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Sri Prem Baba is a Brazilian spiritual guru (he refers to himself as a master) who operates in a traditional Indian style, but also incorporates other approaches.

His teachings are a mixture of psychological group work, meditation, bakthi spiritual practice, and powerful hallucinogenic drugs, like Ayahuasca.

Prem spent the beginning of his life trying various paths in search for the truth.  He claims to have obtained a new spiritual awareness after consuming drugs in a forest.

He eventually grew frustrated and moved to India. It is there that he met his master and discovered that he was a “son of the Saccha lineage“.

He does not mention his spiritual enlightenment, though he claims masterhood.

Sri Sachcha Baba Maharaja and the Saccha (Sacha, Sachcha) lineage

Hans Raj Maharajji

Hans Raj Maharajji of the Saccha lineage

Prem Baba’s guru was Sri Sachcha Baba Maharaja, who died in 2011. While he does not explicitly say so on his website, followers of Prem claim that Maharaja gave him his blessings to become the next guru in the Saccha lineage right before he died.

There are other spiritual gurus, such as ShantiMayi, who make the same claim. Curiously, they don’t mention each other.

The death of a guru is always a mess in any tradition. Followers will often fight for succession rights, driven by their own ego and ambition. The winner gets the great riches and influence available to popular gurus.

Claiming an auspicious lineage is one of the many ways that gurus build up their own credibility. It’s important to be skeptical and discerning in this regard.

Psychological group work

Many modern gurus were inspired by Osho, one of the most controversial spiritual teachers in recent memory. Prem fell in love with him. It’s therefore no surprise that Prem offers group courses emphasizing psychological self-work as this was also favoured by Osho.

Critics argue that certain gurus adopt such teaching methods because they generate immense profit.

After all, how much can one really charge for meditation practices? Once the technique is discussed, it’s up to the student to do all the work. Not so for psychological group work! You can just keep coming up with new courses. Ingenious.

Using drugs on the spiritual path

Prem Baba, a former Brazilian shaman, is an advocate of Ayahuasca. According to some reports, he’ll ask his followers to take the drug every night for weeks.

Anyone familiar with Ayahuasca knows how powerful it can be. This perhaps explains why a former disciple of his claims his wife experienced a “burnout” after prolonged use of the same.

“After almost two years of ayahuasca usage my wife developed a burnout syndrome. The burnout syndrome is commonly associated with hallucinogenous drugs. I cant state that the Ayahuasca caused it. But the doctors said it was the probable cause.” — Source

Most credible gurus, including Osho and Sadhguru, speak against the use of drugs on the spiritual path. The goal should be to cultivate one’s body and mind to alleviate the need for such cheap, get-spiritual-quick experiences.

While it’s true that certain drugs can open the mind to seeing things differently, using them every day for weeks or months is highly dubious.

Our rating: avoid

We recommend that students avoid Sri Prem Baba for a variety of reasons, most notably his use of drugs for spiritual work. Our sense is that he’s an ambitious, photogenic individual who saw an opportunity when his master passed. He’s now very wealthy, so we suppose: job well-done.

“I know it is hard to hear this, and you can even be angry with me, but you are where you put yourself.” — Sri Prem Baba



  1. I am brazilian and I met the guru. You are absolutely right. In addition to being followed by rich and famous people, he was totally inspired by OSHO and he is building a city in the midwest region of the country. All with money from “followers”. He also does events where photos of him are sold, as well as other expensive useless stuff. On drugs, they are offered to the highest members of his “association” – read the closest to the empire he built. And he and his advisers do everything to hide his obscure past: in a typical Reichian session of the 1970s, when they use to put a pillow on the patient’s face so that he would not breathe, he accidentally killed one patient by suffocating. That is why he “withdrew” in India. When he returned, he returned a “guru.”

    • A sweet Brasilian man with a big heart but certainly not enlightened. His Guru Shri hans Raj Maharaj did not appoint a successor to the Sachcha line when he left the body. Prem baba just donated a lot of money to the Sachcha Dham Ashram and that’s why he got more privileges. This also applies to Shantimay. They are a cheap immitation of their own Guru. They dress, behave, speak and do the same. They have learned well to imitate but are certainly not enlightened. People will eventually find that out for themselves.

      • I think saying that Shantimai behaves like her Guru is quite an insult to Maharaji. Mean, Abusive, Narcistic Gaslighter. Yes, knows what to say sometimes but frequently becomes unraveled in public and if not for spiritual teacher status would most likely be considered grossly unbalanced. Did Maharaji behave like this? I’m surprised this incredibly enlightening forum hasn’t done an expose on her given her fantastic reputation.

