly applicable, IF EVER… “Brainwashing” is a satanic misnomer created by the datanic zionist controlled establishment news media to vilify those who have sought avenues of liberation from the satanic zionist nationalist militarist capitalist BRAIN-TRASHING mis-education system. You see, anyone—after having been subjected to years or decades of capitalist-materialist-militarist-white supremacist/racist-sexist-patriarchal-fascist-satanic-zionist Mind Kontrol, or brain-trashing (i.e., subjecting the minds of immature and/or impressionable persons with a veritably unending stream of patriotic/nationalist patriarchal white male supremacist militarist materialist capitalist/commercial partisan/sectarian/divisive falsehoods, lies, propaganda, mis-information, disinformation, doctrine, dogma, malarkey, baloney, horseshit, bullshit, et al ar infinitum…) could most certainly benefit from some natural sublime purifying brain-washing…representing a return to our original innate clarity, purity, innocence, i.e., our sublime self-sovereign autonomy. This is the nature of the re-awakening/return to advaitic purity-Unicity-Reality.
      As such, let us reiterate that brainWASHING is entirely beneficial for every being on the planet, while the satanic/talmudic (unawakened acculturated/programmed megalomaniac) zionist business-as-usual brain-trashing is the crux of our current planetary nightmare.

  39. I am sorry to hear your story I had the same experience, my partner went for 3 weeks but he never return. He left 4 month ago. He is brainwashed, he is lost there with all these people who are incredible selfish. Mooji is just another fake guru with a very good business.
    They worshipping him as a God and he loved, he say he transcend his ego but you can see that not. He make of his teaching a good business charging a lot of money for his activities, he is now selling sand for sahaja. I understood that some people need to go through these experiences to learn at the end that you don’t need anybody. But they are in some way escaping from reality, in an spiritual bypass. The way they see people out of their beliefs is that you are not evolve enough so you are not ready for freedom, so anything you say for them comes from ignorance that is way I decided to forget my ex partner an continue my life. I hope you can rescue her I know that in my case that is not possible. Good luck.

    • Hi, Diana…hereby commenting on your share because you have used the term “spiritial bypassing,” a term which is, to me, a type of nonsensical misnomer—a form and expression of ignorant (prardons, do NOT take this personally; though I am responding in this space immediately following your share, I am referring to the general careless/thoughtless method in which this term is generally used, and herein I’ll explain why I say this.)
      In a manner similar to that in which the misnomer term ‘brainwashing’ is generally misused/misapplied—when the more accurate term for the debulitating psychological programming phenomenon is BRAINTRASHING—so too is the term ‘spiritual bypassing’ as it is generally applied a misnomer. And consider this, for it’s what I have observed: in any case where there are two parties, one of whom is accusing the other of ‘spiritual bypassing,’ the one who makes the accusation of “spiritual bypassing” is the less consciously aware of the two.
      For, if the judger were to use a more apt term, the term would be this: ego-bypassing.
      The person who has re-oriented their mind and values toward the realm of supernal Reality has not thereby bypassed Reality, but, rather, has bypassed the normal societal business-as-usual ego-based illusory value system of the world. This is not “spiritual bypassing,” for the eternal ever-present Reality IS spiritual/subtle/timeless/infinite/wholey Unicity. The perceptions and values of the temporal worldly conditioned mindset are NOT Reality.
      So, to bypass the normal unawakened ego’s mindset of stinking thinking is aptly termed EGO BYPASSING…and yes, that’s a good option. And those who are unconsciously enmeshed in the materialist mindset are the ones who are engaged in bypassing spiritual reality.

  40. I didnt read all the comments. But before we put down or up “someone”, we need to be honest on what basis we are doing that.

    Let me write down few points,

    1)Are we comparing what the guru is saying to our own ideas and conclusions and then making a judgement on him/her? whether its in support or not. If we absolutely think our ideas are right, then probably we dont need a guru, as we right and knows how to live and who to follow.
    2)If we are unsure about ourselves, then we have to compare what the guru is saying, to a standard. a standard which has stood time and has never proven wrong. a standard which is well supported by the experiences of sages all around the world, who have gone beyond the petty ideas.
    3) So is there such a standard available now? Yes, the Vedas originated in India. Though this standard is not limited to this one in India, this is a well written one. Of course there were others around the world, but mostly passed from a teacher to student in a verbal form.
    4) When we say, Vedas, its not just the books. To decipher the secret of Vedas we need a living sage, who himself has reached Buddhahood(not a yogi and not the enlightenment which is talked about these days).
    5)when such a sage, who has gone beyond all dualities, expound Dharma, we come to know that, the end of psychological world is just a very small part of the ‘journey’ towards Nirvana. Experiencing the end of psychological world for few moments or days, and the proclaiming oneself to have “reached” is like a child who could just stand for the first time, proclaiming to be the fastest runner in the world. And when we see around the world, with the many masters, most of them are in this category. Many start teaching, with good intentions to help the world, but soon realize that, thay are not enlightened anymore, but cant leave their positions as everyone around them are looking upto them and they just play their role.
    6) If you are following such a person, then you have only yourself to blame. As the Vedas say, you have the total responsibility for what you experience.

    Good luck!

    • Vipin says “If you are following such a person, then you have only yourself to blame.” To me, this is stinking thinking of the lowest type—utterly unfounded, irrational, mean-spirited. A person who says this has not spent sufficient time considering the nature of the all-pervading Wholey Unicity Reality Presence, i.e., there is not an atom of space nor a moment of time nor a single thought where the Wholey Sublime Unicity Reality Presence is not.
      A more sane thought/observation would be: Any person who is spending time—wherever they are spending time—clearly is SUPPOSED to be spending time there, or they would be elsewhere.
      EVERYBODY is always choosing to be wherever they are being; if they are in a situation, it is because there is some vibrationally magnetic reason for their being there. The moment there is no longer any reason for them to remain there, the universe will put them elsewhere.
      Just give the Wholey Real omniscient One all the credit, and all the blame.

      • life is a test. if you are earnest enough in the search for truth, a way will open for you even if you loose your way with some fake master. For me, life has led me to Ramana and his teachings. David Godman’s video “Self Inquiry” is on youtube, and that is basically what anybody need, instead of spending money chasing after a fake, who claims lineage to papaji and ramana

  41. A spiritual teacher with a big heart who says sensible things. But he is a poor copy of his own Guru poonjaji. Because his commercial attitude makes him a spiritual businessman and not a Guru like Poonjaji. Enlightened beings don’t ask nobody for money to be in their presence. Everbody is welcome for free. Otherwise poor people will be excluded to be in the presence of the Guru. For an enlighted being is everybody welcome as long as you behave youself. All is inclusive and exlusion is simply not possible voor an Guru. Mooji was always welcome for free by his own Guru Poonjaji, while he himself asks lots of money for his spiritual teachings. It goes up to € 500,- for a couple of days. His ego should be ashamed.

    • AMORADA, your perspective is typical of western fascist mindset. Do you tolerate anyone telling you that you “should” be living in any manner other than the manner in which you are living?
      I see where you’re coming from, and I respect it to an extent, because during much of my process of maturation I have thought similar thoughts as yourself, i.e., why/how could an awakened being charge money for facilitating the spread of the truth that sets us all free? Is such a person thereby implying that they own the truth, and therefore can sell it to others?
      I have never been comfortable regarding the elitist, exclusive, hierarchical and fascist aspects of the money game. Yet, come on, the conscious universe makes all kinds of beings in order to reach all kinds of beings, and to express the numberless facets of the infinite One. If there actually were no place for such beings, the Wholey Real One would not have willed them into being.
      How can you even imagine that you know better than Mooji and the Universe what Mooji “should” be doing…than does Mooji and the universe? Do you imagine that Mooji is not sufficiently sincere and attentive to living in accordance with his subtlest soul guidance?
      Mooji, of course, has no need whatsoever for my verbal support; I do not make these statements for his benefit, but for you to better consider the uses to which your mind and time might be spent in knowing/becoming who you really are, rather than pursuing the folly of pretending that you know better than an awakened being who they are, or what they ought to be doing. Do yourself a favor…consider using the time of your life to practice following your innermost guidance for yourself, eh?
      There was a time when, if there were an event which was priced out of my budget, that in my selfish perspective I would judge “those greedy bastards” who were asking “too much money” for entrance to the event…but that was merely my own whiney little ego. Nowadays when I see a publicly advertised event which interests me, and then I check my wallet and find I don’t have the funds to attend, it is now much easier than formerly for me to simply shrug my (inner) shoulders and say “Obviously I’m not supposed to be at that event,” for if I were supposed to be there, either the event would be more affordable, or more money would be in my wallet. It’s that simple and easy.

