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Swami Rajneesh is a guru who began his spiritual path as an Osho disciple (sannyasin). He rose to prominence after his book Tears of the Mystic Rose was published freely online.

In it he describes his love affair with his Master as well as the trials and tribulations of being on the path. The book also includes his spiritual enlightenment story. It’s quite an entertaining read. It even includes cameos by Buddha and other notable beings.

His former followers have claimed the guru engaged in sexual abuse, theft and possibly even murder!

A modern guru

Rajneesh Ozen

A guru for modern times? Rajneesh has a fresh take on Osho’s teachings.

Rajneesh holds satsangs (gatherings for spiritual discourse) as Osho did, but he’s also dipped his feet into the modern world by incorporating dance and electronic music.

His approach is perhaps a fusion of the old and the new. This is a great way to reach the younger generation.

The dancing is somewhat akin to the the active portion of the Dynamic Meditation method pioneered by Osho.

Rajneesh has used donations from his disciples to build a luxury resort in Mexico. It provides accommodation for some of his students and also hosts large gatherings, such as music festivals.

While his take on Osho’s teachings is fresh and enlivening, one can argue that he has not reached the heights of his Master. Can a tree growing under the shade of a greater tree ever do so?

One gets the sense that at his core, Rajneesh is more of an artist than an intellectual, which is very much in contrast with his own guru. People looking for Osho will be disappointed. Those open to something new may find what they are looking for.

“…watching silently, no thoughts with no judgements, simply watching, the knack of watchfulness grows stronger, and this separates you from attachment, from identification with the i.” — Rajneesh Ozen



    • Please don’t be so stupid. Just because he has a beard and shiny eyes and a nice Indian accent and a good enlightenment story does not make him any such thing. It just makes him another Indian guru, practically a dime a dozen. Osho did not have an heir. Osho was just himself. This guy is a parrot (polly want a cracker?) and I have met at least half a dozen Osho wannabes and lookalikes while living in India. I’m sure for some people he’s a nice guy, for some people he’s of some help, for some people he’s a creep, and for some people he’ll happily take your power and your money. Oh well, chances are anyone visiting this website loves the Guru Game, one way or another. Om Shanti.

  1. Introducing music….

    As far as my knowledge … my being stretches… Truth encompasses all… anything and everything…

    It all depends on the skill… ability… to see the light.

    Seek the Truth… who knows what all can happen, within the moment… it finds you.

  2. Yess, everybody wants to hear about this guy. Then people can make up their minds and hearts. He is making up so much dirty stories to blackmailing me and my family. He is really the next ‘#Me Too’ guy to get down. He has nothing to do with Osho! I don’t know who spread this news, but I was waiting to long for this. You wanna know who I am? Look here: http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com

  3. This madman is an osho imitator. Who abuse and molest young innocent women. Stole million of dollars. Covering up a dead body. Exploiting the innocence. This madman needs to be in jail.
    Here is the latest news paper article with him being charged with sexual assault.


  4. this video is made from jealous blackmailers and criminals that want to slander ozen swami rajneesh, his beautiful commune and his disciples. They themselves have admitted to their crime here – goo.gl/VmkgWk

    i would suggest the moderator of this publication – if his wish is to have a professional and trustworthy website – to first verify the facts before publishing any content.

    because if your wish is to have content about swami rajneesh and all the positive work that he and his commune have been doing in mexico for the past 5 years, and you cannot find it on internet and social media, you are most welcome to ask for it

    rather than being publishing the first slandering news that a disgruntled and frustrated ex disciple have given to you.

    ozen has about 10,000 close disciples and over 100,000 followers all over the world, about 10 million people have read his books. why do you make his public figure description according to just 1 disgruntled criminal ? have you joined hands with them ? are you part of the same criminals to spin fake news and slander ozen swami rajneesh ? or are you just simply ignorant ?

    ozen swami rajneesh has over 300+ positive videos on the youtube, over 200+ albums of beautiful pictures of free events on ozen cocom facebook page, over 15+ books for free download on his website ozenrajneesh.com, why didn´t you ever remember to publish any of them ?? Why are you not giving credits to all the positive work of swami rajneesh ?? isn´t this the duty of a so called fair & trustworthy gururating organization ?

    i hope you have the guts to publish this comment !