    • Aos 4 anos de idade ele teria matado acidentalmente um paciente? Informe-se melhor sobre quem você está falando.

    • Aos 4 anos de idade ele teria matado um paciente sufocado? Informe-se melhor sobre quem você está falando.

    • Can you explain the scandal (all over the news) that he assumed he’d had sexual intercourse for years with married disciples? And to have done this while counseling the husbands?

  2. Prem Babe
    He Seemed gentle and spoke well. Had a beautific smile. Problems are that gurus and followers sometimes fall into slave and master relationships. No evidence seen yet re prem baba . However a financially or property rich guru is a contradiction in terms. It is important to understand that forest medicines are seen as medicines, not drugs, with the capability of opening up compassion and a heart of abundance. Calling these medicines drugs is not helpful and has negative connotations.

  3. “I have experienced God directly. I was given instructions for the benefit of all. I want to give these to anyone who will receive. I will accept no money whatsoever, and I will accept no fame, or even public dissemination of my image or writings, unless without my name attached. Come and go as you wish.”

    Unless a person says the above, I see no reason to think they are but another charlatan.

    If I were that person, my FIRST concern would be ‘how can i bypass the VERY REASONABLE fear people have that i am just another charlatan?’

    These gurus and religious folks sure love talking in absolutes…let them add another absolute…absolute anonymity and zero money

    After all, these are spiritual matters, no?

    To quote Pink Floyd:

    “he’s really a laugh, but he’s really a cry”

  4. he has people kiss his feet, that right there is a huge red flag, no one enlightened would have another person kiss their feet, buster

  5. Prem Baba is not my Guru but I’m a part of the Saccha lineage and have attended Prem Baba’s programs for year because of the high vibes and beautiful music and great people involved. (and because my Guru Hans Raj was old and sick and not physically available for years before he died)
    I’ve spent much time with many gurus for 40 years and must say Prem Baba has tons of my respect and, despite recent revelations of a couple affairs 10 years ago when he was less mature, one of the greatest teachers I’ve seen.
    Definitely not motivated by money, when in India he gives free programs daily 7 days a week and extremely rarely is the donation box even mentioned.
    Prem Baba almost never mentions OSHO and to my knowledge hasn’t much of an Osho connection. He’s a trained psychologist and has been inspired by the “Pathwork” teachings if you want to be more accurate.
    The bit about daily ayahuasca is totally false. When in India his disciples don’t do it at all anymore and in the past, only very rarely by those who needed it. In Brazil, where its legal, it still happens but on occasions, not pushed or central to the teachings at all.
    I’ve seen Prem Baba deal with very delicate situations with much grace and his transparency in dealing with the events from the past coming up I expect will reflect his sincerity in walking the walk.
    The new paradigm expressed by Prem Baba in embracing the feminine, emotional healing, not forcing celibacy along with concern with education and the environment is inspirational stuff. Personally, if I were to be uncomfortable with Prem Baba, it’s because of his emphasis on surrendering to the Guru but basically he must teach this because that’s what worked for him.
    There is no doubt Hans Raj Maharaj ji authorized Prem Baba to do his work. I know that personally from Maharaj ji himself, and Prem Baba was doing it under his direction right under his nose for years.
    Shantimayi and Prem Baba have very different styles but there is no conflict in both of them offering the teaching of Saccha. There doesn’t have to be “only one” In fact, there are a couple other lesser known ones teaching on behalf of Saccha as well. Maharaj ji clearly authorized me to teach as well, but I’ve held back from that full commitment, both because of al the pitfalls of that role noted throughout this site, and because of the surrender of one’s life needed to do that well. I can vouch that Prem Baba indeed has surrendered his whole life to this service. He has no time for personal enjoyment of money or much else. The guy is working all the time.

  6. I am ShantiMayi
    I have NEVER claimed to be the head of the Sacha Linage.
    Not ever. I never wanted to be the head of the Sacha Linage.
    Our linage does not designate successors. We do our work and that is all.
    My Master Maharajji was never himself designated as the head of the Sacha Linage. The linage is very vast and it would be one heck of a job to
    gather everyone under one arm and state that one was the head.
    So, no I never claimed, never wanted to claim and never did claim to be the head of the Sacha Linage or a successor…Simply doing my work.
    About Prem Baba…may he come through this very well. There is a deep sweetness in him. He has a fine teaching. There have been mistakes and he admits that. Blessings that this situation brings wisdom to all concerned and that everyone comes through this in the best possible way.
    Sincerely ShantiMayi