  42. I think that Mooji’s entire spiritual enterprise and satsang business are built on the lie of his enlightenment. Mooji is not an enlightened being and he is not a Self-realized master. In addition, this year 2018, Mooji and his crew will make a lot of money, for instance:
    Intense Satsang –Lisbon-February: €220 x1500 people = €300 000
    Zmar Retreat-Portugal-April: €375 x 850 people = €318 000
    Zmar Retreat-Portugal-October: €375 x 850 people = €318 000
    Monte Sahaja Retreat-June: €550 x 120 people = €66 000
    Netherlands Retreat-August: €330 x 1500 people = €495 000.
    Added together, it will be about1.5 mil. Euros, the estimated expenses could be about 0.5 mil. (like rents, salaries and act.). Mooji and his spiritual enterprise will make about 1 mil. Euros this year 2018 before tax and this figure is only minimal guess. Mooji’s business long-term strategy may pay off because his followers, devotees, and spiritual seekers have become the paying customers. Mooji and his team openly run spiritually recreation retreats, entertainment satsangs, and group therapy gatherings in Europe and make a big profitable business of it. Mooji is only a regular guy who wants to be a famous spiritual teacher and wants to make some money for himself and the Ashram.

    • Ales Dostal, the ego will always look for something to bitch about…believe me, I know—I have long been expert at it. On the other hand, the awakened/spiritual being will look for the reason God is appearing in this particular form. To me, at this juncture in my maturation process, it seems far more energetically economical to ask myself “Why is this the way it is?” than to expend so much energy in a false ‘holier than thou” display of judgment.
      Excuse yourself, how can you be so obtuse as to judge/claim that “Mooji is only a regular guy.” It is plainly evident that what you are saying/projecting is your own self-judgment, i.e., “I am just a normal/regular person…and I’d be happier if I discovered a way to take good care of myself while serving the higher good of humanity…right?

  43. I spent 3 months with Mooji and Sahaja and can tell you first hand that he is a BIG fraud. He and his inside clique uses group pressure to psychologocally break you down and control you, leaving you very confused until they even strip that until you are an empty mindless shell. They also practice alot of dark magic, alot of people there think he is some God because they feel an energy pass through their hands when he touches them, I wont go too deep into that but its really dark what he is actually doing to them. His old body guard I spoke with recently is absolutley terrified of him. This guy is EXTREMELY dangerous and must be stopped.

  44. Seeing all these comments gives me some comfort that people are starting to realize the dangers of Mooji. I have been quite ashamed to speak about my experience with him as it feels almost as if he raped me somehow, spiritually. I suffer from ptsd from all the pyschological trauma he inflicted on me. I spent quite some time at Sahaja and know first hand that he is a charlatan. After leaving him I have had to seek out therapy and counseling to help me get my life back on track. Because of him I gave up a great life in exchange to be a zombie blindly following him. I watched him direct his inner circle to gaslight certain devotees including myself. At the time I did not understand what gas lighting was, just thought it was tough love they were showing. On the outside they smile in your face but inside they seek to destroy you and pass it off as destroying “what you are not”. If I ever questioned him I was told it was just “my mind”. There was even rumors of him sleeping with an underage girl whom apparantly is in very bad shape psychologically now like many of us. He is nothing more than a pyschopathic, narcissistic mental abuser and con artist out to make money off the backs of broken people. He specifically targets those with either money or those who he knows has had genuine awakening experiences. I know alot of people there who are afraid to leave him and afraid to come out and tell what is really happening there. I have begged some of them to leave but they are deeply afraid of him. It has taken me years to somewhat piece my life together from what he did to me. I hope others read this and heed my warning. I pray God directs all those who have been hurt by him.

  45. Thank you to everyone who has left comments here… I was particularly interested in reading about the experiences of people who had actually stayed at Mooji’s ashram.
    I got interested in watch Mooji online about 4 weeks ago… well, his videos are addictive! Even though they all have basically the same (empty) content, you just can’t explain why you keep wanting to watch them! My guess is he does use some kind of trance-induction techniques. These videos make you feel a bit “spacy” and very relaxed. I found myself dwelling of the (confusing and simplistic) teachings quite a lot in my every day life.
    What snapped me out of my spell was seeing one women in a Mooji video who was obviously mentally ill – kind of hypo-manic and laughing hysterically. Mooji’s crowd and Mooji himself treated her behavior as normal. It was too weird for me. I hope she ended up getting help.

    • Dear friends,
      We all have been conditioned by our parents , teachers and the media mostly to cater to the needs of this relative world. We act according to our mind and intellect, and we believe that. Mind and Intellect work based on the information given by our five senses with their limited capability of perception. The Absolute is beyond the mind. There are ways how to transcend the mind. Mooji is a very learned teacher, explains the Non-dual philosophy in a easy way so that any one can understand. Critics must be encouraged so that we think twice about the truth. Remember this quotation,.’ We do not see what is, we see what we want to see.” That is the affect of conditioned mind. So think on your own ignoring both applauds and criticism.
      Bhagvan Ramana maharshi once said while answering to a question – The answer is only to that person who questioned and not only that but also to his mental status then and there. We should understand this and try to squeeze if we can get any essence to our benefit.
      Be blessed.

  46. For me, the ONLY “GOAL” has been to TRANSCEND the psychological mind. Everything else is a distraction…….. a waste of time.
    I appreciate all the commentary but would warn about getting caught up in it.
    Mooji, Papaji, Ramana M., Adya, Nisargadatta and Eckhart T.’s BRILLIANT and DIRECT pointings have aided me in transcending the ego and with much effort and finally less and less effort, am fairly stable in that Seeing……….
    It’s taken almost 4 years of daily listening and applying………….. Nothing really………….
    And what a joy to be free (or freer or beyond freedom and bondage)
    As Mooji says: “STAY AS THE SELF”
    As Papa says: “KEEP QUIET” (don’t follow thoughts)


    • …And the Dalai Lama says “When you see an injustice, you should fight against it.”
      I am very happy to stay in the Self… but I would also not listen to teachings from a so-called ‘master’ who has been accused of psychological abuse multiple times, by multiple complainants. ‘Gaslighting’, ‘inducing breakdowns’, ‘yelling aggressively’, ‘mind-control’, the list goes on, unfortunately. I am reading increasingly detailed and articulate accounts of abuse by devotees at the hands of Mooji – these accounts are all over the internet and they are convincing.
      Being in the Self makes no difference. It certainly doesn’t make you blind or turn you into an cretin, without any sense of what is right or wrong.

  47. I was a student of swami muktananda and lived at the indian ashram in the late 80’s. Whilst I no longer have anything to do with that group, I still believe that I learnt a great deal from my experiences there. It introduced me to my true nature but also confused the message with the messager. I have no doubt that these teachers have had very powerful experiences and can inspire such experiences in others. I’ve also noticed that they themselves can become trapped in hero worship and fall from grace too. Tell tale signs include excessive commercialization and over emphasis on the teacher rather than the teaching. The gurus have their own karma to deal with too, often with narcissistic features. Ultimately my experiences with outer gurus- both blissful and traumatic- have brought me closer to the true guru within.