    • You are his henchman who is threatening people.
      You should be careful who you threaten.
      You are a lowlife.

    • Ozen Rajneeshji favours people like me by giving free his precious e books and meditations. I always thankful for it. Ozen Rajneeshji Naman.

  5. Did you authors ever met personally Ozen Rajneesh? Did you ever have been in his presence? How can you judge in a so superficial way people calling them gurus and giving them ratings? Give a rate to yourself before the others fucking monkeys!

    • I have met him since pune 1,
      Everyone knows what kind of person he is.
      Be very careful of this violent thief.

  6. truth needs no words or “ratings”. come!!! just come close and sit next to this beautiful man… feel his deep silence… his pure and innocent love!!!

    do you know about all the positive and creative work he has done? of all the people he has helped, taken care of…? only ouf out love! he created a beautiful commune out of nowhere just to invite people to meditate and celebrate…

    this is fake video, this are false accusations made by frustrated and jealous people!!!

  7. where are all the videos of beautiful events he manages?
    where are the pictures of luxury community he has built for introducing all the OSHO meditations and mystic rose group FOR FREE there?
    put the video of his satsang, why not? let people see and decide!
    faked video news and “they say this”,”I heard that”….. aren’t convincing! please, put more information, put the whole his work material here, what about FREE MEDITATION MUSIC for KUNDALINI, DYNAMIC, NADABRAHMA and etc.???it deserves a mention!
    and, where is the button to rate the guru?i’m willing to put 1000 out of 5 just for the sake of joke, cause it’s not enough anyways.

  8. The very idea of the website is strange! Now everybody gonna be sitting on their laptops checking out web sources and then giving ratings to people they never even met! What a joke.
    I’ve been with Ozen Rajneesh for 10 years. He is the most beautiful, loving and silent person I’ve ever met. His presence is overwhelming, the whole air get frozen when he meditates, you don’t feel like moving your finger even… when he dances you explode with ecstasy, cant stop moving… when he speaks, his words have so much power… Do you need another definition for a Master?
    Now the website mentioned above was done to blackmail and extort money from our commune in Mexico. The person who made it was staying in our commune, his wife left him, then he put all his frustration on Ozen and decided to destroy out commune – and we never did anything bad to him! Everybody just wants to believe bad – nobody wants to believe good. Ozen only does creative work, but people want scandals and gossips, nobody wants to know anything in fact! Now will you publish my comment here, dear moderator?

  9. It’s a beautiful intelligent man with a lot of insights for all of those who wants to explore the inner realm. I met him personally and that changed my life completely. I feel nothing but gratitude towards him. And i hope that his ashram will grow and attract many creative people who is ready to share.

  10. 10 years near this persin changed my life a lot…love him deeply…for me he is the only hope of osho world today – rebellious, authentic and with very powerful energy which you feel immidiately

  11. Every single person that said something good about the predator are the very same people living in the commune. BRAINWASHED IDIOTS!!!! you will find out on your own.

  12. Does it really look like that when you read the comments? Or it rather looks like a few people speaking against Ozen are not too much of intellectuals themselves )

  13. This cheap crook should be avoided by any means. A proven financial fraudster and a, sexual predator, “Ozen” is the kind of devious criminal personality that gives gurus a bad name.

  14. I know Rajneesh very well. He has always been a conman.
    He had to leave India because of theft.
    He is selling his place in Mexico and intending on running away.
    His henchman Chinmayo is a very dangerous man who is violent.
    Be very careful

  15. Ozen Rajneeshji Naman. He introduced Osho meditations freely to people like me. He gave his precious books and meditations music to me by free downloads to me which I found very valuable and useful. He favours me.

  16. An enlightened master is unique. He is not a copycat of his teacher or guru. He is creative. He will create his own meditations not copy those of Osho. He will not even copy the clothes. I am 10O℅ certain that this one is totally fake and also a 100% piece of cow dung with zero intelligence. He is a con-man who copies Osho, even his gestures. There are always idiots in the world who will blindly follow a fellow idiot.