  7. PS
    Prem Baba and I (ShantiMayi) have a wonderful relationship. We care of reach other and have always had a good relationship. Though at times we see things differently our love for one another has been a stable bridge for the two of us.
    The reason we don’t mention each other is because we have our own sanghas.
    We (he and I ) have always had respect for one another.
    I don’t know who wrote this but there is a good deal of misinformation here.
    Nuances that don’t fit our situation, our relationship at all.
    Blessings ShantiMayi

  8. PSSS : )
    I am also sorry that you post Maharajji’s photo. He was such an amazing simple profoundly loving being. He loved Prem Baba deeply and would be (likely is ) saddedned of heart about this messy situation. Why not post Osho’s photo?
    It is Osho that worked with tantra and inspired Prem Baba this way.
    Not that Ohos was right or wrong or should be dragged into this situation either…just that he was Prem Baba’s tantric inspiration.
    Maharajji life was dedicated to such as a Bodhisattwa. Prayed for the world
    for an enlightened humanity. His Master instructed him such and so he did.
    I do feel it would be good to check your sources before writing such an article that brings others into the mess.
    May all get something really important in all of this including the writer of this article.
    Blessings for that possibility.

  9. Rereading what I have written, I feel to make it very clear that I do not in any way support PB’s choices, the ripple effect of the pain and sorrow these choices have created.
    I do have a strong prayer in my heart for everyone concerned…That this brings ‘wisdom’s light, true clear love into the awareness’ of everyone that encounters these very difficult circumstances, in any way that they might come to know about it. It’s a very sad and messy situation. Love is the only resolution and to be responsible for one’s own actions is the beginning of the cure.

  10. I don’t understand why Prem Baba is suddenly so upset with himself and the reported shortcomings? The only difference today is that the world knows about his sex scandal, but God knew all these dormant years while he carried on merely with his aphorisms for the credulous. Therefore one might conclude Prem Baba does not believe in God!

  11. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men
    gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

  12. I met Prem Baba in 2011 in india, as his master was very ill and soon to die in his little house on the property of the ashram. I am of the greatest karma that i was able to meditate outside the residence of the master before his death. In regards to Prem Baba I felt deeply in my heart that this man was a man of the truth. Mind you this was in 2011, a year after the relationship was reported to be over and a mere few months since it was rumored that he received his enlightenment.

    I am, as a woman, deeply disappointed in his behavior. I believe that the guru/disciple relationship is sacred and never to be violated by sexual behavior. As a woman, if i am to engage in this intimate, vulnerable, trusting relationship of disciple and guru I need to be able to trust that the sensational world, the urge of human brains and cravings, and maya will never be a part of it. I am not enlightened, i have feelings, urges, and sometimes incorrect impulses and beliefs like lust and love. I need to feel safe in the relationship with my guru that should those feelings happen to me, my teacher will lead me back to the wisdom, not towards indulgence. For this reason i believe it was abuse of power and position.

    I do struggle to believe that the man I met in 2011 would do this, i do believe that sometime before i met him, he achieved growth beyond these sensual pleasures. This belief comes only from the way my deepest emotions responded at the mere site of him. I have no evidence other than intuition. How he feels about these acts he committed internally is only his to bare and know. It is none of my business nor anyone else’s. It is our choice to forgive the mistakes of the human flawed maya covered mind or not. This is our task. For me, I both condemn it as an abuse of trust and i forgive him totally.. because i have also in my life abused trust out of the mistake of chemistry and mind and fear of loneliness and emptiness. I’m sure we all have and I hope and believe that none of use are unforgivable or unchangeable.

  13. Sad but true, a terrible reality. This man did abuse his power to have sex with disciples. At least 2 women from his sangha came out of silence to confront his abuse and lies to them, their husbands and the whole sangha. I know these 2 women personally, heard the story from their own mouths, this is not hearsay. I also know personally several ex-disciples from his close circle who have left him and all his works after more than 10, even 20 years of dedication because of his abuse and subsequent lies that came out in the open. The worst part of it is that, once exposed, he first lied compulsively about his behaviour and did not take any responsibility until the scandal hit the brazilian newspapers (then he conveniently admitted the sex, but still lied denying the obvious abuse). He is no guru, no master, just another spiritual crook that does not even deserve to be evaluated on this website. If you value your spiritual path, stay away from this man. By the way, his name is Janderson, “Sri Prem Baba” is a fake spiritual product created by himself to obtain money, sex and power by manipulating the naive people (and a few loud fanatics) that still follow him. I find forgiveness a great virtue, but please think for a moment: if you are really willing to forgive a man for abusing women in a vulnerable position, lying, deceiving and manipulating lots of people, whilst becoming rich and taking pictures with south american celebrities (he loves that), where is the “Guru” or the “Master” you first expected to find?