  48. If I may, I will copy a comment from a Cult Education website that has a lot of recent discussion about Tony Moo-Young (Mooji) and his cult. (Administrator; please remove this if it is not appropriate.)

    This was written by someone who was undergoing economic hardship and was attracted to Mooji’s group because they offered her free food. At first she thought Mooji was harmless. Then she goes on to say:

    “… So far, there was a positive focus and sense of well-being but for what price? This happened one day while into my stint with them. I had to sleep when I could being with so many others so I found a quiet corner behind some bags in a venue. I curled up and was trying to drift off amongst the people coming in and out setting up. I couldn’t fall asleep so I was lying there trying to relax. I finally sat up and could see Mooji and one of his crew members who I always saw float around Mooji and not say much (I didn’t even recall hearing his voice) talking to each other. They had their backs to me and I felt a bit strange as nobody else was around and they couldn’t see me. I heard them talking about ‘Sarah’. Mooji was asking the top crew guy if ‘Sarah’ was ready to give herself. The crew guy was saying “I’ve been working on her, she’ll be sleeping with you within the week.”
    I was shocked at the frankness of this abuse and it made sense from ‘Sarah’s’ detached personality. She was being forced to prostitute herself to Mooji! Mooji was asking about some others and what they are ‘contributing’ and the crew guy was talking about them giving money…”

    • Thanks for sharing this, but anyone who has spent any time around Mooji and his Sangha can see this cannot be a true account. There are simply too many holes in this story, for example, I have never heard of anyone being asked to contribute money except for buying products and services like a books, cds, retreats, subscriptions etc. of which there are plenty! And that the person had to find a random place to sleep because there were so many people around… and that the Sangha gives free food… I have been to many events with Mooji and know many who follow him and have never seen or heard anything even close to what this post states.

      • Never heard of anyone being asked to contribute money, have you?
        Just go to the official Moo website and you will see the “donations” button on the right hand side of the page. Click on it and you will see that the minimum suggested “donation” is 25 euros! You can also give monthly, if you prefer. Note that the money is just being used to fund Moo’s activities, it’s not being given to the poor, or anything charitable like that. The Moo website is quite clear about this.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for sharing this. I can see why you would want to share it as the allegations are very serious indeed. However, I read the whole post on Cult Education Forum and I am quite convinced this is not a true account. First and foremost, Mooji did not hold any events in the UK in the year this person said they spent 2-3 months with Mooji in London. In fact, I think he was travelling and away for most of that year! Also, I have never heard of Mooji offering ‘free food and accommodation’ like this person is claiming. There are many other things that don’t add up either. I would advise some discernment when reading gossip online.

  49. Those are very serious allegations, and if they are true it makes Mooji quite dangerous. The thing is, anyone who has been around Mooji and his Sangha will see many details in this report that don’t ring true. It sounds like something written by someone imagining how Mooji and the Sangha operate. If they stood up in a court of law, I highly doubt this testimony would hold up simply because so many details are off. To be honest though, reading some of the rubbish being shared about Mooji these days I’m hesitant to even point these out because I don’t want these rumour mongers to actually start sounding remotely accurate.

  50. I went on a retreat in London with Mooji some years ago now. I had already had an awakening some time before after many years of being on the path and my mind was in stillness for most of the retreat. His words did not stick as there was nothing here for them to stick to. The whole thing for me felt largely like a spectacle, it was extraordinary like being taken back in time and watching something from the bible like a scene being reinacted complete with robes and costumes. Nothing that he said in my view would have brought true awakening although it did have quite an effect particularly on the younger people with hysteria, sobbing, laughing, kissing of his feet and so on. When I went outside I was talking to some friends and turned around suddenly and there was Mooji standing behind me, he wanted a hug. When I hugged him it felt as if there was no one there as in a kind of ‘dead’ feeling it is hard to explain. I think Mooji does do the job of pulling people in to the Advaita message very well but I am not certain that people around him are having true awakenings. He gets upset and defensive when people ask certain questions particulalry about kundalini, which is the phenomena that usually accompanies a true spiritual awakening, and he does not deflect the guru worshipping thing which is a bit concerning. I think the rating given here is probably fair given that it could be unlikely that anyone would spiritually awaken energetically and so forth by simply listening to his pointing’s, although they might get a kind of feel good factor from his hypnotic voice. It might be an incentive and encouragement to keep on with your practice and not try to take any short cut because there really isn’t one.

  51. Processing tips. So there are messengers, wise beings, yes? And the wisdom comes from pointing to an ultimate truth,an understanding, a perception? The pointing becomes recognized and a pointer is seen. When the pointer(teacher) becomes the main focus, a familiar story of “falling” ensues. From an awareness of being aware of bliss, of nonduality, undifferentiated consciousness, there is a “fall” back into personhood, of stories, of duality. The pointer may become the main focus, rather than the pointing. Teacher and student in a world of personhood, pleasure and pain. If the pointer environment becomes extreme, a delusion intensifies with both the teacher and student becoming part of a “colluded delusion”. Sometimes apocalyptic themes will emerge at this point..Extremities ensue, a splitting off of various aspects of experience. For instance, what at first may have been an incredibly blissful awareness shared, can alternate with an awareness of threat and foreboding. The teacher, at first was the perfect pointer, and now is also seen as fallible,
    as controlling ,even sometimes dangerous. Because this is so confronting a realization in and of itself, the realization is often dismissed with rationalizations and denial.

    Reconciling the “perfected master” with the “fallen angel” is a difficult and lengthy process.Often intuition may be useful ally. Also, did the outer seemingly perfected master resonate with an inner perfection? If so, recognizing the inner, incourruptable awareness as present throughout the whole process can be a huge support,and assist with eventually creating meaning out of the difficulty.

  52. Dear Admin, I inadvertently posted the same general message three times as it was not showing up. Please feel free to remove my comments from September 3 and 4, and just leave the latest one from September 8. Thank you and sorry for the triplicate posting!

  53. I lived at Sahaja with Mooji for quite some time and I can confirm that alot of these allegations are true. I did not want to believe nor see what was really going on at Sahaja even though a few people spoke of things. Every time a serious allegation came up against him it was immediately shut down and labeled “mind activities”. He always pushed us to challenge him and as soon as a challenge arose that critisized him he would verbally attack the person. He teaches us not to be attached to other people but its ok to be attached to him because and I quote “I will never be attached to you”. He constantly reminded us that we are not interesting at all or our stories meanwhile we listened to his life stories everyday. I saw him as a bully but did not want to accept what I was seeing becuase he made me believe it was only my mind. It was by the grace of God that I was able to escape there which he and his crew did not want for some reason. He totally messed my life up, I gave up everything for him. Somehow he put us in direct competition with each to fight for his acknowledgemnet and most of us had no idea that thats what we were doing. I did not realize this until I left. Im so thankful I got away from him, I have had countless nightmares about him. I hope some of you who reads this with doubt in your mind who live in Sahaja trust your feelings. Instinctively you know something is wrong, trust that and really look around you. I pray for his devotees daily. May God have mercy on their souls.

  54. Mooji disables comments on his videos. Seems very egoic to want to silence critical or dissenting voices. Is he using “spirituality” in order to get rich and attract fame to himself? You decide.

