Mother Meera


Mother Meera is a spiritual guru who claims to be the living embodiment of the Divine Mother. She’s known for her silent darshans where she “unknots” one’s subtle energetic body and floods devotees with divine light.

This is perhaps similar to what Amma is reputed to do.

Meera was chosen as a young girl by an ambitious uncle whose dream it was to find the Divine Mother in human form. His wife and daughter had refused the role. He was also a follower of another supposed Divine Mother avatar working in Aurobindo’s ashram.

Many report feeling waves of divine energy flowing through them when gazing into Meera’s eyes. Others feel nothing at all.

Teaching in silence

It is often said by gurus that silence is the greatest teacher as words can only be approximations of the truth. A guru who has attained a high degree of spiritual awareness overflows with Spirit and is therefore able to share their experience directly, avoiding the limitations of language. This is possible.

Mother Meera claims to be an avatar

Mother Meera claims to be an avatar

Beware: many fake gurus will take advantage of this technique. Devoted disciples will convince themselves that they are experiencing spiritual bliss at the feet of their masters.

The mind is so powerful that it can create this very experience for you, if you believe in it strongly enough. Conversely, you can also shut yourself down to any spiritual experiences if you believe they are impossible. It’s the same principle at work.

The mother’s views on homosexuality

Controversy arose when Andrew Harvey, a devoted follower, said that she suggested to him that he break up with his boyfriend, marry a woman, and make public claims that Meera had cured him of his homosexuality. He cut ties with Meera and published a book about it.

Akin to leaving a cult, he claims that her followers harassed him mercilessly afterwards, even trying to get him fired from his job.

It’s worth noting that Andrew Harvey’s previous books, full of praise, were the very reason for Mother Meera’s popularity in the Western world. It seems unlikely he would lie about this after spending 10 years with her.

To further his claim, a previously published edition of one of her works, Answers Part II, contained language that spoke out against homosexuality.

When confronted with this, one of her closest aids said it was a publishers’ mistake and that the mother had never uttered such a thing. Avatars don’t make mistakes, apparently. The book was later revised to omit the topic entirely.

The unauthorized biography

Martin Goodman was asked to write Meera’s official biography. His investigation took him to India, where he interviewed people who had known her for a long time.

The reports were not that great. People who had known Meera growing up did not agree with her devotees’ lofty opinions of her.  Goodman wrote a very approachable, human biography of the Mother. While it was not 100% positive, he remained her follower and continued to believe that she was the real deal.

Her staff asked him to destroy the manuscript. They’ve cultivated this aura of divinity around Meera that makes it impossible for them to admit that she could ever make a mistake. The homosexuality controversy is just one example.

Goodman was crushed and followed their order, though he ended up republishing it as an unauthorized biography. He’s cut ties with her and now claims that she’s an occultist.

Questionable, but with a caveat

We rate Mother Meera as questionable. Her claims to perfection are ridiculous, though she may indeed have the capacity to transfer divine light. This does not make her a good teacher, or even necessarily a good person, however. She doesn’t have much of interest to say.

This said, there are so many reports about the experiences she bestows during her darshans that it would be worth checking out. They are free. We wouldn’t travel at great expense for them but do seize the opportunity if she visits a near-by location.

“The divine is the sea. All religions are rivers leading to the sea. Some rivers wind a great deal. Why not go to the source directly?” — Mother Meera.



  1. Where are all the other comments concerning the wonderful Mother? They have disappeared. You are totally incorrect in your assessments by the way. I too had an initial contact that lacked verve, it appeared. I was indifferent to her too, but I would never have judged her so rashly. I have respect for a woman that gives blessings totally free, and does nothing other than yearn to help others. But then, after five years, one day I woke up and saw her beautiful face in front of me. She has since changed my life. Your comments will hurt a lot of disciples because we truly love her! And you show so much disregard and disrespect.

    • I did travel several times to get her Darshan and I would do it again. I believe that for a review to be considered truthful, one must have first hand experience which in this case, is lacking. To the author of this website: Why not go and find out?

      • Hello. I have travelled to Aurobindo in southern India and been to the ashram. My experience was very questionable. However, everyone’s experience can be different. As authors of this site, all we can do is compile the experiences of others to try to discern the worthiness of these professed gurus. Overall, reports indicate that the Mother is very questionable.

  2. I’ve only met her once, when she came to Colorado in 2018. The experience was very positive. I like the idea of seeing God as a woman…as the Divine Mother. I’m 100% straight. But I doubt Mother has any serious issues with homosexuality. We in the West forget that her teachings are not only for us but also for people like the uneducated and simple people of her village where she was born. I can see how they might be confused and start thinking that Mother’s teachings are especially for gays. As for the criticism that was coached by Mr. Reddy, all of the teachers I admire had teachers who helped get them on their feet. We in the West who grew up Christian cannot help but hold Jesus/Yeshua as the standard. But what if those Bible stories we take as gospel are not as accurate as we were taught? What if Jesus needed teachers too and we just never heard of them? I think Mother Meera is the real deal. I think she teaches in silence because we’ve already heard enough words and philosophy and new age nonsense to fill a library! And I think she seems aloof because she knows we want her to acknowledge us personally and say something like: “Oh! At last you have come!”, and she’s not going to stroke our already over-stroked egos. Instead she wants us to be humble. We’re so filled with self-importance.

  3. “What if Jesus needed teachers too and we just never heard of them? ”
    then Jesus would not be God and you are speaking of a different Jesus than Christians know

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