  14. I studied with dozens of “masters” of which come to find threw time where not masters at all, my first expierence of translucent Darshan that brought me to a state of samadhi was by looking at Prem Baba’s photos in a meditation shown to me by one of his X disciples in 2012, When I was able to meet him in person I then again received his darshan, and ever sense meeting him he has helped take me from the depths of suffering and self hatred that where locked up inside my spiritual ego, for me this has been like being lifted up by the wings of grace to a place of stable peace and expansive love threw his teachings and darshans which had helped me understand my shadow and reveal my true nature. I am and will forever be grateful for his tireless work to help awaken loving concioussness on this plain of egsistance, threw his 1000s of free satsungs and tireless devotion and chairitable work he does day in and day out.

    This is my expierence

    I find this article very mid leading and feel the best way to know about Prem Baba is to go meet him In person or go to one of his satsungs I’m sure he would lovingly embrace you as a servant of humanity

  15. Janderson,
    Cut the sri, cut the beard, cut the curlls, sell the ashram, give the people their money back, get a job, say sorry to your daughter And especially to your wife/exwife!

  16. Não tem um melhor nem peor que o outro. Tem uns que precisam deles, pelo menos para um tempo, tal como eles (gurus) precisam de clientes para sobrevivir, pós é o meio que escolheram. Ao final, a iluminação começa com a revelação que nenhum deles sabe mais que “eu”. E a inocencia dos seguidores que facilita essa comedia. Quando se abrem os olhos, parece ridiculo. Mas não importa : isso é um caminho. Não todos te levam em Santiago de Compostela, nem todos te levam na iluminação. Para chegar là, o primeiro pa-o, depois de realisar a vaidade dos gurus, e entender que ela não existe.

  17. No mention of him fucking a married woman who went to him for advice on her marriage. He kinda fell from grace when that came out

  18. I often sat in satsang with Prem Baba in Rishikesh and I experienced a wonderful energy. Ok, energy is not everything, but he created a very loving atmosphere in the assembly. This quality of love was very beneficial. What he taught also was supportive. I remember a lecture about the inner man and woman in us, which appealed to me very much at that time. It is a pity that this scandal has damaged his work.

  19. I have known Prem Baba since 1998. His work deeply touches the human soul and disturbs people’s ego and morals. It is necessary to let go of egoistic expectations and open to its waves of love and truth. I love Prem Baba’s work.

  20. 1) Prem Baba toutched many people, others by Osho, others, by Yogi Bajhan, Yogananda, or Muktananada. As far as I know prem Baba also uses tantra, so nothing wrong with the fact he had intimacy with women and of course “husbunds and patriarchy” will never like such an emancipation. Let people find their own guru. Who do we think we are to rank rank gurus? 2) Ayahuaska is a high consciousness, a true guru materialized through the vegetal kingdom, she is the manifestation of the living consciousness of Mother Earth and help us to get to contact our own inner guru. I don’t Prem Baba or Sad Guru are awaken, but they inspire people, they elevate people to higher degrees of consciousness. Let it be! My gurus that touched deeply my heart are: Sai Baba, Mâ Ananda Moyî, Amma, Yogananda, San Francesco de Assissi, Mary and my beloved, and ultimate guru, Jesus Christ. The two living gurus that I trust, feel connected and follow are Gangaji and Claudette Vidal. May all spiritual teachers be blessed with a pure heart to help the evolution of humanity.

  21. If you’re going to do ratings like these, it would help if you actually spent time in the teacher’s presence.

    As someone who has been to satsang for the past 3 years with Prem baba , I can say from experience that he is an incredible guru.

    It seems you don’t get his pointings.

    To put people off of his satsangs with a 1 out of 5 ratings is a real detriment to this world. It made me lose respect for the clarity of whoever is arbitrating these ratings.

    Give love for people ! Use your inteligence to help people align their heart and never try “ fight” with opinions.

    • We do get his teachings and we have been to his Satsangs in Rishikesh. He looks and sounds the part of a guru but his teachings are re-hash for the beginner seeker. In the meantime, he sexually abuses his devotees. Par for the Guru course, really.

      We are also intimately knowledgeable with Ayahuasa. It should never be taken without a native maestro. And it should never be taken outside of the Amazon jungle. It is serious medicine – not some drug to be taken for the spiritually ambitious.

      This guru is a sex and drug addict, a fraud of the highest sort.

      • Ok, this remark just made me lose the little bit of respect I had for the people who run this website….It is obvious to me now the there is no interest in objectivity and I highly doubt you have attended any satsangs….Maybe you “Heard from a friend….”

  22. I’m actually disappointed with myself that I have now decided to associate with the sordid group of gadflies and trolls that have repeatedly posted on this page years after the original post….Going to shower now and won’t return.

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