  55. I enclosed another comment to The Mooji’s Invitation to the Freedom “for immediate awakenings’, some bliss experience in Monte Sahaja by followers:
    Some Mooji’s critics (to neo-advaita-vedanta) say that seeing through the illusion of the personal “I” or the ego-mind optics is the main problematic and controversial point of Mooji’s teachings. This intellectual understanding or recognition (in ten minutes) does not suffice to discover the true Self or the true human nature. According to these Mooji’s opponents, the enlightenment feelings, bliss, or spiritual awakening experiences induced by Mooji and his satsangs or pointing out are mostly considered to be short caused by dopamine/serotonin-reward releasing in the brain, problematic like a ‘bliss-bobble’ in the isolated Monte Sahaja ashram, and superficial similar a ‘heaven’ hypnosis.
    Such Mooji’s “direct” recognition or discovery could not be taken yet to be equal to the experience of the identity of Atman, the true Self, or the true human nature in one’s self, because there is still subject-object pattern present, the latent ego-mind is still active, and one cannot leave the ego-mind aside so easily. The true human Self cannot be an object of the personal “I” directly, or the object of the attention of the ego-mind. One cannot attend immediately the true Self by means of the ego-mind so simply.
    Much more realistic and modest point of view or approaches is an indirect recognition/experience of the non-existence of the “I” or the ego-mind in the form of the silenced mind, a gap between two following thoughts, quite sensation, present moments/awareness, and deep meditation but only like a ‘gateway’ to the true Self. This is also a reason/argument why zen/budhhist monks, yogis, or some regular people meditate for years to turn the ego-mind inwards to be absorbed in the true Self by itself…

    • Ales, your assertions that one cannot jettison the subject-object programming of the ego identification so quickly is sometimes true, but since the construct of linear time itself is an illusory conceptual projection, there is no guarantee that your assertion is always true…especially since we are now living in an epoch in which the rate of passage of linear time is accelerating, while more persons likely are now awake and/or awakening than ever before…thus we draw ever nearer the “hundredth monkey,” so the rules of days gone by are likely less and less applicable or dependable. Quite possibly we approach a time when—out of dire necessity for planetary survival—people will be awakening more rapidly than ever before. This also reflects the fact of the presence of so many awakened teachers these days—it appears to be a universal setup for mass shifts in collective consciousness.
      Of course, this is merely a projection of a rumor on my part, and it is always wiser to be present with the actuality of this moment…this moment in which the Wholey Unicity Reality is always fully/maximally present.

  56. I came across Mooji by chance on YouTube and he instantly spoke to me at some deeper level, his words feel right. He has repeated on several occasions he is not teaching us anything simply pointing to what already lies within us. He has plenty of free material available to everyone and by the way it is normal that he charges for his time, ie the satsangs and the books written as well, why shouldn’t he.. I also believe that some of Moojis pointings cannot be understood by everyone, which is fine as there are plenty of great messengers out there to satisfy all. Blessings

  57. I found this comment on a cult education forum, describing how to make a complaint about Mooji:

    The other important thing I have discovered is how to make an official complaint against the Moo group. Charities in the U.K. are governed by the Charity Commission, which reports directly to the U.K. parliament. You can make an official complaint about the conduct of a charity online here:


    (Admin, please remove this comment if not suitable)

  58. Mooji king: One female devotee kisses Mooji’s feet, Krisnabai fans him, and Lakshmi cleans up Mooji’s forehead:

    Mooji attracts a lot of fanatic female lovers and foolish worshipers who come from Mooji’s YT video watchers, he also draws people who have been diagnosed with different mental health diseases/issues or have experienced some life difficulties, homelessness, and traumas. Mooji presents a delusional-therapeutic cult and ashram with the mostly confused followers.

    • Your Sword of Truth is rather bent, slanted toward a focus on the types of persons you happen to consider judgment-worthy and easily stigmatizeable.
      Yet it is worthwhile to point out that your judgmental comments regarding persons at Mooji’s ashram/community are applicable to humanity at large, and Moo community is, of course, but a microcosmic representation of humanity as a whole. So your prejudicial remarks are actually pointless.
      One distinction I would be willing to make a conjecture upon regarding the community of Moo: the human representatives therein are generally more intelligent, more aware, more honest, more self-respecting, and more focused on being/becoming whole than the general human population at large.

      • Jeffrey, from how your master’s inner circle (e.g. lakshmi ) have behaved, I doubt your words. there are also good people there like meera. I was one of you, until I realized that Moo Moo will never be able to help me rid the ego because he still has the ego. Its sad but its truth. Wake Jeffrey, leave before you waste more time with him.

  59. How can any one rate a enlightened master, to rate some one must be of a higher experience cadre. Ordinary mind is impossible to be understand the Philosopher’s mind, so you endup putting up in vocabulary one understand’s. It is would be good if we can rate our self in how much we know about our true SELF.
    Again no master has ever enlightened any one, they will only show the way to seek “Thy Self” rest is your own dance.

  60. Mooji is a dangerous sham- he uses dissociation and trance states to addict people to his nonsense. And then, in good tyrant fashion, aggressively squashes any dissent, horrifically calling it ‘the mind’. Charles Mansion would tell the girls who ended up killing people: “thinking is stinking”. Don’t stop thinking, ever!

    An example of killing decent, his instagram post from a few days ago:

    “In recent weeks, it has come to our attention that certain individuals – many anonymous – have taken to digital platforms to spread false and harmful rumours about our teacher”

    He’s evil.

    A question for anyone who made it out of this nonsense alive, what do you recommend for coming back to yourself and reality? Its been tough for me, because so much of the control happened by putting me in states outside of my conscious mind- this feels extra scary, and hard to heal from.

    • To ‘Don’t Stop Thinking’: Having just viewed the Mooji Foundation Instagram post as per your recommendation in the link you have provided, this is what I perceive, and how I interpret the situation…
      I will begin by saying I have no active association with anybody in the Moo community, and have not ever been a part of it. Yet I do recognize in Mooji the common love for liberating truth, and I cannot help but honor and respect all who have the intelligence to seek the eternal supernal awareness Reality which amounts to release from the imprisonment of the unconscious ego-identified pursuit of all the insane bullshit that the unconscious/unawakened frightened fascist human political/nationalist/commercialized/militarized/satanic talmudic zionist penal colony planet has to offer.
      I am actually amazed to observe that it is possible for persons such as yourselves—you who may also consider yourselves lovers/seekers of liberating universal truth-peace-wholeyness-sanity—to be so wounded and vengeful from your life experiences that you have lost your capacity to recognize and empathize with your truth-loving/truth-seeking brethren and sistren…you have apparently not realized or you don’t remember how difficult and fraught with pitfalls and temptations is the path of truth awakening…and instead of supporting those who are intending to free themselves from the insane world construct that the ego has erected, you yourselves have taken sides with the ego’s fear-fraught, suspicious, offensive/defensive attack mode! And you have lost sight of the principle truth that is plain to every truly intelligent person: you don’t really know what these people are made of, you don’t really know the depths of either their sincerity or their delusion…in other words, it is obvious that the negative views you are spouting are merely your own unconscious unhealed projections, due to your own inner pain/woundedness/splintering… so now you have taken the role of demons of darkness/ignorance/unconsciousness attacking those who are merely doing their best to realign their lives with the liberating light of truth. But that is the nature of this earth curriculum.
      In saying this, I am not denying that due to human unconscious slip-ups, apparent abuses occur, and perhaps will always be occurring in the nature of this earth curriculum. I neither condone abuse, nor, particularly, do I support the institutionalization of abusive patriarchal hierarchical practices.
      The fact that you devote so much time and energy to trashing people whom you have not really gotten to know reveals this: you yourself have neglected and fallen behind and off track of your own duty and responsibility of focusing on your own inner truth-awakening.
      My firm suggestion is that you do humanity a favor by resuming your quest to discover your true identity in omniscient infinicity/unicity, and to cease making life more unreasonably and unnecessarily difficult for those who are engaged merely in the honorable effort to focus on the Truth that is without exceptions, and to be freed from the business of insanity as usual in this human ego politicized world.
      If you were to create a community of humans who are attempting to free themselves from the general mass of self-destructive ignorance and insanity, how would you go about it? There is no easy answer, there is no easy path, there is no guarantee…other than that each one does our own very best to see clearly, compassionately, and to be courageous enough to remain with truthfulness—moment to moment—in each our own thoughts, words, and practices. Are you able and willing to imagine that we are all part of a family or tribe of lovers of truth, peace, liberation, sanity…ascending a steep mountain trail simultaneously…the more we assist one another, the quicker, safer, and happier will be our traverse to the mountain peak of wholeyness/unicity/clarity…the final(?) goal of incarnation.
      Thank you and bless you/us/all on our journey Home (the Home we actually have never left!), for in the highest clarity of awakened Reality we are only one…infinite, ineffable, indivisible, boundless bliss-being…

      • Jeffrey, beautiful words don’t kill the ego. In the Heart of every individual is the same Self that is already realised. The obstacle is only the ego, or our conditioning. Your master don’t help people by repeating “abide by the self” or “leave everything outside, what remains is You”. These are just reassurances that becomes confusion when the ego rises. he cannot help you rid the ego because he has not himself.