  17. The only people in the comments that defend this guy, are people who depend on him or the resources he controls. CHINMAYO, who is verifiably his principle servant and has a stake in the commune, writes above about “10,000 close disciples and over 100,000 followers all over the world, about 10 million people have read his books;” however, anyone can go to this faux-guru’s Facebook or any media and see he has very little real followers. Few people in this world care about him at all, but out of those that do, a large portion seem to be against him. The commune is beautiful aesthetically, but it is not a true spiritual commune, it is ran as a pretty inexpensive hotel in order to sustain itself. I have stayed there, and most of the staff is extremely nice, warm, and genuine. They all seem to have left their places of origin to find a better life, and the commune provides a good trade for them to work and be self-sustainable. Some messages above are laughable, when one encounters this faux-guru, one can see he is anything but silent, or enlightened. He does poses a talent for design and sales (he repeats himself incessantly to convince people, uses much hyperbole, and brags constantly), but it’s clear his downfall is that he has tried to use spirituality as facade to fund his goals and gain power. He does provide the leadership that those people seem to need, but it is sad to see the dilution of them thinking that he is actually an enlightened master. Anyone can google and find links to articles, including one very accurate one from VICE, and see that he has not been able to contain the damage he has created for himself and others through his lack of self control. He has largely gotten away with it because he built his hide-out in the Mexican jungle, where even cops are hesitant to venture into. The biggest red flag, is the most obvious: how many people can vouch for him actually helping anyone with his own healing, wisdom, or power out of the goodness of his heart? The only people that vouch for him are financially tied to him, or have some personal material interest at hand. None of what he preaches that may have any personal spiritual value to anyone, is his. He has totally regurgitated his quasi teachings from Osho. No one comes to him for true learning, and there are zero stories to be found of anyone (outside of those working for him or the commune) actually benefiting from anything he’s done. There are more women that actually consider him a creep, than people who can honestly say he has helped them without any personal interest. His rating should be below zero. If anyone needs evidence of what I’m saying, I can easily provide it, just leave your email in the comments.

  18. You never impersonate a Guru, you do what he says! This is something that all of Osho Sannyasins know (at least the ones who meditate know this)

    Osho stressed iin the fact that, “Every human being is UNIQUE”

    Osho said it a million times, that no human being is same, they are UNIQUE.

    The way in which Ranish Agarwal copies Osho shows that he is fake. If you dont believe it, look at these photos.

    https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4079078735436052&set=pcb.4079078952102697 – Look at the eyebrows. They look as similar as anyone else would.

    Now look at this.

    https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4079078745436051&set=pcb.4079078952102697 – Eyebrows changes, like Osho’s.

    This is a small example.

    But the basic part is, NO TWO HUMANS ARE ALIKE.

    Rajnish Agarwal says, Osho’s spirit entered in him as soon as Osho left his body. This shows that he is probably suffering from psychosis, and need psychiatric treatment.

    Look at this article – https://www.vice.com/en/article/kz4ze9/how-a-fake-guru-set-up-a-wild-wild-country-style-commune-in-the-mexican-jungle

    It has accounts from people who worked there about how narcissistic he is!

    He suffers from bouts of anger at times (as per the article above), which is another example of a possible psychosis.

    He may not be a financial fraudster, but from the looks of it, it seems like he has increased levels of ADHD, where he lives off of the appreciation of other people, and considers himself as, SPECIAL.

    Another great example of his psychosis is the widespread use of Ayahuasca. It is known that this medicial herb is used by ancient Shamans to heal people. But if you go deeper into the study of this herb, you will find out that it is used on people who suffer from increased levels of mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

    What Rajnish Agarwal is doing is, he is misusing these it, and promoting its misuse.

    Osho never promoted the use of any such thing. In fact, he said, he has a book on it. https://www.satrakshita.com/Books/Osho,%20LSD%20Shortcut%20To%20False%20Samadhi.pdf

    Here is a PDF, do read.

    Osho said that via meditation you can reach a natural state of ecstacy which is never ending, whereas these medicinal drugs are used for severe cases, where the brain wiring has essentially short circuits and has nothing to with Samadhi.

    PLEASE BEWARE OF SUCH FAKE GURUS, Apply your brain, do your research and then decide for yourself.

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