        David Godman has documented Sri Ramana’s self enquiry, which when followed earnestly will help to wear the ego down, and when the egohas no energy left, a GURU, whether physical or supernatural form, will appear to finish the ego off. To those who want salvation, this is the way. Don’t waste your time with King Tony. I wasted at least four years of my life following him and still get confused because of the same reason mentioned above. it doesn’t cost you a dime. Salvation if free for all because it is our very nature that we have forgotten. If any guru demands any payment, he is not it, just money raking businessman in the name of spirituality.

  61. Don’t stop thinking,
    What I found helpful was to educated myself of how these people operate. Take a look at the Osho documentary Wild, Wild Country and also the cult documentary Holy Hell. These are good places to start. Maybe consider getting professional support from a therapist who understands trance induction, hypnosis and thought reform?
    I think it takes time to heal.

  62. My partner and I spent about 3-4 days at Monte Sahaja. I can confirm that the aura of “overwhelming worship” and competition to rise in the ranks of Mooji’s “inner circle” certainly felt present to me. I found myself quite irritated by this energy and saw it as the biggest flaw of the entire experience there. I would not be surprised AT ALL by the allegations that he is sleeping with his “rotating” inner circle members, who all happen to be attractive, young females who are overly devotional and likely submissive to his will.

  63. Hello,
    I don´t tell almost anyone in my surrounding that I am “moojified”, that I watch with large interest those videos, and have been for long time.

    So I am writing because there is some wish to share thoughts and talk about it, though this doesn´t feel the right place. only i don´t find a better one.

    What I find should be considered in general in case of Mooji:
    He is opening up his teaching and letting people extremely close by the videos, the free ones and in sahaja express. It is just videos, and not “real” for the one behind the laptop, but I find a lot and a lot of information can come across, not only the words. It is a new “method” or possiblility, to reach and help people by video and internet. That was never possible before.

    I don´t feel or follow doubts that it happens and is offered in good intention / intention to follow what felt and feels was right and to be done.

    I find also though that this uncontrollable spreading of videos in the internet could be seen as questionable though.

    I can´t speak for anyone else but myself who find´s it very helpful…
    I wouldn´t find this help, if it wasn´t available so easily.
    So much for now


  64. I never had a cynical character but while in Sahaja I felt pressured to trust instead of being shown, by behaviour, that it was safe to trust. I’ve witnessed long time devotees behaving out of attachment and being downright unconscious and I resent them for it. I imagine some of them to be phony. I also see how challenging their lives must be and appreciate their dedication. Among other things, the experience has been curing me from hierarchy-oriented spirituality

  65. I lived at Sahaja for a time. One day three priests came from the town, one a bishop. They wanted to meet Mooji. We had to line the street and the men walked up and looked at all of us, Mooji stood directly behind them eye contact with each of us. We were told that we needed to make a good impression so Mooji could be accepted in this area of Portugal. Then a show was held, music and dancing. Two dancers. One red head, one black. The black woman wore no bra and a see through shirt. She danced a solo dance and you saw her nipples and everything else. This was in front of the priests and bishop. I was so confused and shocked. I felt this teased the men and disrespected their vow to celebrity. I wondered is this a European thing? Are they gay? I can’t tell you how weird and uncomfortable I felt for the men. Now I have been educated on what Mooji has done with women and know two personally as well as many who refused him but were tucked out by him going there. So tell me how this had anything to do with awakening? I don’t think people have a clue what is really going on there. It’s a complete waste of time and is dangerous if you are vulnerable and young. I saw the black woman around and her light had gone out. I couldn’t believe the man I loved named Mooji would use someone as a disquised stripper like dancer to gain influence or power over a church. I don’t understand what this was all about to this day. And it’s only 1 of 100s of stories that make no sense. Truth is suppose to lead to CLARITY not years of confusion and self doubt. I stopped telling anyone what my reactions really were, “it’s just your mind” was pretty easy to remember would be all anyone would say.

  66. Another one like Gangaji, told to go and teach by Papaji because he was tired of what he called parasites and wanted them out of the way.

  67. Mooji is a attractive cunning manipulative nutter! He’s not enlightened! He mainly attracts dharma bums and female ‘air heads’ . What with money laundering, millions stashed in the bank, two suicides, I suggest you don’t touch him or his ashram with a barge pole. HMRC or the IRS along with the UK Charity Commission should investigate him and his foundation with immediate effect!

    • Martin: It is possible, nevertheless, to be more balanced in the manner by which one receives or evaluates the phenomenon of an advaitic guide such as Mooji.
      If one has embarked upon the “infinite journey of no distance,” one may relish receiving as many as possible avenues, clues, opportunities, and options for guidance along the way. My own character much prefers dipping philosophically into numerous types of teachings in order to gain and sustain an expanded perspective, rather than becoming a blindered sheeple in the herd.
      The ineffable Wholey omniscient Infinicity-Unicity Reality is the timeless Source and ever-present essence in all…our own truest and primary identity; at the clearest level of Being/Knowing. Consider the (illusion of) billions of years of time necessary to produce a Mooji from the primordial biological muck. He, as well as all others, is a sublime miracle. He sits before us in what is actually a relatively gracious, compassionate, humble demeanor, offering a continuing stream of ideas which more intelligent persons may choose to receive and apply toward each their own ultimate liberation from imprisonment to identification with the paltry perceptions of the false sense of self.
      It is very interesting to note that this infinite omniscient Unicity Reality makes no two exactly alike, but rather every one is a UNIQUE totality of perhaps numberless possible combinations of myriad elements and attributes which comprise a human being. Each and every one always representing an essential, unique, and perfect unfolding permutation of the Wholey Unicity Reality!
      To focus upon the so-called “shortcomings” of these marvelously conscious! beneficent! living! breathing! sublime humanoid forms/teachers/guides, living products of the culmination of billions of years of biological and historical evolution—in every type and combination… To produce even ONE of such degree of evolved/awakened awareness might be worthy of recognition of the Grace of the universal Presence…yet, in its infinite unfolding mercy/grace/compassion, this Wholey One has produced thousands of differing types of humanoid guides from which to take our pick in regard to whom we choose to give our attention or adulation, as the case may be.
      To begin recognizing the imprint of the timeless Wholey Perfection in oneself is to begin cognizing the same in all others. Then the myriad surface particulars of forms are recognized to be non-essential, perhaps irrelevant, alongside the fact of being permitted to witness the voice and expression of an unusually clear and precise pointing toward Home. Don’t look a divine gift horse in the mouth, and don’t judge a divine counselor by their bank account and garb…for all we know these apparently personalized distinctions merely represent the myriad methods which the Wholey Real One creates and utilizes in order to get the attention of every different type of human.
      Perhaps while we are snared in relatively limited and superficial degree of awakening intelligence that we are prone to noticing and emphasizing the distinctions and differences between us…but to begin recognizing, seeing, and honoring the same Wholey Real Essence in everyone…this is a mark of the blossoming of truly high intelligence.

      • in short, king tony of monte sahaja cannot help you get rid of the ego because he still have the ego.

        I know you are a sangha member of his, because they all like to use sweet beautiful words like the above to impress, to attract more devotees and continuously feed on them to build his kingdom. you are still not free from ego. I was one of his sangha member, and I know he still enjoys his chicken dishes.

        Watch his behaviour at 40:32 in the video below, which gives you a hint of how abusive he is behind the camera.

  68. Maybe his following isn’t great. I have no idea. I’d be careful when it comes to dropping your life to live around a guru.

    But, listening to him talk does drag the mind into self-enquiry. Experiences of bliss and insight from then on can be as intense as I’ve experienced. If you’re miserable with life an experience like that can be incredibly beneficial, but I think you have to be a bit spiritually mature before jumping in. I myself wouldn’t give Mooji’s videos to anyone. Someone that I trust to navigate losing their mind… yeah… but who do I trust to do that? Only myself and only sometimes!

    Yearning for God… you’re bound to go mad in the process.

  69. I think we need a website like this. It’s totally useful… Anyway… Internet is free and independent (more or less) so keep going with your website! Good luck!

  70. I have only seen Mooji on Insight Timer . I liked his direct approach to the “What is,” the true nature of all things.
    I like the guy. But I know Krishnamurti never bullshitted around (though he did keep it a secret that he had a girlfriend, Rosalind Rajagopal. Oh well!).
    If someone says they know… be careful!
    If someone says they have a path to the “Truth,” they don’t. “Truth is a pathless land…” as JK says.
    If Mooji is aware that some people spend all their money and time to see him, To the exclusion of everything else, it would be good if he were to direct him self to that. The lady who is concerned about her son might wish to go see him if she can and say “look Pal, it’s nice if my son likes to hang out with you but not all the time!”
    There is no reason to be to respectful to gurus. If they need that they shouldn’t be gurus.
    I grew up with my father, Irving Fiske, who somehow got himself into the pickle of being an “anti-guru.” He tried to let people know that each person needs to be their own guru! And yet inevitably there will always be people who follow anyone who seems to be an authority and they did follow my father to. I didn’t realize how stuck some were on him until he died.
    They couldn’t believe it! I mean for chrissake he was 82. And he was just a guy from Brooklyn, with a great literary background, buThey couldn’t believe it! I mean for chrissake he was 82. And he was just a guy from Brooklyn, with a great literary background, And a wonderful way of speaking. No he was a special person. But he didn’t charge money for what he did, he didn’t force people to stick around. If anyone does that they should not be considered a guru. And I am sure my father had many flaws as well. Please, if you are unhappy with the way Mooji is behaving, I don’t think he would want it to be that way. I saw his vision is quite clear and pure. But I don’t know all about him. You can find out if he is the real thing by asking him what he intends to do about a kid who spends all his money to go wherever he, Mooji, is.
    He may feel that this is something that is useful for this young man, but he should take into account the feelings of the mother. An enlightened being will not ignore anybody , Anyone who is suffering. Maybe he’s just a very naughty boy!
    I really kind of like him though. So please if there is someone who is unhappy with his behavior, please let him know and see what he does.
    Other than that I agree with Krishnamurti. Always have . Was fortunate enough to hear him speak a few times.

        • You are right. Grace will get to him. Watch this video with the link below @ time 1:04:30 – See how his anger (ego) rises and prove to everybody that he is not enlightened in front of the camera. Then @ time 1:15:00, see his eyes. Ironically, his team named the video “Most obvious and most obviously missed”, Nothing needs to be said further. I will just let everybody form their own conclusion.

  71. The link below was from yesterday’s satsang at rishikesh with the link , @time 1:41:where you can hear the “guruji” ask the audience whether it is a good satsang, and see the smug on his face as he gets assurance and applause. Watch also as he very subtly puts psychological pressure on troubled devotee by asking ‘where is the clap?’. Does a ‘guruji’ need this reassurance on whether it is a good satsang and does he need to ask for the clap from a confused poor thing? Everybody, you see his recent satsang has been poor. Obviously, he has been troubled by allegations. Moo Moo, you cannot fake Truth, sooner or later, it will reveal.

    • Stefan, my beloved is vehaving the same way. You can even ask him if he has seen the car keys and he will react with a mooji does not like disturbance. He insults me and claims mooji said everything is rubbish. Now he wants me and his child out of his house because he has discovered himself through mooji the great claiming i am supposed to suffer if i don’t follow what is being said . He always wants to be pat at the back if he says something from or about mooji. If you don’t compliment it you are stupid… is this stupidity or what?

      • Bree, I am so sorry to hear this. I also need to confess that this is how I treated my wife when I was following him. I was fortunate, because my wife’s Love for me was greater than Moo’s hypnotic effect on me. Grace was also kind to me because I was pointed to Ramana Marharshi through David Godman’s documentary video. There is NO Ramana Maharshi lineage – David Godman . I can only say to you not to give up and let Grace point the way for him. Keep strong. Love will find a way.

      • Hello Bree,
        Here is a summary documenting his good deeds.,149667

        You can also go to the main board to learn more.,135827,page=219

        I encourage you to register yourself also on the cult education forum and to document your experiences there so that Rick Ross has more ammunition against that rat when the time is ripe to bring the organisation down. Be careful though to maintain anonymity though since the moo gang frequently trolls the site for information to persecute individuals for writing against him.

    • Hi Susan, that cow is no longer fat. I am telling you in case you did not notice that he has slimmed down. Apparently, the ‘enlightened master’ decided to take up swing arm exercise. His long time devotee spent quite a bit of money to fly three swing arm exercise masters from taiwan to rishikesh just to meet him and teach him how to exercise. If you keep calling him fat, he may be deeply offended and may ask his loyal aide to send you a lawyer letter. So please, for your own sake, please write him a sorry letter to demonstrate how ‘sorry’ you are.

  72. What i really don’t understand is if this is not a cult or plain confusion why is my beloved crazed and stuck to the screen 24/7 like a zombie. You ask a question he’s like mooji doesn’t like that or mooji does not advocate for it. Now he does not even want to see me or his child all in the name of Mooji. For Fs sake what’s is it with this man? Your own soul should be your own guru.

  73. Dear GR,
    MR Anthony Mooyoung (MOOJI) should be at (0)
    As a big Fake, he only serves himself. I had followed him for 4 years. Over that time he became
    SRi Moojibaba from a simple crook that could give the illusion that he had something, to a big spiritual star theater, with millions in the bank.
    When Covid-19 came out he did not react and went on with his program.
    Then, when borders started to close he chose to isolate himself. Only speaking via computer. While nobody had jobs and was living the worst life they could remember, he still charged money for his advice while many other were giving financial breaks to people.
    He kept his head down and stayed silent while the world went into lock down. As a leader he failed to speak about the pressing matters. Human rights etc. Now, you might say: so what? Well for a guy who talks about NOT being the body in his preaching he is suddenly very afraid of death.
    The ashram got shut down and an group of power hungry zealots and sickos
    took over the ashram. Purging and throwing out any unwanted people.
    And for many weeks nothing. Then they killed a black guy in the US, and suddenly he was there again speaking. It plain to see he is attached to being a guru and his body and being black, all of this means he is by NO means a true guru who has gone beyond body and all attachments. This rich fat, ego centric
    man has a lot of secretes that we will find out about sooner or later. For example the growing list of deaths around his so called satsangs and ashrams. To be awakened means you let go of power, money and fame, because you see it means nothing. The fat Moo will not know this and defend himself like the criminal he is.

  74. Let the people who got out of darkness speak out. If someone is not ready to be enlightened, it definitely is difficult to understand his teachings. That’s the reason some leave and back upon their readiness. As far as $$$ I have no clue how much and what it is used for, however, our focus primarily should be on the people who have and will be free of ego and darkness. Only becoming one with God / self liberate us from suffering. No medicine, $$$ …

  75. His writings and speeches sound like word salad. Meant to confuse you so you feel that you just don’t “get it” and those that do “get it”? Are totally codependent. Wow. I hate gurus who hold court and act like they have all the answers (which is all of them). Only YOU have the answers you need. Nobody else. To think they do, is a disservice to yourself.

  76. The Universe is a mirror, so every teacher will simply become the projection of your unhealed issues. They hold light and so in the light it casts a shadow and you see your reflection and your unhealed issues. Most teachers of meditation want you to transcend it. In my experience you must face it and feel it and it will dissolve, you won’t be able enjoy your Guru or TeacherPeople until you understand this principle. The guru or teacher plays their role perfectly for your growth. Everyone is your Guru, EVERYONE, but a Guru can fast track you.

    • Right on ! they all say something just right from time to time, and thanks to them, but I don’t have to buy the whole package.

  77. My only true complaint is his deception and fake humility. He sits there in his skirt saying “who am I? where am I? for you see blah blah” but what HE doesn’t tell you is that he charges 1000 euros each person for his satsungs, where up to 800+ people attend at a time. He owns hectares of land and even owns his own ashram in India. For such a spiritual “I’less” person, HE sure loves those rupies/dollars. From what I’ve witnessed he’s done nothing but mix good Buddhist ideologies into his own weaving of word salad and spiritual woo.

  78. This seems like it was written in 20 seconds, after watching one video.

    I’ve been to Mooji’s ashram. Spent an hour videoing our interview.

    I give this description 1 star out of 5, and the one star is for the spelling.

  79. Yet another false prophet who exists to appropriate Indian culture & repackage it in such a way for (extremely) gullible westerners to consume, attach to & identify with (namaste) while lining his pockets.

    When something becomes a single minded addiction & consumes your soul in such a way it’s not healthy or constructive. For Tony’s “followers” the craving, one track mind & up/down nature of this experience is just as bad as any serious drug addiction I’ve ever witnessed (heroin, crack etc).
    He has no original insight into any of the concepts he regurgitates from his library, this is clearly displayed during every single “satsang”. You would have got further reading the book yourself & coming to your own conclusions without all the conflated mental fluff & his “pointing” towards “dropping it all”, joining a cult & living like a vagrant in a forest in Portugal in order to provide free labour for his enterprise.

    How do you think he’s managed to become a millionaire? Through not paying tax & having very low overheads. Even these were stripped back during covid, he kicked them all out of Sahaja to protect himself (diabetes – covid – death – fear) along with his his bottom line (outgoing costs) but you won’t hear his “sangha” talking about being made homeless & not knowing where to go during an international pandemic after living there for years.
    The big news here is nothing lasts in this world, once this cult runs dry you’re all going to have to find something else to latch onto & hide you lives behind, this is the nature of identity. If you think this latest “spiritual” act with you walking around pretending to be Hindu is any different you have much to learn still.

    What goes up must come down, this cult (or NRM) peaked long ago & is dwindling, it’s already finished. You all just haven’t accepted it yet, still in the clamouring phase trying to hold on.
    Please keep this up as it’s very entertaining for the rest of us, netflix may even make a sequel if you go full ham with it, you will also maybe eventually learn something about yourself too in this act.

  80. This group is created for anybody who wants or needs to unmask or examine the hidden parts of Mooji’s Satsangs.
    There is something deeply wrong with any teacher who is repressing the critical voices and pretends to be the embodiment of absolute Self. There are a lot of YouTube videos of people showing their different perspectives or points of views of Mooji which have been deleted by Mooji Media Ltd and his Lawyers.
    So this group is intended to be an open space for people and to welcome testimonies from people who are in anyway related with Mooji’s teachings and Monte Sahaja. There is a strong feeling that there is more than what meets the eye when you watch his Satsangs. The psychological manipulation and Gaslighting are so subtle that they are so easily overlooked even by the most experienced spiritual seekers. We feel that there is a strong connection between his teachings and people in his community that end up deeply mentally unbalanced. Hence we want to discover what exactly are his tricks and how they operate upon his followers psychics.

    please join

    • Yes, why does it cost £190 for an online retreat?

      Why can’t Mooji or Sangha answer questions anymore?

      Why are only certain people being hand picked to visit/attend Monte Sahaja?

      Why be encouraged to be open but the Master or Sangha are shrouded in secrecy and unreachable?

  81. Hi~ came across a video on youtube of the guided meditation from 2018 called “The Invitation”. Found that particular exercise quite effective in centering the self and stop the at times restlessness of thoughts especially in these times when everybody seems to dwell in a lot of fear. So I looked at a few more videos and then I noticed the followers of the man called Mooji. Their behaviour was unsettling. Had none of them heard his only message? Do not fixate on the egoic mind. That is actually sound advice if the own mind is stuck in fixed thoughts, frantic or hysterical. Better then to see somebody trained in talk therapy. We cannot live in the body without a persona, so better to become friends with it and help it as one would a best friend. Early complications during the formative years can lead to people spending years trying to compensate for the initial lack of whatever. True maturity and sovereign composure is to be able to comfort oneself, and use the mind to think kindly. Now. What I noticed about the followers was that they aborted their own ego mind to adopt the ego mind of this man Mooji. They worship an ego belonging to somebody else. That is not empowerment, that is becoming a zombie. May all those hurt by the words of others find their own critical fculties of mind and become their own person free to listen, speculate, and ponder whatever they like. Let nobody tell you what you can or cannot think.

    • You know all that because? You’ve succeeded in your own Awakening? If yes then that is a delusion too. You would have no need to make your point, remain bias based on what you think another person(s) said or wrote. Do you have links to Fact Checkers all over your desktop? Full of fact those people. Funded by whoever requires some agenda they need to happen. I can see how they work, its totally transparent.
      Witnessing anything that creates an opinion is your own opinion and nobody elses, and opinions are indeed part of the expression of free speech. But where is it going to take you or anyone else? To even further self-imposed conflict. I watch it happen allthe time. Going from boring and irritating to side splitting halarious. Dropping the mindmade complexicity you only believe it occuring, while being moulded by your surrounding, not by your Self is a typical example of not having Awakened. If you had, you’d have no complaints and have no urge to get involved with the accusing mind who believes in something labelled fact. Just like institutionalized scientists. Even if they can measure something and show how it acts and reacts comes nowhere close to the definition. Because, sooner or later along come a knew discovery that replaces the old one. And what was labelled as fact before has been proven not to be what the most acedemically people claimed it was.
      You even attack people attending a Sat Sang. You make it sound as bad as a room full of Harold Shipman victims or, as you say Zombies. Why the angry and cruel mind? You talk of complications, all of which are mindmade, never outside yoursef – even science will tell you the same. We exist as persons in such a narrow band of frequency, called 0.0005% of all vibrational and other types of wave formats we can’t even see, how do you know what is happening at any given moment? You’ve never seen a single thing with your eyes, only your mind once the information is received by the brain and decoded and then ‘seen’, and always inside if your mind. You never see what you think is there, only whatever is bought tho you faculties and your brain/mind is able to decode.
      It take 1 whole second from what we pick up from our senses, especially our reina before it is seen inside the mind only. And yet, still you believe you are presenting facts. Maybe you are, but trusting science made facts as the Truth means your entire existance could be an infinite number of things you’ve never, and likely never will discover. You can’t find much inside a delusion.
      I’m not Spiritually Awakened in the slightest, though I do have trust. Mostly in myself with the hints I’ve picked up along the way (thank you Mooji and others).
      One thing has become essentially realised, ever since I not only stopped watching, but me and a freind took the TV outside to my front yard and put baseball bats to it. Having no TV nor influenced by it is the closest I’ve come to bliss. It has one purpose – to bring the world to the state its in now and beyond. And nothing you think you see or hear from inside it comes close to real.
      Yet the box that tells visual lies influences peoplle on how they ‘should’ live. Also halarios. And because I took away the dumb thing and destroyed it, is the only reason its rare for me and others to fall for pure nonsense. Its allowed time to expand instead of being wasted glued to a box, kept fear at bay, my mind is much more quiet and clarity is beyond expetation. Whern lockdown 1st hit, together with the fact I isolate too much meant it took over a month before I was even aware of any restrictions. I read things on the trillions of signs still up but never got involved. I knew nothing, I’m not going to believe 2nd, 3rd or fourth and so on information that make no sense and I not seen any changes. Washing hand too much, especially with soap rids your hands of germs that are your guard against sickness causing germs. Same as your gut after antibiotics. If not re-establishing a healthy eco system with pro and prebiotics and other remedies, its a scramble between all the parasites, bacteria and other living organisms to reach the finish line that is to embed themselves in our guts. We don’t even have something called a gut lining, a misleading word. he walls of the gut are never motionless, cells moving faster than any psoriasis plaque, with nutrients and almos everything else in the blood continuously moving in and out through those aparent walls. What happens when they are damaged, from eating a bad diet? A stomache ulcer. You don’t need prior knowledge to see that most of our bodies are seperate cells reorganising themselves, with only one goal, to keep balance and harmony inside for good health, evident from how good we feel in everyday life. We know barely anyhing about anything. What we think we are isn’t even us, Awakened or not. Anyone can see that if they can realise it without bias, or the Mind telling you (thats 2, one telling the other) what it has concluded.

  82. My friends wife left him to be with Mooooooooogee.
    Can you imagine?
    The photos alone of him up close and personal with young women. Yuck

  83. 1. Not even an enlightened being can know who has attained the ultimate or not. Only a Buddha can do that.
    2. There is not only one level of enlightenment. There are 4 in Buddhism. At the least, Mooji/Moijiji very much seems to at least have attained the 1st level of the supramundane. He clearly understands the difference between flesh+spirit. Clearly knows what is immortal and what is not. Clearly knows what basket to put your eggs in.
    3. Supreme enlightenment is an attainment that may not even exist in this world, and there is nothing wrong from learning what is offered by those that have only taken one step into the stages of enlightenment. I’d expect someone that has attained to the final stage, arahantship in Buddhism, to be locked in a permanent state of self awareness, even when sleeping, and are free of sensual desire beyond that which sustains the body. Free of lust, greed, hate, passions+aversions. Possessing an extraordinary degree of tolerance to pain.
    4. It’s pretty stupid to rate a teacher because different people need different levels of teaching. Is a kindergarten teacher a worse teacher than a physics teacher? Since nobody is forced to be a student, whatever teacher they decide upon is good for them.
    5. Those that love to blame teachers for suicides or express hate+distain for them, or pretend they know better .. they are the dangerous+evil+perverting+corrupting+ignorant. This world is dedicated to material acquisitions, and many children/teens are not satisfied with a view that says we only come into this world to labor toward the riches of others while seeking pleasure when possible. Some kids are not agreeable with that, and they know there is more to life than that and they want to find out what that is. And adults that can’t appreciate that are dangerous to humanity.
    6. Many people are insane, and it’s not the job of a teacher to cure insanity. It is stupid to blame teachers for things insane people do, like suicides.
    7. Teachers are still human beings. Just because they have had insight+experience that gives them knowledge of things beyond the material world doesn’t mean they are godlike, or able to save all others, or that they know all the things.
    8. They should generally be free of covetousness, ill will, hostility, jealousy, selfishness, hypocrisy, deceit, fraud, arrogance, haughtiness, and vanity. And they ought to be celibate.
    9. Most teachers have probably only attained the 1st stage of enlightenment, the 1st supra-mundane experience. But that is a legitimate teaching level. That is enough to teach what Mooji/Moijiji teaches.

    16. pamada, negligence or heedlessness; in social behavior, this leads to lack of consideration.

  84. I have a take on Mooji that likely hasn’t aired before. I feel that all ‘Shakti’ teachers, like Mooji, Osho, Ananta and Barry Long are possessed by astral realm entities. It’s common to feel stoned or hypnotized in the presence – or even watching the videos – of these people. The astral is the realm of glamour and addiction and its entities are easily attracted to imbalanced, egotistical people. They feed off their host and his or her devotees, by keeping them in thrall to a false spiritual high.
    Mooji might seem like a harmless cuddly fellow, but in his presence you are being farmed.

  85. I am yet to even try Mooji’s methods, but I love to watch his Sat Sangs. It touches a part of me that the Mind cannot stop. I’ve seen him make mistaked, act probably too harsh and also heard about a girl who committed suicide whilst staying there. But wait. Who are most likely to travel any distance, simply to be in his presence because they have found nothing in society that carries anything you could call Truth? I can’t say I know of anywhere! And it’s obvious that people at the end of their tether must also go to see him, and they are already broken.
    In fact, I wrote to his team, and because I mentioned mental health they would not be able to help. But I never had to say that, and clearly many go without mentioning it. And suicide is never already inevitable to anyone suffering from mental illness? I’m a 1st hand sufferer myself, I didn’t like hearing that, but can not blame them. It gets gossiped about giving him a bad name, and people wonder why the rule exists?
    Mooji sits infront of hundreds of followers while being filmed live. Does that sound like someone with something to hide? Who else is as respected as him, paid heaps to be on TV shows and teach exactly the same Truth? Too many to count, but all are so rigid in their teachings and nobody complains when they are doing essentially the same thing. So what if he has earned enough riches to live in one of the most beutiful places in Portugal? Who wouldn’t?
    It is sad to see so many negative comments based on nothing but their Ego coming up with, and believing anyhing, and parroting anything they read in the press. Like media ever touches on anything resembling truth.
    Do these same people also call the Buddah a hoaxster? Probably! lol
    I have a mental understand as well as occasions where I’m taken directly to the place, but never enter. I can see how its an extremely benign change of perception which is here already. He as accessed it many times, his words poking that space which my Mind cannot figure out what happened.
    I may be ‘stuck’ in my Egoic identity and am not happy, but someday, or some life I will remember and leave the Maya well alone, the place where every mind-made person can be free to be bound. Believing love is only a possibilty restricted to circumstances.
    I’m not religeos, have no spiritual practices, no beliefs either, but dropping all that which I have and not getting involved with other peoples bussiness. War is not my business, neither is hypocracy, tyranny, crimes, pandemics I’m told are real nor anyhing else that seems to control the world from an unknown source.
    I have stayed clear from influence, and isolation is lonely. But each crisis makes me stronger not fearfull. I’m able to stand back and watch both side play out, untold numbers of silenced people labelled dangerous or even terrorist are also whatching it all play out and it causes a cringe. In fact, when you can detach from it all is seen, at least in this strange human aparent life
    I have a simple knowing when I read these negative and spitefull attacks that these are no more than unstable delusions from unstable persons who don’t know who they really are. I can only hope that one day I can let go and be in my nothingness, the pure state of tranquility, I hope everyone can finally arrive there too. No exceptions.

    • You may arrive in “nothingness” when you die. And if you don’t, why be “nothing” when you’re alive? What is the good of being a “nothing”? In our experience, we’re here to be “something”, to do “something” and to experience “something”. Otherwise, why are we born?

  86. Mooji is not in any way harmless. He is selling depersonalisation meaning he is making money making people sick in the head.

  87. Lol about this website. I hope nobody takes this seriously.

    Here you have some clueless persons giving ratings on Gurus they don’t understand and can’t understand. So it’s a bit of a salad toss.

    About as meaningful as a vegetarian rating the best steak places in town.

    Mooji is the real deal. I watched his Satsang because it popped up on YouTube, and I thought, heyyyy… I love watching this guy, nice, I will be serenaded by some beautiful words of wisdom. I had seen his satsangs before. So I am watching, from my bedroom in Thailand, the most bland place, thinking nothing… and he does this meditation, and he says, “you have to go along and speak out loud”. Ok. So I follow his instructions and do that, it’s as simple as can be. And all of a sudden… I am finding myself in bliss not from this world… I have no thoughts… I observe, but really, everything is just happening all at once, lights, colors, sounds… I find myself in pure beingness.

    Not exactly what I expected from a casual afternoon of YouTube watching.

  88. Nikolaus, My feelings as well. And so happy for you that you experienced the bliss of true nature. Freedom. Mooji is a beautiful gift to us all.

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